Monday, December 6, 2010


You really have to hand it to the Kenyan Usurper. As a tool of Soros (who is virulently anti-gun because in his mind, he's god and we're his subjects, and who needs guns with daddy Soros in charge...) The False POTUS ALWAYS waits until the weekend (and AFTER the midterm elections) to announce his continuing sabotage of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Comrade Barry, our Dear Leader, just appointed a goosestepping fascist as the Head Commissar of the ATF! Naturally, ol' Andy Traver's had to have his bona fides in place so while the "special agent" of the Shitcago's ATF, he took the lead in calling for a ban on those ol' evil semiautomatic firearms. Of course, Shitcago's gun ban has really been working well, all those pesky murders and such. Oh, and Ol' Andy has been a busy little termite gnawing away at our Second Amendment by being a member in the collection of fascists in the International Association of Chiefs of Police. These are the same idiots who decry legal citizens owning guns as the criminals in their inner-city shateholes run rampant. And if memory serves, these bums allied themselves with BJ Bubba and clowns like Sarah Brady and Handgun Control Inc, back in the 90's.

The Head Commissar believes in:

1.  Repealing the Tiahrt amendment. (See NRA link at bottom)

2.  Mandating gun-destruction policies for law enforcement.

3.  Enhanced funding to go after the guns of American citizens.

4.  Ballistic fingerprinting, i.e., a waste of money and total bullshit.

5.  One-gun-a-month laws.

6.  Lock-up-your-gun safety laws. (Works great at 0230 when a burglar is breaking in.)

7.  Banning .50-caliber firearms.

8.  Redefining the definition of "armor-piercing" ammunition which could be construed as FMJ ammo, i.e., mil surplus.

9. Prohibit all private gun sales.

10. Redefining misdemeanor laws to exclude more legit gun buyers, i.e., "prohibited persons".

And LAST but not least:

11.  A
llowing federal health and safety oversight of the firearms industry (CDC, FDA, OSHA, Consumer Product Safety Commission...) Oh the love of Big Government...

Kinda sorta how the old Soviet Union used to do things.... THANK GOD the Gunny lives in ALASKA!

Hey Travers... MOLON LABE scumbag. Oh, and Andy, one more thing, you're wearing the wrong flag pin. Your flag is red with a yellow hammer and sickle on it.

(and he holds the AK like a sissy)

November 2012 cannot get here fast enough my friends. (Tiahrt Amend) (INCREMENTALISM AT WORK)


  1. Molon Labe indeed.

    Every oppressive regime in history began first with the confiscation of weapons, then censorship of the media, then the arrest of dissenters, then the slaughter of innocents. There are no exceptions.

    Like the late NRA president Charlton Heston said, "from my cold dead hands".

  2. Amen Gunny!!
    Each day I think, one day closer to 2012!!!

    Surely there aren't enough Americans that would just hand over their guns because Obama says so!!
    But people never cease to surprise me!!

  3. Mr. Traver can go to H*ll if he thinks that he can prohibit private gun sales. In reality, he and O'Vomit are scared. They know that what happened on 11/02/2010 is but an indication of what will happen in 2012.

    Already the "Red" states are starting to line up in questioning the socialist agenda of O'Vomit. The next two years should be interesting.

  4. Asshats all. True story,the last picture. Eff'em.You catch the asshat whining about the so-called tax deal last night? Good God,what a petulant prick he is.

  5. Hardnox,

    This regime is so far out of touch with Americans that it is not funny. I truly believe that they are trying to spark a "Reichstag" moment so that they can legally crackdown. When Barry hits the delete key on the Posse Commitatus Act, you know it is coming.

  6. Nanna,

    If they take the guns from one of your neighbors what would you do? What would the rest of America do?

    As Van Jones says, "Top Down. Bottom Up. Inside Out."

    This is all planned to spark a fight.

  7. Gray Ghost,

    Even more scary is that the US Army is practicing to "pacify" the American people in case of an "emergency." We may NOT be having elections in 2012.

  8. clyde,

    I saw it. There is not an ounce of manhood or guts in that pansy. No wonder the rest of the world has numbnuts on "ignore."

  9. Gunny, The police here already said they would have no part in taking guns.
    Everyone we know will fight!!

  10. Banning .50 Cal.
    Makes sense. I mean all those crimes committed using a Barrett .50.
    And all those robberies involving armor piercing .30 Cal.
    Why? Who does the government think is in danger of .50's and AP's?
    Seems to me it is just back to FDR's FFA banning fully automatic weapons from HONEST folk because DIShonest folk were using them...
    But the libs say, "What does an honest person need with a BAR?"
    That is another version of libthink "looking out" for you because they don't think you can look out for yourself.
    The Second Amendment gives American citizens the right to keep and bear arms. It did not say the right to keep and bear flintlock arms. Or percussion cap arms or even single shot bolt action arms. In fact I am sure if BAR's and Tommy Guns had been available at the drafting of the Constitution many signatories would have owned one or two.
    It doesn't matter the "need" for such weapons. Passage of the FFA gave the federal government the authority to determine YOUR "need" for automatic weapons.
    Now they want to determine your "need" for a .50 or some AP's. Funny. They forgot to add tracers to that list.

  11. Still thinking about this column.

    I am thinking the ATF was the very first unconstitutional government agency.
    "Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms"
    What business could the government have interfering with a man who wants to make his own whiskey? Or grow his own tobacco? Or regulating how many and what kind of firearms an American citizen wishes to posess??
    Of course alcohol comes in first as potential revenue. What was the rebellion called back in early 19th century? I believe it was called, "The Whiskey Rebellion" Rural farmers lived too far from urban areas to successfully transport fresh corn to the market. The only viable way was to make whiskey. In steps the "Revenooers". Now they control not only the manufacture of alcohol but just try to buy some tobacco seeds. Under what constitutional authority is an agency that
    dictates your relationship with the three?

  12. Nanna,


    I can guarantee that Alaska will be the same, along with many western states as well. Minus Mexifornia, Oregon, parts of Nevada, and eastern Washington St!

  13. Hands off my matching nickel plated Desert Eagle .50s!

    If the gestappo want ammunition, people should give it to it one barrel at a time.

  14. Buck,

    As far as I am concerned, the ATF is a rogue agency. They DID NOT arrest Mayor Bloomberg for sending out "agents" into neighboring states to try and do strawman buys at gun dealers!

  15. Reasonsjester,

    While I hope that sanity prevails, I am beginning to think that Obama and his minions are forcing this to a boil.

  16. Gunny, if the US military tries to "pacify" the civilians it will start a civil war with National Guard units going head-to-head with the US military. From active duty (and combat vets) personnel, I am getting the sense that the US military has told the Pentagon that they will stand down in the event that the POTUS tries this.

    On the other hand, I really do not want to be in the US military unit trying this. There are too many men and women in Mississippi who will fight in the event that this occurs. Odds of 1000 to 1 do not win battles.

    The threat of a civil war would impeach Obama.

  17. Hitler and Stalin were unavailable for this position so this clown was the next obvious choice for Obama since every possible communist and fascist in the USA has already been appointed to some position in the Obama wrecking crew.

  18. As you all are probably aware, there is an organization called "Oath Keepers" whose members swear to uphold the constitution. Their members are former and present military, police, firemen, etc that took "the Oath". There is no expiration date on it either.

    Membership is on the rise.

    See this link:

    Look what happened in the aftermath of Katrina, it can certainly happen again.

  19. One more thing.

    I will sooner die standing upright as an armed and free man than to be a groveling slave to this regime.

  20. Hardnox,

    I'm a member of Oathkeepers when out last year but a good reminder to others to join us!

    As my father used to say, better dead than life on bended knee. That is why the Left will never understand us.

  21. Gray Ghost,

    In any event, it will be ugly and I pray for sanity to return to government before it is too late but if it doesn't, let's not ignore our duty or be damned forever if we do.

  22. Anon,

    I think the Kenyan Usurper looked under every rock for his cabinet and admin members.

  23. It is a matter of SCOTUS record that police departments do not have a constitutional duty to protect you.

    Who does that leave? (rhetorical question)

  24. Pack Rat,

    Good point but as the gov't doesn't give a damn about protecting its citizens, i.e., the open southern border, we're on our own, as we've always been.

  25. You'd be surprised how many cops prefer strict gun control laws.
    I'm not sure why but it could be they actually think it would make their job easier.
    Or maybe they are just lazy and don't want to have to think on their feet.
    Or maybe they believe they are 'elites' and only ones who should carry.
    I don't know. I do know I have worked with/known quite a few who were vehemnently against citizens carrying.

  26. Buck,

    I don't know which neck of the woods you are from but every law enforcement officer that I know in Virginia is pro-gun.

    Virginia is also a pro-gun state which helps. Another reason why I love Virginia.