Monday, December 6, 2010


"If a man will not work, he shall not eat." 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

There is definitely two Americas, as Love Puppy John Leftwards declared and they are, the "can do" and the "can’t do." The above verse from Thessalonians is very clear in that anyone who doesn’t work, this does not mean those who CANNOT work, i.e., disabled, elderly, are not supported, no, it is very clear that we should take care of them, but that the lazy should not be aided. The above verse refers to idiots like Peggy the Moocher, who voted for Obama, because he was gonna pay her mortgage and fill her gas tank. This is simply natural law in that, if a man works, he will produce something, and will eat but if he is lazy, he starves. The Founding Fathers knew well that hard work and industry receives God's blessing while idleness and sloth is punished. The bottom line is that people who can work and would rather support themselves by being on the public dole should not get one morsel of bread and moreover, that it is a sin to aid them in their laziness much as aiding a criminal makes one an accomplice! This is probably one reason why the Liberals hate religion, because it condemns everything that they are about, from abortion, to homosexuality, to welfare, to taking the property of others for redistribution. By the way, if any liberals are reading this, the very idea that no one should profit from the labor of others, i.e., welfare, is reflected in writings from, Homer to Demosthenes to Pythagoras and others.

Here are five sentences that liberals will never understand:

1. What one person receives without working for it, another person must work without receiving it.
2. One cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
3. One cannot tax a nation into prosperity nor can they borrow it out of debt.
4. When the government takes from one person to give to another, it is legalized theft.
5. One cannot legislate the poor into wealthy by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

How heinous is it that liberals would schedule unemployment benefits to run out on 1 December, a few before Christmas? The same Christmas that many liberals have worked with the ACLU to legislate away, i.e., Nativity scenes at churches, town halls, etc. Then, the liberals, led by Obama, tried get a tax hike linked to the extension of the unemployment benefits, which was shot down in the Senate. More political theatre from the liberals on the backs of the people. Thus, they whine that they can't afford not to raise taxes on businesses because of that whopping 13 TRILLION dollar deficit but on the other hand, they continue to exacerbate the deficit by paying people not to work for almost TWO YEARS! Typical liberal bullshit to play one group against another as they work to score political points, and the hell with the economy and the unemployed. That way, they can scare everyone about the evil Republicans, who want to cut off the 99 weeks of benefits and get people back to work, but then again as Nutsy Pelosi vomited up on unemployment checks, "It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name." Yes, let’s keep passing out unemployment checks because it creates jobs. Well Nutsy, it has not worked very well in Britain where the dole just keeps on growing, along with the tax hikes on those who DO work.

Gaffes Biden says everyone needs to have skin in the game yet 50% of the population pays NO TAXES (yet probably scores refunds via the Earned Income Credit). Massive taxation and unemployment are linked. For example, the corporate taxation rate for the United States is a whopping 35% and we’re in great company with nations like Saudi Arabia(45 %), Congo, Democratic Republic of the (40 %), Egypt (40 %), Colombia (38.5 %), Pakistan (37 %), Qatar (35 %), but since Switzerland’s Corporate Tax rate is a measly 8.5%, is there any wonder why industry is leaving America for greener pastures and taking the jobs with them to places like Hungary (16%)? Oddly enough, the unemployment numbers for the above named nations is high. For example, in the Congo, the unemployment rate is around 80%! A good point regarding Congo is that it is the third richest nation in resources yet it sucks in every way. Why? Four simple words, The Democratic Republic of… In other words, another failure of socialism.

When the government slaps down a heavy taxation on the private sector, it takes away resources from private businesses and kills the productivity and initiative of individuals to work and get ahead. It first slows, and then cripples economic activity, as well as raising the prices of goods and services, and ultimately, it sends our jobs overseas as shown above. The "progressive" taxation of America (don't you LOVE how the Left twists words) actually has the opposite effect in that it "regresses or retards" America's economy. For example, in Economics 101, the class the liberals ditched to go and smoke some dope, when taxes are increased on energy, i.e., gas/diesel/electricity, it directly affects the cost of essential items, in that, they go up. To rich tax and spenders like Nutsy Pelosi and Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, this is no big deal but to the average American, with lower incomes, it hits hard simply because we have less to spend! So when the Left taxes the productive "rich", it rolls downhill like a snowball, gathering size and speed. And the Left knows it. They need this to create tension between classes, ("top down, bottom up, inside out," Van Jones, radical commie), but that is another essay.

It should be noted, AGAIN, that a corporate tax is a lie as it is actually a tax on all of the products or services of that business and again, the taxes fall the hardest on those Americans who can least afford to pay higher prices. (See Van Jones comment above) The end game is that heavy and excessive taxation takes away, steals rather, from the private sector and gives this ill-gotten wealth to politicians who piss away the money willy-nilly, as America becomes weaker economically and eventually, militarily, but again, the Left knows this and that is their goal. In America, the blame lies squarely on the heads of the Liberals and their RINO cohorts. The liberals, led by Barry, continue to attack business, seize them, fire their CEOs, etc, creating a climate of hesitation not only over their tax rates but also over the very existence of their businesses and so, they do not expand and they do not hire. Common sense at work. The Democrats continue to party hardy as the economy stagnates, jobs are lost, and America weakens. How stupid can one group of people be? 

Evidently as the chart shows, pretty stupid indeed. Now can we FINALLY exile liberals to the nether regions and be done with them? Ted DRUNKennedy and ABSCAM Murtha need company. 


  1. If you think we should take care of the elderly who can't work, then why do you support politicians who want to cut social security and medicade? And privitizing it is the same as cutting it because that money would have been completely lost during the 08 crash if social securiity had been privitized.

  2. Do I REALLY have to answer that? I have a Thrift Savings Plan that is my money. I decide where it is invested. It is MY 401K and even with the recession and Obama depression, I am still gaining MORE than the 1% of Social Security and the politicians can't rape it. (yet)

    What ever happened to the children caring for their parents in their "golden years?" Worked well for hundreds of years until the Left got involved.

  3. They all want a classless society where everyone has the same.
    What they don't tell you is the only possibility for a one class society is a society where everyone is poor.

  4. Most excellent post Gunny. I agree with it. Actually the New Testament tells the children to care for the widows, in fact it says children or nephews. If a widow has none of these then the church is to step in and help.
    But so few people are even religious any more that this means nothing to them.

  5. The way these asshole liberals want to tax us into oblivion,there will be NO money LEFT to care for others. Hence,their true goal. Instead of "One Nation Under God",it'll be "One Nation Under Our Thumb". SCAREW that.

  6. EXCACTLY!!!!!so many try to use scripture to support socialism(acts-they had all things common) BUT fail to see that the christians OWNED what they had because they worked their tails off!!!If they gave to the needy--again it was THEIR choice with THEIR goods--Gunny you hit the mark with every word.

  7. There are several churches in the area that provide ONE meal per week to those who hunger and are in need . Some also provide clothing. But there are controls and limits. Obvious moochers are discouraged.

    This is provided out of their faith, instead of from government mandates.

  8. Beginning January 20, 2011 when the new congress is seated this crap must stop. If not, then the Senate and the House will get cleaned again in 2012. The WH will most certainly be.

    Only liberals can be delusional enough to believe that debt creates wealth.

  9. So why not at least universal health care? A serious injury could wipe out your savings.

    So the elderly have to put the burden on their families or depend on charities? What church provides a livable income to the elderly?

  10. Buck,

    Equal misery for all (except the elites).

  11. Nanna,

    How the hell did we ever get along from 1775 to now without big government and the do-gooder liberals to hold our hands for us (as the loot our wallets)?

  12. clyde,

    Yep, Obama and the Left are all about control.

  13. Chariots of Fire,

    Thanks for the kudos. The Left is very good about cherry-picking what they need to twist their words but they ignore the other 99%.

  14. Pack Rat,

    And that is the way it should be. I'm willing to help people but a hand UP, not a hand OUT!

  15. Hardnox,

    Liberalism is a mental disease, that can no longer be in doubt.

  16. pushpins,

    Why should I be taxed to provide free health care for people's kids until they're 26? Medicare, Welfare, Medicaid, etc, are full of fraud and waste billions every year and yet we still have to pay for it. This is good?

    Why can't people save for their own needs via health care accounts? Whatever happened to county hospitals for people who can't afford treatment? Oh yeah, the illegals bankrupted them. Whatever happened to doctors doing charity cases? Oh yeah, some still do but those pesky lawsuits and lawyers drove many out of that.

    Don't ya love liberalism? Open borders? Illegals loading up the ERs and bankrupting our health services?

  17. Pretty sure the Congo sucks because the residents have an average IQ in the 70s... look up IQ and the Wealth of Nations

  18. Anon,

    I wonder if our leftists got the idea of dumbing down the populace from the Congo marxists or vice versa?

  19. Progressive is very descriptive of our current tax system. It describes how it gets worse; progressively.
    pushpins, seriously? Social Security is broke because the government raided the fuck out of it to pay for other socialist programs, Medicare/Medicaid is rife with fraud and abuse, and you still think more government is the answer?
    D.R. of Congo sucks because of it's socialist government where the top dogs steal everything that isn't nailed down (surprisingly, much like the rest of Africa). All the smart people have moved away already. The Wealth of Nations (the series of books by Adam Smith) is a pretty good suggestion, but he doesn't mention IQ, only production.
    Or did you mean something else?

  20. You are one ideological dude, ALZ. I agree with most of your positions - certainly I'm small government, pro gun, and anti-tax, and anti-spend. But the black and white ideological fervor really turns me off. This is why I rarely vote republican. Dialogue is preferable to invective.