Tuesday, June 7, 2011


One really has to wonder how the corruption is Sh*tcago continues to chug along, from rigging the 1960 election for JFK, to upchucking the current corruptocrat in the White House, to this crapulence, without a massive bust of all concerned by the FBI!

EXCERPT: "For years, City Hall maintained that Mayor Richard M. Daley’s son, Patrick Daley, had no financial stake in the deal that brought wireless Internet service to city-owned O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport. But it turns out that the younger Daley still reaped a windfall of $708,999 when Concourse Communications was sold in 2006, less than a year after the Chicago company signed the multimillion-dollar Wi-Fi contract with his father’s administration, company documents obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show."

Democrats are the filth of the nation, this cannot be denied, especially as Weiner's weiner was tweeted from coast to coast. The criminals in Chicago City Hall say that the son of the mayor had no financial stake but yet when they sell, he makes 700K in profit? How exactly does that work? The Democrat Party should simply rename themselves the American Mafia Party or Crime Inc., for short.

So Paddy Daley is involved with Concourse, as he lined up investors and oddly enough, they sign a fat contract from the city for Wi-FI service at the airport. When they sold in 2006 (33% profit and no libs are calling for a windfall profit tax), Paddy got his first check for $164,789! For the next 17 months, he bagged four more checks for a total of $544,210, making the sum total a nice juicy $708,999! Now during this payola, the mouthpiece for Daley, one Jacquelyn Heard, actually said on 3 Dec 2007, to the Sun-Times, that "Patrick Daley has no financial interest with the Wi-Fi contract at O’Hare." And like the DOJ and ATF, filled with Chicago-style Dummycrats, who are currently stonewalling the Congress and the Senate on their gun-running scam in Mexico, the Daley office ain't talking.

Chicago style politics, if you are a Democrat, involved with things like Paddy Daley nabbing 1.2 million for deals he did with Cardinal Growth, which just so happened to involve a sewer-inspection company, that with no-bid city contracts, made millions, it is business as usual. Oh, a federal grand jury is currently investigating the whole sewer inspection deal but don't expect too much to come from it, since Holder runs the DOJ and Obama is his master. Now if the Daley's were black, they'd be in there tighter than jelly on a bisquit but since they're white, Holder MIGHT actually do something, but the Gunny doubts it.

When it comes to screwing the US taxpayers, Democrats also excel at it as all of the six businesses are going under and the U.S. SBA is attempting to obtain the twenty million bucks it is still owed from the fifty million in taxpayer funded loans they made to Cardinal Growth.

The Wi-Fi connection provided by Concourse at O’Hare or Midway hooks up the city of Chicago with a minimum of $1 million a year but they can rake in a whopping 35% of the total take.

EXCERPT: "Patrick Daley still has business ties with two companies that have received private and government funding through Cardinal Growth: Certi-Fresh Foods LLC, a shrimp-distribution company in Los Angeles, and TWG Capital, an insurance-services company in Indianapolis. They are among the six Cardinal Growth companies facing forced liquidation by the SBA."

So they get government funding, roll up fat profits, and then run the companies into the ground when they have served their purpose, and walk away from the wreckage, leaving US to foot the bill!

Democrats, thy name is corruption but hey Chicagoans, keep voting for Democrats, they've done your city proud. How's those flash mobs working for ya, especially since y'all are unarmed!? (thanks to the libs of course)

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  1. You should work on your grammar; proper grammar is the foundation of a powerful rhetorical argument.

  2. We all know it. And there are standards by which elected officials are SUPPOSED to abide.
    Until the GOP grows a pair of gonads it ain't gonna happen.
    Right now it's like the GOP is claiming to put forth our protector but our protector turns out to be Pee Wee Herman