Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The Gunny got an email yesterday that basically called him a traitor and a nasty evil anti-Obama right-winger along with a slew of misspelled curse words! After laughing, the Gunny considered it. Is he an enemy of this regime or is the regime an enemy of the people?

For example, just today Eric Holder opened his blowhole and emitted this obnoxious crapulence:

"The threat has changed from simply worrying about foreigners coming here, to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens -- raised here, born here, and who for whatever reason, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born," he said. (Sounds just like Goebbels before the Reichstag fire)

Really? If Holder the Moron is so upset over the domestic issue, then why did he fail to prosecute the Black Panthers who committed voter intimidation, in the finest style of the KKK, in Filthadelphia? Todd Graziano, Member of US Commission on Civil Rights, says there is a culture in the DOJ where they "don't believe the voting rights laws should ever be enforced against blacks and other minorities." Another trampling of the US Constitution re: "equal protection." Or how about when Nutty Napolitano, even more incompetent that Janet Reno, issues the report on Rightwing Extremism (7 April 2009), that labeled vets and returning Iraqi war vets as possible subjects for domestic terrorism!

What about the fact that Obama wants more Muslims allowed into America and in 2009, his regime issued more “refugee” visas and more than 50% of those were given to people from countries like Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia. How does THAT help America? Are we suddenly short of tax drivers in NYC and welfare recipients in Maine? Or when Obama threatened legal action against companies like Humana, for issuing documentation against Obamacare? That would not be this regime trying to stifle free speech would it? Or when this regime set up an email wherein one could report their friends for talking bad about ObamaCare? (BTW libs, the Gunny self-reported himself numerous times)

And speaking of attacking free speech, was it not this regime that put a fat pale unqualified lesbian in the SCOTUS who stated, "some speech can be disappeared?"

But wait; is this not the same regime that has ALREADY seized control of the internet, shutting down torrent sites? Is this not the same regime that is pushing for "Net Neutrality Rules." Is this not the same regime that has tried to take control of our food supply with SB 510 and another bill in the Kongress from corruptocrat John Conyers, designed to do the same thing?

Is this not the same criminal regime that threatened private citizens like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh through the Office of the President and today, seeks to muzzle Rush Limbaugh through false claims of racism? The same regime that threatened people (Tom Lauria’s clients) during the illegal seizure and bailout of Government Motors because Obama offered his UAW buddies fifty cents on the dollar for their taxpayer sponsored debt while offering Lauria's client only 33 cents on the dollar? Apparently, the rule of law doesn’t mean a damn thing to this regime that chooses winners and losers based on race and political allegiance. Small wonder then that Michael Barone called this regime a "Gangster Government."

This is the same regime, run by a criminal, who stated to Sen. Jon Kyl, that his administration will not enforce security along the southern border because “that would remove Republicans' desire to negotiate a comprehensive immigration bill.” Evidently, Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution doesn’t mean a thing to the Kenyan Usurper!

This regime has also vilified AMERICANS who support things like state's rights, pro-life, limited government, low taxes, and personal freedom as: right wing extremists, potential terrorists, tea baggers, anti-government extremists, and people who bitterly cling to their guns and religion. Yet this very President, and the Gunny uses that word loosely with this clown, has given almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS to Hamas in Gaza (probably payback for manning those phone banks for Obama during the election in 2008) even as he tries to sabotage Israel’s national security. Moreover, this regime has worked overtime to appease Islam, Iran, Russia, China, and Obama continues to bow and scrape before them, refusing confront foreign threats even as he tries to oppress Americans, ala Chavez.

It is this regime that has trampled on the First Amendment, the Second Amendment (see yesterday’s essay on the BATF requesting "emergency powers"), the Fourth Amendment (Metro Police started randomly inspecting bags at the Braddock Road and College Park Metro stations Tuesday), the Fifth Amendment, and the Tenth Amendment, among others. It is this illegal President who brazenly disregards his oath of office to support, protect and defend the Constitution even as he meets with and admits into his regime, disgusting communist vermin like Anita Dunn and Van Jones. Who meets with scumbags like Soros and Andy Stern. Who tells his union thugs in the SEIU and the AFL-CIO, along with his Ozombies, to "punch back harder", and "bring a gun to a knife fight" and wants to puts "boots on their necks" and then overlooks their violent antics. Who states that police officers "acted stupidly" before getting the facts and then has a Beer Summit, looking like an asshat in the process.

So YES, the Gunny stands against this regime and another else who stands against freedom, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and American traditions. YES, the Gunny stands against the greatest threat to our Constitution, our freedom, and our safety, the Kenyan Usurper and his horde of vermin who are THEMSELVES an enemy of our Constitution and our nation and who seek to destroy America as we know it. YES, the Gunny stands against a regime that does not feel constrained by the rule of law but seeks to impose on us a rule of men and that sees the rule of law is an inconvenience problem to be ignored, bypassed, overcome, gone around, under or over, or simply trashed. YES, the Gunny stands against a regime that seeks to void the US Constitution as it tries to put us under international law and the tyrants and pissants in the UN. YES, the Gunny stands against a regime that has foisted deficit spending to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars that puts an unacceptable threat to our economic security and the future generations of Americans.

So jXXXXCXX58@XXXXX, in answering your email, evidently the Gunny IS a traitor, if one who stands against lawlessness, tyranny, thuggery, and anti-Americanism can be called that. And the Gunny is PROUD to stand against this regime, along with millions of other fine Americans. Whattya gonna do, throw us in a gulag? Then WHO would pay the taxes needed to fund your welfare check lib?

They may shut down the internet, they may attack free speech, but they’ll never shut us patriots up. And we'll never stop fighting back. Never. Ever.


NEW OBAMA CRIME: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/12/obama_rewards_misbehavior_by_d.html

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  1. Excellent Writeup!

    Don't forget that now they also want us to report each other to DHS at Wal-Mart!

  2. JP,

    I rarely go to Walmart anymore and forgot that one, thanks!

    On my way.

  3. Shutting down the internet.
    That is a primariy goal with them.
    Not because it violates free speech. Nah, that ain't it.
    Shutting down the internet will result in the reichstag moment for which they are desperately searching.

  4. "Birds of a Feather". Seems we are on the same track as Venezuela.


  5. Buck,

    This regime is DYING to have one in order to crack down.

  6. Vsch47,

    Thanks for posting that. I'm on my way to check it out. IMHO, Obama and Chavez are spiritual brothers.

  7. "And speaking of attacking free speech, was it not this regime that put a fat pale unqualified lesbian in the SCOTUS who stated, 'some speech can be disappeared?'"
    She's not a lesbian. Just because a woman isn't barefoot and pregnant by 18 doesn't mean she's gay.

    "seeks to muzzle Rush Limbaugh through false claims of racism? "
    To be fair Rush Limbaugh called Obama a racist first. And Rush has said some...non Politically Correct things. Also how kind should Obama be to an individual who has openly said he wants Obama to fail.

  8. Good piece.Figures.Stupid lib can't even spell cuss words.While the country is being RAPIDLY pulled out from under us,this guy claims YOU are the traitor. Since the CPUSA head admitted today they are working through the democrat party to bring the nation into communism,your e-mailer obviously agrees with them. The so-called "regulation" of the internet looks amazingly like the Fairness Doctrine,the assholes in the senate(thanks to a herd of rino's,who,IMHO,are the REAL traitors here)this asinine START treaty is going to be ratified. Damned dhimmis just CANNOT set that shovel down,can they? C'mon 2012!!

  9. pushpins,

    Have you ever read the 1st AM? Americans have the RIGHT to FREE SPEECH and if you're offended by it, TOO BAD, don't listen! Freedom of speech doesn't guarantee speech everyone agrees on, it guarantees UNPOPULAR speech. I think Michael Mooreon is a fat moron who is as stupid and as wrong as the day is long but I defend his right to blather on about tasty kissing castro's ass is!

    BTW, here is a pictoral record of how your side treated Bush. But now that WE'RE serving it up to the Kenyan Usurper, it's wrong? How does that work?


    Lastly, banning someone's speech because they say politically incorrect things such as the truth?

    As Dad always said, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  10. clyde,

    The FCC just ruled that they can regulate the internet but thankfully the incoming Congress will chuck it.

    Although this cabal of criminals will just do whatever the hell they want to, like Ken Salazar and banning the oil drilling AGAIN, after a Fed Court ruled against it.

  11. Great post Gunny!!
    So good that I can't even think of anything to say that would add to it!!

  12. Pushpins,
    For the record Kagan is most certainly gay. It is well known in DC.

    Obama is a racist and has demonstrated it numerous times. If you hadn't been licking his butt you would have heard it.

    Rush hoped Obama would fail to create the Socialist utopia that he dreams for. That’s what he said. He did not infer that he hoped he would fail as a president. Obama is doing that all by himself.

    Regarding free speech, you libs believe that only applies to YOU.

    Regarding political correctness, you libs believe that only YOU own the franchise in determining what that is.

    Here’s a news flash for you… you’re not going to like what’s coming down the pike. All your leftist utopian bullshit plans to recreate this nation are going to be flushed. The majority of Americans think you lefties suck and voted to get rid of you. 2012 will be another eye-popper for you.

    We can hear your childlike cries already. It is sweet music to our ears.

    On January 5th the neutering begins… the real hard part will be finding the left’s cajones.

  13. Damn Gunny,

    S510, Net Neutrality, and START all in the same day! Can't even finish reading about one before the next is dropped down on you. I'm feelin like Nanna now, just beat down.

  14. Gunny,

    Just saw 510 passed 100-0 in senate yesterday. I knew they passed it to go to house today, but didn't know it 100-0. Amazing

  15. JP,

    At least we know where stand now. It is us against them. Hopefully, we can remove these acts of treachery in 2011/12/13, if not...

    On Drudge...

    PEOPLE: 308,745,538
    DEBT: $13,868,461,000,000

  16. Hardnox,

    Take a bow my brother.

    I go a step farther than Rush, I hope Obama fails miserably and is an albatross around the lib's necks for another 75-100 years. My WE never let THEM forget this asshat.

  17. After Carter they said we would not have another Southern state governor as President for the next hundred years. Twelve years later we got Billy Jeff.
    Just one example of how history repeats, first as farce and then as tragedy. I'll let you guess which one this is.

  18. I believe in free speech! I believe in free speech! Keep calling Obama whatever you want! Yes liberals attacked Bush and they still should the man is a war criminal like Obama. I fully 100% support your right to say whatever you want. Free speech does not mean you are free from criticism though. As much as you have a right to say what you want I have a right to disagree with you. It's freedom from censorship not freedom from criticism

  19. pushpins,

    Thanks for the comment but you contradict yourself or you are uniformed. The Left wants to SHUT DOWN Fox News and talk radio. Why? Because they get the news out on the Left and people listen. THEY criticize Lord Obama and the narcissist doesn't like it.

    Please, criticize away, try to poke holes in my essays. You won't because they are based on facts and logic.

    BTW, it is the left's attack dog, racist Sharpton, who wants to ban Limbaugh from radio. That is censorship, not criticism.

  20. Wow what a bunch of eloquent individuals we have on this blog. One person actually dares to challenge your views and you say that he is "licking the presidents ass?" wow...great representation of the military here guys.

  21. Anon,

    What the HELL are you whining about? If I say ANYTHING of that nature, it's usually someone kissing Obammy's butt, which is what libs and RINOs do best.

    As for YOUR post, way to hide behind the Anonymous label. I love you hypocritical libs.