Friday, December 24, 2010


Not unlike how the Obama regime merely dismissed a Federal court's ruling on their illegal moritorium, Obama and the EPA are simply going to go rogue and do whatever the hell they want to, regarding the hoax of "climate change."

EXCERPT: WASHINGTON (AP) — "Stymied in Congress, the Obama administration is moving unilaterally to clamp down on greenhouse emissions, announcing plans for new power plants and oil refinery emission standards over the next year. In an announcement posted on the agency's website late Thursday, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson said the aim was to better cope with pollution contributing to climate change."

But in the article was one little giveaway...

"While there will be attacks on (EPA's) authority, it is important that there not be any surrender on EPA's ability to do the job," Trip Van Noppen, president of the environmental group Earthjustice, said earlier this year."

Exactly WHO is Earthjustice? (They used to be the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund)

They are a far-left group based in Oakland, Mexifornia, on the Left Coast. Oddly enough, the same city that gave us far left radicals like Van Jones, Obammy's former Green Jobs czar, who STILL can't account for the billions of taxpayer dollars Obama granted him. Check out some of the usual suspects (short list) who fund Earthjustice (and other enviro-nazis):

Bullitt Foundation, Inc.(Greenpeace/NPR/Tides)
Deep Ecology Fund of the Tides Foundation
Energy Foundation (Ruckus/Greenpeace/Midwest Academy)
Open Society Institute owned and operated by Soros
Park Foundation (Tides/Earth Day/Environmental Defense)
Pew Charitable Trusts (Ruckus/EDF/Sierra Club/Greenpeace)
Rockefeller Financial Services
Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors
San Francisco Foundation (Soros/OSI)
Sandler Family Supporting Foundation (ACLU/Soros/EDF/BJ Bubba Clinton Fund)
Tar Sands Fund of the Tides Foundation
Tides Foundation
Underdog Fund of the Tides Foundation
Working Assets (WA) (anti-war/anti-capitalism/anti-American pro-Castro/anti-energy)
Working Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation

It is odd who backs up the bypassing of Congress by this regime and by the rogue agency, the EPA. Or then again, considering who the Kenyan Usurper has installed in his regime, maybe not. George Soros is certainly getting his money's worth from his useful idiot in the White House.


  1. Join up with us in our fight against the far left enviroidiots under the leadership of Dr. Jane and her NOAA extremists in unconstitutionally shutting down Americas Fishing industry by bringing in the United Nations under the Marine Spacial Plan, page 32, where "Alternative Revenue Sources" are defined. Live Free or Die Trying! The Environmental Right; and on Facebook;!/home.php?sk=group_184271964932243&ap=1 and our website:
    "Scream at your representatives, ladies and gentleman; scream at them. This is Marxism pure and simple. Pure Marxism in what I thought was a free nation." We eat red meat!

  2. We simply MUST get rid of this man!!
    I hope to God we find out he isn't our legal president.
    I also pray that these ignorant people that voted for him because they thought they would get something for nothing,are realizing that nothing is ever free. And all Americans are paying for his "free stuff". Especially the poor!!

  3. If Barry does not put the EPA, and that idiot Lisa Jackson on an extremely short leash, our still fragile economy will sink like the RMS Titanic. And if that happens, Barry's chances of re-election will vanish.

  4. Sometimes I wish Air Force 1 would go down but then Biden would be in charge. I'm not sure if that is better or worse.

  5. All it will take is for the new US House membership to de-fund the EPA. After about 3 months of not getting a salary, these bureaucraps at the EPA will leave and go elsewhere.

    While they're at it, the House can defund the Dept. of Education, ALL entitlements, and most of the other federal depts. and agencies.

  6. Thomas Sowell's column today addresses this very thing...