Thursday, December 23, 2010



Sources inside the Pentagon state that a new gay unit dedicated to Barney Frank and being funded by San Fransicko and the Folsom Street Gang is being formed. Here is a preview of their new unit patch.

UNIT MOTTO: "We'll WATCH your six like no one else can."

(hattip to Hardnox)


  1. Bigotry at its finest as always! Not even funny, just hateful.

  2. Anon,

    1, 2, 3....


    Poor Anon, upset by a little humor. But maybe libs ripping on Bush and saying that Cheney should be executed is more your style.

    You may not like the humor but think how 70% of the military doesn't like what is being foisted on them by a lame duck Kongress practicing nothing less than scorched earth because they got their asses spanked in Nov.

    What's good for the goose...

  3. Not quite as good as my idea,but like it nonetheless.

  4. No, criticism of a political regime is one thing, but when you treat differently those of a protected class is called discrimination. It is no different than putting someone down for being black. If your going to act like bigots than at least have the courage to do it outright and call it what it is.

  5. Gunny,
    That's too funny BWHAHAHA YEP Don't drop yer soap when yer in the showers. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER OR WE FALL as such GOD BLESS AMERICA et. al. Like NANNA,MUDBUG, RKDEIS? GRAYGHOST If I missed any of you that read and post to GUNNY's Blog I wish you and yours a VERY MERRY CHRIST!MAS JESUS is the reason for the season.GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU and YOUR FAMILIES. Don't forget our guys and gals overseas as well!!!!!! 2012 is a coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all the best in the new year!!!! HOOOORAH SEMPER FI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anon,

    Protected class. How quaint. Is that libspeak for a group of people who get extra rights not explained anywhere in the Constitution? That gives them special status OVER the equal rights guaranteed under the Constitution?

    Please explain how gays deserve a special class. Please explain how they deserve "special rights" over the vast majority. Please explain why THEY are exempt from any humor? Please explain why it is okay for you leftist to rip apart people like the Palins but your "protected classes" are off limits. Please explain why it is okay for you leftists to rip apart the Bush daughters but Obama's are off-limits. Please explain why it is okay to shit on the religious views of a huge majority in the military to foist your "protected class" on them?

    See where I'm going here?

  7. drogers,

    Thanks. And a Merry Chirstmas and a prosperous New Year to you and yours.

    Evidently, the crybaby lefties didn't like it.


  8. Oh, Anon, speaking of courage, nice of you to hide behind the Anonymous title.

    Lib, hypocrisy is thy name.

  9. Protected class describes characteristics or factors which can not be targeted for discrimination and harassment. These include race, religion, age, gender identity,sex, SEXUAL ORIENTATION...etc. I know it may be hard for you to wrap your head around that. But, yes because these people are in this protected class it means you cannot discriminate against them when pertaining to employment. And your right, a joke is a joke but at least have the intelligence to understand that your jokes are rooted in bigotry and hatred. Dont worry though we on the left are looking out to ensure everyone is protected equally underneath the law. You may go back to polishing your bayonet.

  10. Anon,

    The problem with you libs is that you have absolutely no sense of humor.

    How is it that you perverts believe that you deserve special treatment?

    What you do in your personal life is no concern to the rest of us but it is definitely our concern when you attempt to foist your practices on the rest of us.

    You may think that you have achieved a victory over the vast majority of Americans but that will only be a fleeting moment. Enjoy it while you can.

    You compare gay rights with those of Blacks. Are you kidding? How dare you. What universe are you from?

    You Libtards piss all over what made this country great and you expect the rest of us to take it.

    Expect no more courtesy from us. We are done.

  11. Gunny & fellow posters, even you libs,

    Have a great Christmas and let the spirit of Christmas bless each and everyone of you.

    Let us count our blessings and be grateful that we live in the greatest and most benevolent nation in the history of the world.

  12. Anon,

    You're looking out for equal rights under the law?

    How about Eric Holder going after those Black Panthers who performed a little reverse discrimination in Filthadelphia and nothing was done about it?

    You're dropping the ball lefty.

    If my religious belief is that homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of God, that's hatred? I would state that it is a moral value.

    What right do gays or this goverment have to impinge on mine or anyone else's religious beliefs? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights bestow all the rights I need to pay attention to, not the frigging government.

    NO ONE deserves anymore rights than anyone else but that is something you leftists cannot grasp.

    You can go back to reading your little red book of Mao now or is it Lenin?

    BTW, I don't own a bayonet, I never let my enemies get that close!

  13. Hardnox,

    Great post.

    I wish only good things for my fellow Conservatives. For the Left and the RINOs, I wish only doom and gloom, they deserve nothing less. They took the mask off during this lameduck scorchd earth session and we need to make damn sure they pay in 2012.

  14. Protection from discrimination based on religion, race, gender, and disability is okay (to a point). Protection from discrimination based on one's CHOICE to be a homosexual, transvestite, omnisexual, cross dresser, transgender, or any other kind of weirdo or pervert is NOT acceptable. Those people chose to be outside of society's norms, so they pay the price.

  15. I'm not sure where a "special" class belongs in this country.
    Why the hell are a bunch of homosexuals "special"?
    Are you saying a person who delves in immoral acts is "special"?
    Or are you saying a person who tries to push his immorality off on others is "special"?
    Or are you saying the color of a person's skin makes them "special"?
    And you are saying these "special" folks have "special" protection from the law???


    This was drummed into my head from the 1st Grade right up to the last time I busted someone in the mouth who desperately needed it:

    "Two wrongs don't make a right."

    It didn't take....

  17. On December 23, 2010 10:58 PM, the ever bitter geezer Gunny grumbled,

    "For the Left and the RINOs, I wish only doom and gloom. . ."

    In fact, of course, by praying that President Barack Hussein Obama fails in his presidency, that he fails to repair the Republican-trashed economy, fails to spur job growth, fails to enhance health care for all Americans as he promised, fails to conduct a successful military campaign in Afghanistan, fails to negotiate an effective nuclear-arms limitation treaty with Russia, fails to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes, etc., etc., the Gunster is actually wishing "doom and gloom" upon all Americans -- proving once again that he's an uber-selfish prick who is happy to see his countrymen suffer all manner of difficulty and pain as long as he achieves his goal of transforming the U.S. into a fascist hell where only corporations and billionaires can thrive.

    Personally, I've never seen anyone more sustained by sheer hostility than Bob Pinkstaff, the Gunny. If only there was a magic pill to cure a person of hatred. . . .

  18. Gunny,

    I could almost be upset with you. My father was in the 33rd Pursuit Group during WW2. Their motto was "Fire from the Clouds", which is very similar to your "Death from Behind".

    However, I think Dad would have gotten a chuckle from your article. And I couldn't get mad a a Marine. So Merry Christmas my good friend. I know the New Year will be better for all of us after 11/02/10.

    For drogers: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!

  19. Craw,

    No my brother, you've got it all wrong. WE have to sacrifice OUR morals and beliefs to accommodate the vast minority!

  20. Buck,

    I see the words "protected classes" in the Constitution. The liberal version that is, that they like to change around like they change their underwear and make up the rules as they go.

  21. Ivan,

    Bitter? Hell no. I am rejoicing to be living in these times wherein I can help destroy the Democrat Socialist Party of America and work, how did Janet Incompetano put it?, oh yeah, 24/7 364 days a year, to crush liberalism.

    BTW THANKS for listing those screwups by Blobama and his regime of morons, I'm working on an essay right now and they fit in nicely. Sure you're not a Republican plant?

  22. To all who wander into the hallowed halls of Gunnydom,a Merry Christmas,or whatever you celebrate. Gunny,I'll catch up after we get the motorshack to Arizona. C ya.

  23. Gray Ghost

    And may you and yours enjoy a great Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

    No doubt once we have a new Congress and a better Senate, they can get to work repealing much of this bullshit the hated and treacherous 111th Kongress passed. I pray that they Impeach Obama for the illegal president he is and send Soros back to France to serve his sentence.

  24. "repair the Republican-trashed economy".....

    Huh? You mean the LIBERAL-trashed economy, right? The Republicans weren't the ones who rammed through the Community Reinvestment Act. They weren't the ones who voted for the trillion dollar farce that is Obamacare. Did the GOP support all of the trillions in wasteful spending that is the War on Poverty, which has not lowered the poverty level at all, but rather has created a permanent leech class?

  25. On December 23, 2010 11:33 AM, Anonymous said...

    >Bigotry at its finest as always!
    >Not even funny, just hateful.

    Anon, you've got to understand that rightoids feel compelled to aim hateful slurs at homosexuals because the typical right-winger is a man who's painfully uncertain about his own sexual identity and hates to be reminded of that by men who are comfortable in their skin (or another guy's).

    It is why rightoids refuse to acknowledge the fact that sexual orientation is *inborn*, not a conscious choice, but constitutes, as the ever-absurd Gunny put it, a "moral value," which it clearly isn't (When did the Gunster, for example, adopt the "moral value" to be straight, if indeed he has?).

    It is also why rightoids perpetually insist (because they are either stupid, confused or lying, or all three) that laws aimed at ending discrimination are designed to give a group (e.g.: gays, blacks, women) "extra rights," or somehow impinge on anyone's freedom of religion, when it's obvious that such laws aim only at ensuring that folks in discriminated-against groups enjoy the same rights enjoyed by the majority.

    And it is also why rightoids lie outright, insisting that +70% of military personnel object to serving with homosexuals, while the polls actually indicate that the vast majority of military personnel don't give a rat's ass (except for Marines, who are notoriously uncertain of their own sexuality).

  26. On December 24, 2010 11:45 AM, The Crawfish groused...

    >>"repair the Republican-trashed economy".....

    >Huh? You mean the LIBERAL-trashed economy, right?

    Wrong. When Bill Clinton left office, the federal government had a budgetary SURPLUS. This is a FACT. When George W Bush left office, the federal government was not only awash in debt, but the entire world economy was teetering on the verge of total collapse due to the Bush Administration's lack of oversight over greed-crazed and incompetent Wall Street money manipulators. This is also a FACT.

    Spin it all you like, but the truth is that all America's economic woes are owned by Republicans, while Democrats forever seem
    to be in the unenviable position of trying to fix conservatives' ineptitude (while, ironically, taking the blame from a public fed an unending menu of lies by FoxNews and other corporate shills).

  27. Ivan,
    if you could only see the reality behind the economic problems instead of what you read at HuffPo and Newsweak, your head would explode.
    -Huge parts of the budget taken up by spending on Great Society programs that have failed since they were first dreamed up.
    -Social Insecurity is in the toilet.
    -3 years worth of benefits for those who are too lazy to get a job or too proud to take a job that isn't a high-pay union job.
    -The Community Reinvestment Act, which forced banks to give mortgage loans to hundreds of thousands of people who had no means to pay off the loans.
    -Liberal spending, yes this includes that liberal George W. Bush.
    -Bailouts (voted on by DEMOCRATS in the House and Senate, and signed by liberal George W. Bush)
    -Shovel-ready stimulus, voted for almost 100% by Democrats and signed by King Barack I.
    -Regulatory madness that has stifled our economy.

  28. Ivan,
    Well put! I dont understand why the right insist that being gay is a choice that these "immoral" people are making. Its absolutely laughable that they would truly believe that. Why would any choose to be ostracized and harassed by mainstream society? And there are people on this site who will also that race and sexual orientation are not one in the same. Can you choose your race? Can you choose who you fall in love with? Total joke. What is also sad is is "Why should we make the majority conform to the minority?" Utilitarianism at its finest. But the problem with appeasing the majority is that it leaves open the door for the mistreatment and discrimination of the minority population. Slavery was great for the majority of the population, so why should we have to change that for the small minority who are slaves? Right guys?

  29. Ivan has found a new boyfriend.

    On a blog column
    about homosexuals.


    The irony of it all......