Tuesday, December 28, 2010


You REALLY cannot make this stuff up. A doddering liberal stooge in Hawaii, long-time friends of "the Obamas" states that Barry is really a US Citizen because, get this, "Abercrombie, 72, has said he remembers seeing Obama as a child with his parents at social events, although he acknowledged that he didn't see his parents with their newborn son at the hospital."

HILARIOUS! This liberal stooge remembers something from almost FIFTY years ago but the Gunny is betting the useful idiot can't remember what he had for breakfast! Even better, why, the health director HERSELF verified Obama's original vital records AND the birth notices in two Honolulu newspapers that were published within days of Obama's birth at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu confirm it! CASE CLOSED!

Moreover, Cathy Takase, acting director for the state Office of Information Practices, said in regards to people requesting Obama's Birth Certificate that, "the information they're seeking is contained in records protected by statute."

Exactly right. An Executive Order, signed by the Dear Leader, puts his records above public review and dozens of lawyers held on retainer by the Kenyan Usurper, keep it that way. The Gunny wonders how the Left would have reacted if Bush 43 had done that. The Gunny wonders what the Left would have said if the Wasilla police had run the hundreds of libstain shysters who came in to dig up any dirt on Palin, out of town, preferably on a rail.

Tell ya what libs. RELEASE the ORIGINAL long form birth certificate, UNREDACTED, with signatures and a raised seal and have anyone connected with it swear it is true under oath. And while you're at it, release his transcripts from Columbia and Harvard as well as the student aid and admissions forms so that we can see what block he checked, US citizen or foreign student. Indeed, please explain WHY there is a birth certificate on him at a hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. Please explain WHY his relatives in Kenya say he was born IN Kenya. Also, explain WHY his illegal alien aunt is still sucking down benefits that she never paid into, up in Boston.

Oh, and lastly, release all of the State Department's information on his various passports, hitherto unseen and under lock and key. Otherwise, this is just another round of smoke and mirrors from the Democrats, the kings of the circle jerk.


"What a wicked web we weave..."



  1. I go along with releasing his trnscripts, his passport information and his student loan information but if his birth is in the Honolulu newspaper of '61, well, it would be pretty hard to destroy all newspapers of that date and alter the Honolulu newspaper morgue. The only other alternative would be back in '61 his name was put into the paper knowing he would someday run for president. There may be questions as to his eligibility through birth. Seems there was a past POTUS who had English parent or parents and it was kept pretty quiet. If he has/had dual citizenship either Kenya or Indonesia that should be a real disqualifier. But I think challenging his Hawaiian birth is beating a dead horse.

  2. Hmmm....I seem to remember libidiots throwing hissy fits in order to get GW Bush to release his military records. More typical double standards from the party of politburo wannabes.

  3. Gunny,

    Where there is smoke there is fire. The Left smells an investigation in the wind and they are trying to cover their tracks in advance of the 2012 race.

    Also, what about the dozens of SS numbers associated with Barry?

    Barry will need to certify his eligibility to run. He won't have the lapdog dim congress this time around.

    This should get interesting.

  4. Right on Gunny!
    And why did two different judges say that they wouldn't force the issue because it would be an embarrasment to the president? Hmmmmm?

  5. Buck,

    I agree on the dead horse issue but I can't stop myself from tweaking the left! haha.

    That said, there is definately something in his past that stinks on ice. Every job I've had required me to show my original long form BC, why is Barry different?

    This could all be cleared up by full disclosure.

  6. Gunny:
    I think the birth certificate is magican mumbo jumbo. You know, keep the audience occupied on one hand while the other is doing the "magic" trick.
    As long as Zero can keep folks sniffing around his birth certificate they are not sniffing around something else. Question is: What else is it that he is hiding behind the birth certificate facade???

  7. beachmom,

    What makes it so funny is that the left is too blind (or too stupid) to see that!

  8. Hardnox,

    I forgot about Barry's various SSNs. Issa has a lot to investigate.

  9. Nanna,

    They don't want to touch the issue because they'll be called racists and have the SEIU protesting on their lawns!

  10. Buck,

    GOOD question. I'm betting that the dolt in Hawaii is buttering up Barry over this BC thing so that he can get a bailout for a broke-ass Hawaii.

  11. And here I thought BO was born in a manger in Bethlehem Pennsylvania on December 25, 1961. I must be mixing up some different stories. Sorry.

  12. Like Buck said we need to watch for the "sucker play".

    In all my years of watching politics I have learned that there are absolutely no accidents in politics. This issue has been brought up by the left on purpose. Even Chrissy Matthews is asking for the long form BC.

    I'm with Gunny on this issue though. We deserve to know who Obama really is. We really don't know squat about him before January 20th 2009.

    The problem with this whole issue is that it may end up being a distraction. If Obama is indeed proved to be a "natural citizen" (which he legally cannot be since his father was British) then the left can bash the GOP over it and create a racial issue of it.

    The GOP needs to watch this as a sucker play and watch what the other hand does.

    My gut tells me that Obama’s paperwork is a mess. My guess is that he became a Indonesian citizen as a child when he was adopted by Soreto, then after the divorce and his return to Hawaii never officially bothered with the US citizenship. No surprise since he and his mother were potheads. Then later received college grant money as a foreign student.

    As far as a legal announcement in the newspaper. Barry’s grandparents could have easily done that to insure little Barry’s citizenship no matter where he was born.

    Last year a former clerk from Hawaii came out and declared that the Obama citizenship thing was a joke within the records department since everyone knew full well that none existed. I haven’t seen anything about that guy since. Maybe the Clintons got to him.

    Either way that you slice it, Obama has some splainin’ to do otherwise he wouldn’t have a dozen lawyers preventing anyone from seeing his records, spending over a million in legal fees, then sealing the documents via presidential executive order.

    There’s a real problem here. Helen Keller could see it.

  13. Oh, they see it Gunny. But Barry is their marxist savior and GW Bush was the devil.