Saturday, December 11, 2010


WHEN has this EVER happened in American history? The Kenyan Usurper leaves the podium so The Impeached One can yammer to the nudniks in the press crowd. Little Barry was keeping the First Wookie WAITING TOO LONG? Well holy dogsqueeze, can't be having THAT can we?  Evidently TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) was AWOL and thus Little Barry was unable to spew information fast enough to answer the tax cut questions. Weren't we told by the Lapdog Media that he was so smart? Didn't Gaffes Biden call him "clean and articulate?" If a business implements a program, shouldn't the CEO know the details of it? Truly, this clown is pathetic.

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  1. Looked like a Putt Putt golfer and an old Pro,

    Mid school football vs NFL

    Get the picture,
    had to go pacify the First Wookie; those apron strings are really tight.

  2. Gunny, I happened to be watching Fox when the presser was called. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Obama was standing there (after introducing Clinton) with arms folded, and a stupid grin on his face. To me it was like a puppy dog wagging and panting because his master was praising him.
    I know nothing coming from this "president" does should surprise me, but I've got to say this did. I have never heard of such!!
    Personally, I'm hoping that this bill is killed. There has been so much pork added to it that it is a joke. Man up now Republicans, and stop this theater. Do something that makes sense, or wave bye bye to Washington. That's my feelings.

  3. Proof once again that Barry is just the pretender-in-chief.

    What a douche bag!

    I guess Bubba will be a regular stand-in after January 20 since Barry can't utter a coherent sentence off the cuff.

    When Bubba speaks, and you know he's lying, at least he's good at it.

  4. Okay so Zero left the podium. Typical. The second black president is running out and letting the First Black President take the heat.

  5. Second Reading

    The guy really doesn't get it, does he?

    "Keeping the first lady waiting.."

    And when shit goes down he is on the golf course or basket ball court. And he don't leave.

    He thinks he has just won a popularity contest and living in the WH is just part of the grand prize. Presidential duties are just incidentals and to be shloffed off on one of his czars...or maybe they should be called his "laddies in waiting."
    NOTHING, not even presidential duties, will keep him from his diversions.
    what a jerk

  6. WHAT AN ASSHAT! That room ain't BIG enough for those egos. See what you got,limpdick media,and the 65 mil who voted for the bozo.Sheesh.