Friday, December 24, 2010


Well, once again we see what happens when we have ideologically driven nimrods in the government running the show. It was a BIG DAMN HURRY to ratify the START treaty so that Barry could go on ANOTHER taxpayer-funded vacation to Hawaii. Evidently, the White House isn't good enough anymore. So the asshats in the Senate, including Lisa Specter-Murkowski-the choice of the Alaska Native Corporation and the Unions, voted yes on START but the Russians shaft them. (Gee, go figure.)

EXCERPT: MOSCOW – Russia's lower house of parliament gave preliminary approval Friday to a U.S.-Russian arms treaty, but decided to delay the final vote until next month. The Kremlin-controlled State Duma voted 350-58 to approve the New START treaty in the first of three readings. The legislators said they would proceed further after returning from the New Year's vacation that lasts until Jan. 11. The Russian parliament normally ratifies international treaties in a single vote, but this time legislators said they needed an extra time to study legislation accompanying the treaty that was passed by the U.S. Senate when it ratified the pact on Wednesday.

Even better is what Medvedev told the Community Organizer-in-Chief: "I told him: Barack, you have a rest now."


Medvedev pulls Barry's punk card. HAHA. So much for raising our standing in the world. Barry just got treated by the Russians like some little kid at Christmas, who tries to sit at the grown-ups table and gets relocated to the kiddy table. BWHAAHAHAHAHAHA!

There once was a kid named Obammy
Medvedev helped him don his jammies
It's time for you to take a nap
you're really nothing but a sap
and we'll finish off wrecking the US.

The Body Language of Putin says it all.

Chinese? Check.
Mexicans? Check.
Cubans? Check.
Venezuelans (Chavez)? Check.
Palestinians? Check.
Germans? Check and Double Check.
Pakistanis? Check.
Afghans? Check.
Syrians? Check.
NorKs? Check. Double Check. Triple Check.
Iranians? Check.
Russians? Punk Card Pulled and Bottom Spanked by Putin.



  1. Obama can't even spend time with his family on christmas?

  2. pushpins,

    In ANOTHER trip to Hawaii? They could not vacation in the White House? I believe that Barry has taken almost 80 DAYS of vacation this year alone. Nice gig.

    If he wanted to be with family, he should have flown to Kenya.

    But you're right, his boss Medvedev told him to go take a rest.

  3. pushpins,

    Neat article on Amer Thinker about how much the First Grifter used getting her fat ass to Hawaii.

    63,000 dollars that WE paid for because the First Grifter could not wait a couple of days to start her taxpayer funded vacation. Gee, with all of the Amerians out of work, tightening their belts in this Obama Depression, you'd think the First Grifter and the Community Organizer-in-Chief MIGHT have had a little rethinking on that.

    Let em eat cake, right?

  4. Ha! We all knew this would happen. It says so in the actual treaty that none of those amendments will make it unless the Russians ok them as well. They already revoked their previous ratification upon hearing of additional amendments. I don't guess anyone in congress read the damn thing though. Everyone, Have as merry of a Christmas as possible under these circumstances. The new year should be much happier though!

  5. I suppose pushpens believes the world will go on hold while the Zero goes to play golf and idle on the beach in Hawaii.
    Gee. Well, heck, pushpins, lets bring all our troops home from Afgans'tn.
    After all.
    Shouldn't they be with their families on Christmas???
    I mean Jan 2 they can go back just like they worked for FedWx or something....
    Something you and Zero don't understand is the Oval Office is a 24/7 job.

  6. JP,

    It will be a better year indeed as the 13% approval rated Nutsy Pelosi Kongress and Dingy Reid Senate GTFO and disappear back under the rocks they crawled out of.

    Merry Christms Leatherneck as we prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

  7. Buck,

    As I said before the election, the Kenyan Usurper just wanted to play president, he didn't really want to BE president. The First Affrmative Action Grifters just want the bennies, not the responsibilities or duties.

  8. Just when you think you've seen one of the most pathetic things ever, Barry the kid brings on a new one!
    He is now doing two things. He has just read about slick Willie, and is now reading about Ronaldus Maximus. I figure he has been reading about things they did right, and will pretend he is going to do those things, in trying to win again in 2012. He will try and say some of the things Reagan said and did, and he will repeat some of them. Also some of the things Wille did to win back his presidency. Not that he will do them but he will talk a big game

  9. Didnt Time, or one of those DNC sycophant magazines that nobody reads, name Obozo 'the comeback kid of the year' or something? What a joke. This buffoon that failed at every international effort he's tried. Unless you count bowing and scraping to whom he feels are his betters.
    The Rooskis are gonna "demand" more favorable terms for themselves, that they have no intention of abiding by anyway, and Onumbnutz will cave in like the empty suit he is.