Monday, December 27, 2010


"The more corrupt the government, the more numerous its laws." Edward Abbey

That one quote sums up not just liberals, although they are the worst at regulating, or attempting to regulate, people’s lives, but also the RINOs who enable these bastards. As the worst Kongress in American history takes a powder with their well-deserved 13% approval rate, let’s consider that for a moment. If we assume a 3% error rate, that means that NINE out of every TEN Americans could (and likely would) cheer if Nutsy Pelosi and the rest of the Libs and their RINO myrmidons were hung up by their heels and given a nice hot bath in tar and then rolled in chicken feathers! It says a lot about the character of the American people who, with plenty of weaponry, have not revolted…yet.

This wrecking ball called the 111th Kongress was the most corrupt in American history as they simply did whatever the hell they wanted to do. From slapping the wrist of tax cheat Charlie Rangel, to ignoring the various bypasses of the Constitution by their lord and master, the Kenyan Usurper, they lurched from shady deal to shady deal, and as Congcritter Pete "nutjob" Stark put it, "we [Congress] can do whatever we want to do." For example, they ignored Barry’s unconstitutional seizure of Government Motors and Chrysler, and then further ignored his payback of union workers as he bestowed a whopping 55% ownership for them, guaranteeing that the unconstitutional bailout went for naught as the same idiots who helped bankrupt Government Motors in the first place, are now holding the reins! Liberalism means rewarding failure with other people’s money, efforts, time, resources, etc.

Oh, and WHO can forget that wonderful Cash-For-Clunkers program, which gave out our money to friends of Barry’s that really only gave a short-term boost (one month) that the Left could crow about, while destroying cars that MIGHT have been resold to low-income Americans in order to pay back the billions of OPM (other people’s money) that the 111th Kongress pissed out.

Ah, Obamacare. Yes, this pestilential Kongress pulled backroom deals, bribed, arm-twisted various politicians, and again, used OPM to pay for the "Louisiana Purchase" and the "Cornhusker Kickback" in order to unconstitutionally seize 1/6th of the national economy. This abortion was so fetid that it could only pass through the bowels of this corrupt Kongress of Nutsy Pelosi and Dingy "SEIU voter fraud" Reid and then the Kenyan Usurper issued "waivers" to his union homies in order to keep them from having to deal with the massive administration costs and the other headaches of this overegulated unconstitutional mandated nation healthcare insurance crapulence.

Now you’d think that this group of thugs, thieves, corruptocrats, traitors, maggots, and scumbags would rest on their laurels, but you’d be wrong! Why, there is no end to their beneficence when it comes to spending our money or forcing us to pay higher prices for our necessities. Who can forget that this Kongress TOTALLY IGNORED Ken Salazar’s disregarding of a federal court’s order (not once but twice) overturning of the unconstitutional ban on offshore drilling imposed by the Kenyan Usurper? Who can forget this Kongress allowed the Kenyan Usurper to give away taxpayer money to Petrobras for, oddly enough, offshore oil drilling, and we find out later that Soros, the Democrat’s Sugar Daddy, owns a chunk of it. Oh, and that FANTASTIC passage of of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)? Why, this new government entity plans to slap huge tax increases on energy companies in the northeast, all in the name of a hoax called "global warming." Maybe it is apropos that it affects the NE states since they are the ones voting for these asshat liberals, over and over. Can stupid liberals ever learn? Probably not. This action jives with Lord Barry’s wish to, how did he say it, oh yeah, "bankrupt the coal industry."

What bill was it that Nutsy Pelosi stated, "we have to pass this bill in order to find out what’s inside it!" Oh, that was ObamaKare but remember Ol Porkzilla? That wonderful Stimulus Act, 2000+ pages long, that no one in Kongress read, which ended up being nothing more than a trough full of pork that repaid Obama’s homies even as it increased our out-of-control national debt, now skyrocketing under this regime. But it gets better especially as Soros' useful idiot John Podesta, who runs the Soros owned and operated Center for American Progress, a far left group of radicals, is calling for the Kenyan Usurper to disregard the mid-term elections and rule by Executive Order! The Gunny wonders what the Left would have said if, say, the Heritage Foundation would have told Bush43 to do that? Now, of course, the Left and their commie attack dogs, the ACLU, are AWOL.

Indeed, those death panels that Left attacked Palin about when she brought it up are back, coming in, of course, through the back door, via, as usual, regulations. Oh yes, the Dems plan to use OPM to pay doctors who advise their patients on options for end-of-life care, which will of course, include rules and regulations to forgo life-sustaining treatment. The Gunny has a better idea. Why not use death panels for politicians and liberals? Those who create these plans should live under them.

The lame duck session was nothing more than a desperate effort to pass their progressive agenda, since MOST Americans now see liberals for what they are, scumbags and traitors. In fact, the anti-nuke Kenyan Usurper got his START treaty from this crowd even though the Russian DUMA served Barry some sh*t on a shingle as they did not ratify it. Game. Set. Match. Putin. Not to be halted, Ol Barry bleated, "the one thing I hope people have seen during this lame duck is I am persistent." That must mean that he is going to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens through yet another unconstitutional E.O. since the DREAM Act bit the dust.

So as we enter 2011, we can watch as the BATF illegally violates American’s Second Amendment rights along the border even as the TSA violates American’s Fourth Amendment rights, even as Metro police in the VA/DC/MD area violate that same amendment through "random" bag searches in public areas. Under this regime and this disgustingly corrupt Kongress, the EPA has illegally seized control of our energy, the FCC has illegally seized control of the Internet, the Kenyan Usurper owns Government Motors, the banks, health care, the financial sector, and the food supply through SB 510. And if history is any measure of all things Marxist, thugs like Barry, backed up by John "Kill Em All" Holdren, would love nothing more to limit our population through an "accidental" holodomor as Cass Sunstein "nudges" us to eat grass and forgo the french fries. After all, the First Wookie calls obesity a national threat and here all along, the Gunny thought it was Muslims who flew into the WTC buildings, not fat-bodies.

Oh, and speaking of Muslims, the Regime authorized $20.3 million be given as "migration assistance" to Palestinians. yes, the very people who danced in the streets on 9/11/2001. Evidently, we're IMPORTING terrorists now but don't worry, the TSA will be checking those baby diapers for suspicious fluids.


  1. This is so true Gunny.This man has been taking our rights, spitting on our constitution ever since he took office.(what a black day for the United States)No pun intended.
    I also read that he is going to ratify the U.N. resolution to give lands back to the Indians, including parts of Manhatten. Bush refused to consider it. NOT Barry.
    Are we ever going to get this mess straightened out?

  2. Nanna,

    I hope that Barry signs that UN treaty! haha. If rich libstains lost their land, that would be hysterical!

    Time will show that he was an illegal president, being a Kenyan by birth. He hates America and shows it with every action.

    Now he'll have to push his sh*t past a GOP Congress and we'll see how THEY fight him. Issa needs to investigate every action of Barry and the Nutsy Pelosi/Dingy Reid Kongress and slap criminal charges on em all.

    BTW, Putin must have something on Barry for Barry to roll over for a belly scratching, i.e., START. Either his REAL birth certificate or maybe Barry attended Lumumba U in Moscow for his socialist training! Or maybe Barry just likes us being defenseless.

  3. Nanna,

    Meant to add a few quotes from Barry.

    “As Americans, we will not and never will be at war with Islam.”

    "It was not a religion that attacked us that September day".

    In early September 2010, Pakistan’s Minister of State for Industries, Ayatullah Durrani, proposed Obama as "the right man to become caliph of all Muslims".

    The second generation Muslim Kenyan is as illegal a POTUS as BJ Bubba was an amoral one.

  4. Gunny,How I pray you are right about them finding out the, truth about Barry.Because I just know that he wasn't born here. Otherwise he would have shown his birth certificate And all of his college papers a long time ago. He has a lot to hide.

    As for me and mine, we are at war with Islam!!
    If it was not a religion that attacked us and continues to do so, then what is this Allahu Ackbar stuff?

  5. What is so infuriating about these quotes you have listed bob? IT WAS NOT A RELIGION WHO ATTACKED US! It was a few nut jobs, you are only showing your true ignorance when listing quotes like this. If you are such an intellectual as you claim you would know the true difference between an enemy of America and true Muslims.

  6. Gunny,

    It should be noted that his FIRST official action minutes after being sworn in by Justice Roberts was to seal his and Michelle's personal records by Executive Order.


    A child could articulate that something is afoul.

    Something to hide? Nah! Move along folks nothing to see say the elites from both parties.

    I wonder if congress has the authority to unseal his records via repeal of executive order.

    No court in the land has touched this issue despite dozens of lawsuits. They just keep passing it along. Even the SCOTUS won't touch it. It's a 3rd rail and would result in a constitutional crisis. No sitting president has ever been disqualified.

    The prospect of President Biden brings chills but at least we know where he was born and he's too stupid to wreck the country further.

  7. Nanna,

    It will all come out long after Barry replaces Carter as the sh*ttiest potus in our history.

  8. libman,

    I sugesst you read two items, one, "Join the Caravan," and "Milestones" by Qutb. BOTH of them cite Islam is against US.

    Also, here is the website for the significant terrorist attacks worldwide.

    You'll note that the vast majority of them have been committed by Muslims.

    I know, the truth hurts. Are you satisfied to be their dhimmi?

  9. Hardnox,

    Exactly right. It will come to light one day, that he was an illegal president, something we all knew way before he took office. What the lib-idiots fail to realize is that ACTIONS speak louder than words.

  10. No sir that is not the truth, it is what you and your fellow extremist have misconstrued the facts to represent. What DOES satisfy me is the fact that you or the other scholars who frequent this blog will never be in power to make any decisions that will effect my life. So please continue to occupy your time by blogging instead of engaging in actual political action :) Thank you!

  11. Libman,
    your complete ignorance is showing. Islam COMMANDS that all non-muslims be converted, enslaved (the term is dhimmitude, look it up), or put to the sword. Islam has been at war with the entire non-Islamic world for over 13 CENTURIES, and this war will not end until the world is 100% muslim or 100% of the muslims have been exterminated.

  12. libman,

    I'm guessing that you don't know any muslims. I do, and in an honest discourse they will tell you that they are obliged to kill infidels that do not submit to islam.

    I guess you will believe it when one saws off your head and not before. In the meantime keep thinking that islam is a religion of peace okay.

    If you are gay, be double scared.

  13. libman!,

    Thanks for calling us scholars. Hell, I have more education than the Kenyan Usurper does AND I have the transcripts to prove it!

    Why don't you try reading the Koran (I've read it twice and discussed it with Muslims when I was in Irake, Irak, Eyerak, oops, Iraq (anyone see John Kerry?) and return when you have a clue about WTF you're talking about. But then you libs really never do have a clue, just...

    feelings, nothing more than...feelings.

    Also, how the hell do you know who we know or don't know? Many of us ARE active in the process. My Congressman lives in my area and we have chatted while fishing! I've met Palin on more than one occasion in Wasilla, many of us are seriously involved in the Tea Party, and we attend town halls to terrified libtards and RINOS.

  14. Craw,

    Evidently, libman never heard of the Barbary Coast pirates and the spanking the Marines delivered! haha

  15. Hardnox,

    You're dead on. The Koran lays it out for the religion of peace. Kill the infidel, rape his women, take his children as slaves.

  16. The Lame Duck Session proved the democrat party with their RINO allies actually have an agenda they have been pursuing from the time of Wilson.
    The people spoke 11/2 but that is immaterial to the Marxist minded politicians. Even though many have been fired they spend their waning days in office advancing the socialist ideology. They know they or their successor will be able to pick up where they left off.
    Two steps forward, one step back.
    They are banking on the people becoming once again enamored with more for less and free cheese.