Friday, December 17, 2010


to the stupidity of liberals?

EXCERPT: "Economists predict that this is only the beginning. Fueled by the higher costs of wheat, sugar, corn, soybeans and energy, shoppers could see as much as a 4 percent increase at the supermarket checkout next year. Gas and diesel prices also are playing a role. Wheat costs went through the roof this year when 20 percent of Russia's crop was destroyed by drought and wildfires, causing the country, the third-largest producer in the world, to ban exports of the grain. The price of sugar, also used for ethanol in parts of the world, is priced at a two-decade high."

This article comes out of a leftist rag out of the far left town of San Fransicko so the story can’t be right-wing biased. But in reading the comments, one can only surmise that liberals are dumb as dirt. The excerpt above nails the four main subjects as to WHY food prices are on the rise.

1. Gas
2. Diesel
3. Grain
4. Sugar

Take the first one for example. Gasoline drives our economy. It fuels some farm equipment and it fuels some of the transportation that carries food to market. However, the Left and their enviro-nazis allies refuse to "allow" us to drill for the oil that is refined into gasoline. Furthermore, they refuse to "permit" America to build any new refineries so as the supply of gas tightens, the price for it rises. Once again, basic economics is too much for the liberal mind to grasp. Second, diesel, is now more expensive than gas even though it comes off of the cracking line before gas. For you liberals, that means it needs less refining than gas and should therefore be cheaper but no, since our few remaining refineries are running at about 110% capacity, because, again, we have not built any new ones since the mid 70’s (thanks libs), and they’re busy refining those boutique blends than the EPA foisted on us. Thus diesel is more expensive, so it costs more to run the tractor, the harvesters, the reapers, processing plants, etc, which passes the cost onto the consumer. Duh. Basic economics again libs. Oh, and thanks Obama, for refusing to "allow" domestic oil drilling onshore ANWR) and offshore.

Grain. Owl Gore and his legion of scumbag grifters lied about ethanol (now ain’t THAT a surprise) and Bush 43 went along with it, and began turning corn into ethanol, which works to LESSEN gas mileage, not raise it. Not real smart thinking. Using food to make a product that actually lessens miles per gallon? Makes more sense to build more refineries, using new cleaner technology, and drill new wells to pump domestic oil, adding jobs and revenue into the economy but what does the Gunny know, he did not go to Haaaaaaaavahd. Corn is in almost EVERY product in our supermarkets and less corn means higher prices. Gee, isn’t that basic economics yet again raising its ugly head. One would think that liberals would learn but it is quite apparent that stupidity is an ingrained trait of that breed. Add sugar to the list since it is a part of the ethanol scam. And sugar is in everything as well, from raw to refined. So when we’re down to eating beans and rice, or people are starving (that will make John “Kill em All” Holdren happy), thank your local lib and enviro-nazi, right before you toss em on the barbie! (The Gunny heard that liberals taste like chicken)

Here are some of the more dumber comments from these dumbass libs.

dirtydem: "Wall st will help you, after they make huge profits manipulating the commodities markets. Your in the hands of former Enron traders, no worries, it's the free market. Yea tea party."

hadji1966: "I concur that food prices have been rising, but don't Americans still spend a smaller percentage of their income on food than people in most other nations?"

sfnative650: "Why is the price of food going up? If you look at it, transportation and the food is more expensive because of a few greedy that manipulates the crude oil prices..If the crude oil was off the commodities market.. The price of fuel would level off and become more stable.. All that has been happening is the price has gone up..So the farmer and the trucker doesn't want to go broke..."

vkkv: "Just another tax on the poor and the middle class. Thanks a lot greedy RepubliSCUMS."

tomrobla: "The solution to huge deficits is to inflate our way out of it."

jncc: "Oh my God, a 5% rise in food costs.... run for the hills everyone!!!"

skruse: "Food is based on cheap oil. We are in Peak Everything - Era of Declines. As oil decreases prices on everything increase. Increased population and lack of water will also drive prices up."

gadflies: "OMG... did I see someone blame the president for this? Are you kidding... this is wall street."

spockhere: "Captain.. Translation.... Poor Fat People with get thinner... and Rich Fat people with get Fatter... Logically speaking..."

jackjock14: "Prices are rising because of speculation in the market. Hedge funds keep all prices of commodities artificially high, so they win, then when the prices drop they win again. Win win for them and lose lose for consumers. Thanks Wall Street Banksters."

kellerj: "I cannot wait till the tea party removes the nanny state subsidies to agriculture, government water projects. Without agriculture subsidies Good luck feeding your creationist home schooled ditto head children. Good luck keeping your salt of the earth communities of hard working "people like us" from disappearing from the rural landscape. They will probably just keep the ethanol and tobacco subsidies."

(consequences be damned.)


  1. Short answer to lead question: NO.Good post.Again,liberals proving they know NOTHING about how shit works. One of the reasons diesel is higher,is because of the EPA rules requiring the removal of almost ALL the sulphur from it,ostensibly to reduce the particulate matter,resulting in more processing of the crude,which,the more steps to refine,the more cost involved in the final product.Add to that the HUGE taxes on a gallon of the stuff,all a cost that the trucker passes on to the shipper,who passes it on to their customer,yada yada yada.This diesel with the low sulphur had another issue,in that the lubricity of the fuel in the upper end of the engine is reduced,necessitating the use of additives to the fuel for proper lubrication of the upper end.

  2. Gunny,

    Nice post. Once again proof that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. Facts are stubord things that the left refuses to acknowledge or even consider.

    It should be noted that the emissions from ethanol are considerably WORSE for the environment than from fossil fuels but all that is heard from the eco-nazis are crickets.

    One doesn't need to be an economist to realize that converting food to fuel diminishes the supply of food and thus drives up the price. The folks that can afford it the least in the third world are the ones that are really suffering.

    All it will take is a drought in this country and prices will go through the roof because there is no safety net.

    The eco-nazis need to be silenced or at the very least muzzeled. We certainly need to practice good stewardship of the land but we also need to have sound and responsible policies for our food and energy both of which are anathema to liberals that can never consider the "law of unintended consequences".

    It's the same for electric cars. The libs never consider that we will need more power plants to generate the electricity to charge them. To them electricity comes from the plug in the wall. Oh, and never mind what to do with all those nasty batteries that need regular replacing.

    The list is endless for liberal stupidity.

  3. Maybe some day some state with the cajones. Montana or Oklahoma, maybe, will tell the drillers to drill here, drill now and tell Washington to shove it.
    Exploitation of minerals is an option of property owners and state sovereignity, not some jerk off in DC.
    By the way what jurisdiction does the USA have on oil rigs past the 12 mile limit? Since I believe the Brazillians, Chinese or anyone else would tell Barry Zero to shove it does it mean the USA only disallows American companies to drill in the Gulf?

  4. Nice write Gunny,

    What is your opinion on farm subsidies? Specifically corn and soy. I haven't ever read much into this topic. Everyone else feel free to answer as well. Oh yeah, any luck figuring out how O is buying off the republican votes on START?

  5. clyde,

    Good post on diesel! I remember when the rogue agency (EPA) declared war on leaded gas and it ends up that removing the lead from gas really did nothing. It DID make gas more expensive to refine though. I swear, liberals can't hit their asses with both hands and get it right.

  6. I agree with your post 100%. God puts humans in charge to BE good stewards but He never said NOT to use the resources.

    I did a post on where the batteries are made for the Prius in Canada (old TH blog). For FIVE miles around the plant, it is a moonscape. No comment from the leftists.

  7. Buck,

    Only AMERICANS cannot drill. In fact, Brry gave a few BILLION to Petrobras to drill offshore! They are owned by Soros.

  8. Gunny:
    Removing lead from gas did have one plus. Spark plugs have an almost infinite life span now.
    My old Pontiac had to have a tune up i.e. plugs and points about every 3500. Unleaded gas came in and I put 55K on my Softail without changing plugs. Bought an '03 Sonoma and 110K later sold it. Never changed plugs.
    What I never understood was why unleaded gas was more costly sonce you are eliminating one step in the refining process....

  9. JP,

    I personally consider it a crime to pay farmers not to farm but I also think that one, farmers MUST be able to make a profit, and two, small farms should be encouraged and if it takes a subsidy, it is something that has to be considered. I don't want Big Ag calling ALL the shots on my food. In fact, I'd prefer having our Ag as small farmers, co-ops, etc.

    I read through that last night and the only thing I can tell is that there was something offered we don't know about and it will be the usual RINO suspects who betray us.

    Barry is anti-nuke and would sell us out. After all, the missile shield project was ended by him.

  10. Buck,

    Forgot about that! I think the price went up due to the EPA enforcing that regional boutique blend crap as well as fewer refineries and oil production in the US. The liberals have really screwed the US in this area and those responsible should be hung as traitors.

  11. The fairtax, drill here drill now baby, include the EPA with the fairtax and kill it along with the irs and last but not least drop osamabinobama RIGHT NOW like the hot potater no good sob he is.

  12. JpKnowMad,

    Subsidies are nothing more than corporate welfare. It was originally set-up to level the playing field for domestic farming. For example, if everyone grew corn in a particular area prices would go down often below cost. So the gumbmint decided that it was better to pay some farmers not to grow stuff.

    Now everyone applies and gets it. Even still farmers are loosing their asses except for big AG. Often it is better to sell off your farm to a developer and live the rest of your life in luxury.

    Most farmers that I know do it because they love doing it and wouldn't do anything else.

    The USDA is a flat out joke. There are mandates for all kinds of EPA bullshit but not a dime of support for compliance.

    You would be amazed at what small farmers DON'T make and you would be amazed at what bullshit and expense that they have to put up with to grow crops.

    The price of food would drop if the USDA and the EPA were out of the picture.

    The only ones making any money is big AG and the Commodities Market which of course don't grow anything.

  13. Hardnox,

    Indeed. At my core, I believe that a patch of land set aside to grow crops NOT being used to grow crops is a sin.

  14. Gunny,

    My sentiments exactly.

    The feds have f'd-up everything that they have touched under the core mission of "helping".

    The constant mandates and regulations are crushing and affect nothing but keep gumbmint workers in their positions.

    I must share a recent experience.

    I had a bunch of USDA morons show up here at my ranch wanting to learn about ranching and horse breeding, etc. I told them to get lost.

    They came back weeks later wanting to award me a plaque for good conservation efforts, blah, blah, blah. Bearing in mind that they had no input whatsoever with my operation but they wanted the photo-op to show how they "helped" me to maintain the illusion that they were justified in their jobs.

    I told them to shove their award and that they were tresspassing and this was my last time of asking nicely, next time they would be shot. I pulled out my 1911 and they haven't returned since.

    In all cases, the government must maintain the illusion that they are actually doing something when in fact all they do is suck up money that could actually benefit the folks that earn it.

  15. Hardknox,

    Thank You. Nice info. Why isn't the tea party more up in arms about this policy? I havent heard an ounce out of any of them. Bachmann is actually receiving subsidies for her families farm(not small). Probably more of them but thats the only one I know off the top of my head.


    Sure sounds like a crime to me as well. Where are our small government conservatives at on this issue? Is big ag in absolutely everyones pocket in washington? If the tea party or 2010 elected repubs won't do anything about this, who the f*%# will?

  16. JP,

    I hate the welfare system that breeds slaves and allows illgals to rape us for the benefits but I really don't blame the people, I blame the system.

    If someone is handing out C notes on the corner, wouldn't you take them? That is subsides, welfare, etc. I used to have numerous rental properties while on active duty and it helped wipe my tax bill to zero. Wrong? Hell yes. Was I using the system as it was designed? Yep. (used to piss my buddies off! haha)

    Until WE the people demand serious changes, such as term limits, and get them, this will continue.

    In the end, it is small victories like the tea party avalanche this November, and one yesterday when Dingy Reid yanked the bill (from the Tea Party pressure) which ALSO ended the Food bill that allowed for small farm takeovers!

    Small victories amigo, end up as big ones in the end.

  17. Hardnox,

    As a Fed in DoD, I HATE the lazy and stupid within our ranks. The USDA, EPA, FDA, DOE, all need to be reined in and/or disbanded. There are changes coming to the government wherein the idiots and the deadwood will be fired as they crop up.

    However, many within our ranks work overtime unclaimed, work at home to stay up with the work, and are usually in offices that are shorthanded. Hell, I was in an office that was 40% manned with 100% of the job still needing to be done and our task list was growing, not declining! haha

  18. Gunny,

    Right again. Keep up the good work. I started my own small blog. Just a collection of previously published articles and videos. Nothing on par with yours but I'd be honored if you stopped by and left my first comment. Thanks again.

  19. JP,
    The Tea Parties are alive, well, and very involved. Groups from each state have varied influence. Some lib states don't have any.

    Overall, a force to be reckoned with. Remember it’s a grass roots movement with no central hub whereas the adults are awake and watching what their representatives are doing.

    The influence of the groups will come to bare when the new congress is seated. Many reps and senators know that we the people are watching over their shoulders for a change. Some welcome it others are sure to hate it. The 2012 election cycle already began.

    As the Gunny said, we have already won some. This Omnibus bill was a real big one. Come January heads will fly.

    Another big one, ObamaCare got defeated in Federal Court in Virginia due to our AG’s suit. Cuccinelli is a big Tea Party Fan. That fight isn’t over by a long shot. It will go the SCOTUS, which will have a tough time ignoring the VA federal court if they are so inclined.

    The reason you may not hear much about the movement is that the media isn’t saying anything about them which is just fine. If you are not involved with your local group, please do so. You might be surprised.

    Watch for some conservative Democrat reps to change sides.

    I agree and thanks for your continued service. The government is way too big and needs a thorough house cleaning and streamlining. Dead wood is dead wood no matter where it's at.

  20. JP,

    Amigo, congrats for starting your blog. We ALL start as beginners. I owe my mentor BrianR a lot. As he told me I'll tell you, facts and research are your friends. Stick to the truth and you'll be fine.

    When I used to be able to access my old TH blog, I looked at my first few posts and they were not the finished product I put out now. Stick to it, we can always use another warrior on the wall.

  21. Hardnox,

    Thx. What is funny is now I'm in an office that is 50% manned with double the work and I love it! haha.

  22. Gunny,

    Thanks for the comment. Just curious why you aren't a Ron Paul fan.

  23. JP,

    He's a little to isolationist for me. Sometimes you have to help an ally or curtail a threat to one's nation or national interests. However, I DID support his bill back in 1999 to boot the UN out. In fact, I am right in there with him on banning the UN as well as keeping our sovereignty.

  24. Gunny,

    I see where you are coming from as he does sound isolationist, but I believe that stems from the Austrian school of thought. I think they are right, just like Thomas Jefferson. It is much cheaper than a foreign policy based on "entangling alliances".

    I am nowhere near qualified to get much deeper than that but I believe if we derived our energy resources(oil) from domestic sources that I know you are for, our need for international alliances would dwindle.

    I have just started reading/watching more from the Austrian school. I continue to be amazed at their arguments which I don't think make much sense on a practical level upon first seeing the title/headline but when I really get in to it and read and watch how they explain themselves it all comes together.

    I encourage anyone that is interested in small government to look into the austrian school.

    With that said, to each his own as long as freedom and liberty is the end state.