Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Moochelle Obama spends 500,000 US tax dollars to fly her fat ass to Africa and the Gunny wonders why. Why are we supporting the First Wookie’s trip to Africa? Is there some disaster that needs a two-faced gigantor to hypocritically tell people what to eat while she stuffs her yap with the verboten foodstuffs? Is there some rogue elephant that the she-beast needs to wrestle to the ground and then sit on with her triple axe handle ass?

On RealClearPolitics videos, it appears that Lord Barry, Wielder of the Nine Iron and Slayer of Osama bin Laden, He Who Maketh the Seas Lower, has filmed a campaign video FROM THE WHITE HOUSE, in apparent violation of an FEC law. But what the hell are laws to a lawless piece of Kenyan sh*t now soiling the White House? He has flouted laws all along and Congress has done nothing. You KNOW that Barry was involved in Operation Fast and Furious, along with that racist and incompetent bastard Eric "the Red" Holder. You KNOW that Barry was involved with starting an illegal war not just in Libya but in Yemen as well. You KNOW that years from now, we’ll find out that Lord Barry had his nasty little paws in the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and other places in the Middle East.

Now, it seems that the US Senate, barely controlled by scumbag liberals like Chuck U Schumer, DICK "Turban" Durbin, Levin, and a few other greasy vermin want to shove the Dream Act down our throats like they did ObummerKare. This has been tried no less than three times and the American people have said not no but HELL NO! to this bullsh*t and yet here we go again. Why? Because the Dummycrats WANT THOSE VOTES, nothing more. If it hurts Americans, born here or here legally, those liberal bastards COULD CARE LESS! Now the Gunny doesn’t know how y’all feel but he is damn sick and tired of these liberal asshats rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and then fighting over who gets to sit in them as the damn ship sinks! Can we PLEASE declare an open season on liberal politicians with no bag limit? Please. They have revealed themselves to be scurrilous poltroons without an ounce of shame as they Weiner us into the dustbin of history.

One of the Gunny’s posters, "Larry", asked a damn good question on what they hell do we do when we have sh*t for choices as politicians. Here, hopefully, is the answer.

America needs a rising up of the people, ready to reclaim their rights as a free God-fearing people who desire to live under the Constitution as it was written, not as the damned liberal vermin want it to read. America needs a serious renaissance of the values that made us great, "God, guts, and guns," so to speak. We are like the First Marine Division at the Chosin Reservoir, surrounded by our enemies; only they are not the Chinese Army but politicians so corrupt, so dishonest, so traitorous, who will put anything into their mouths for a vote, who then cannot be relied upon to do what is right for America any longer. America needs a people ready to sacrifice to get back to who and what we are and if that means that dishonest and lice-ridden politicians get a wood shampoo and a tar and feather bath in the process, so much the better. Do not get the Gunny wrong, there are some good people in our government, Bachmann, Allen West, Rubio, Pawlenty to name a few but many, especially the Democrats, are our enemy and to fight them, we must educate one another as to the threat.

Consider the bold attack by the Federal Government, led by Obummer and Holder, on the Second Amendment, with Operation Fast and Furious. This was not a play to help Mexico disrupt and ultimately rid themselves of the drug cartels, this was an attack on our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS by the very agencies WE FUND, with weapons that WE PAID FOR, which were used to kill an American! Consider what the damned Dems in the Senate are doing with the Dream Act. They are planning to reward CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR with AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP! Why? For votes and for more of Soros’ money. (Always follow the money with liberal scum and RINOS). These illegal’s are ALLOWED by an out-of-control Federal government to plunder our benefits even as we go further and further into debt and like parasites, once they kill the host, they’ll move on to another victim, and we’re allowing it to happen! Moreover, Lord Barry’s illegal oil drilling ban, now outlawed TWICE by a Federal judge, yet it is still in place, has had NOTHING done to it by Congress. Why? Dear Congress, IMPEACH THIS JUG-EARED CLOWN NOW! At this point in time, 26 out of 57 states are suing the Federal Government over the unconstitutional requirements of ObummerKare. Many states are taking the Feds to court over land illegally seized by the Feds and put off-limits for resource development, as the Left panders to their eco-nazis base. As Willam F Buckley put it: "I'd rather be governed by the first 100 people in the Boston phone book than by the Harvard faculty," unfortunately for us, it IS the Harvard faculty who is governing us, led by a wannabe Constitutional guest lecturer and ACORN lawyer, Barack Hussein Obama, MMM! MMM! MMM!

We have two other enemies on our flanks, the media and the professional students in academia. One spins for their master, Lord Barry, while the other one keeps coming up with the same old stupid rehashed moronic ideas, that have failed over and over, trying them desperately to make them work. They won’t and we get screwed each and every time. Why else would that pencil-necked douche bag leave Obonehead’s economic team and go back under his rock at Harvard or Bezerkely? Newsweak said that we’re all Socialists now but the Gunny says, "piss up a rope Newsweak." Lord Barry and his Soros/Marxist ideology SUCKS and moreover, it is dragging this nation down, and no one on the Left seems to care, it’s just business as usual, pandering for votes, for them. One more old/new/old/new liberal idea put into play and yet another failure and once more Lord Barry makes a speech through TOTUS, blaming Bush 43, or McConnell, or the Man in the Moon, etc., and the Gunny is frigging sick of it. LIBERALISM IS A FAILURE, deal with it Lefties. Time to put a stake in it, its adherents, and the failed policies thereof.

What the Left refuses to believe and what America and Americans need a huge dose of (like Michael Mooreon needs a truckload of ex-lax to clear his brain out) is the death of liberalism, once and for all AND a return to the values that made us great, that made America a place where people who had something to offer, i.e., a work ethic, a desire to make something of themselves, come to, through the FRONT DOOR, that, as Ronaldus Magnus called it, "a shining city on the hill." Liberal ideology is un-American simply because our Founders designed our system with the rights of the individual in mind, not a collective or a centralized government’s. Democrats have seized this economy and turned it upside down simply to fill their pockets and the pockets of their union buddies who vote them into office and the union bosses who allow the Democrats to use their pension funds as slush funds, why else are they so under-funded? Liberals constantly violate the law, piss on the Constitution, and damage this country knowing full well that their actions are crippling us. Good God, it was Hitlery Klintoon who recently used the straw man argument of "whose side are you on?" to justify the illegal war in Libya! Only by a return to the Constitution and the tenets of Conservatism can America survive. Lord Barry’s attack on the Constitution is only surpassed by what the Great Socialist FDR did to it, as he stacked the SCOTUS deck and passed his New "raw" Deal. Obonehead, like FDR, thinks that he is king and can rule by decree, like his cousin in Kenya, Odingo, Obongo, or whateverhisnameis can, but he is WRONG and it is time that either Congress grew a set or we the people do, and remove this bum! The sooner the better.

In conclusion, we should thank Lord Barry for his creation of the Tea Party, which, during Election 2012, will play a big part in educating the masses, as we should be doing as well, as to what harm the Democrats and Obama and the RINOS have done to this nation AND that they should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE! WE the people should also make it a point to throw the RINOs like Romney, McLame, Grahamnesty, etc, OUT of OUR party and as the leftist kooks seized control of the Dummycrats, we conservatives MUST take control of the RNC, or be willing to break from them, en masse, and form a better party, in line with our Founder’s intent, to be economically and morally strong and willing to stand on our own two feet. To speak out boldly when liberals toss out the race card and to beat them at their own game by knowing our Conservative values and beliefs and being able to speak to them from the heart, not a teleprompter. WE must be bold and assertive in OUR attack to retake this nation for that is what it is, and attack to right that which is wrong. Obama REFUSED to show his birth certificate or any of his other records and the Congress and the SCOTUS went right along with it! Why? Our government is responsible to US, not us to them and transparency is part and parcel of that responsibility, yet Obama and his minions refuse to release documents on Operation Fast and Furious, for example. The only this fast and furious should be the impeachment process and the police car taking these bums to prison. Enough is enough.


  1. Gunny,

    I know some of us are ready and willing to be a part of a new American Revolutuion, but it seems like the majority of the country are ignorant sheep lacking any common sense or individuality. I'm not sure how many others we can count on.

  2. Zilla,

    Thanks for the comment. I HOPE that millions of other Americans are as pissed off as I am.

  3. JP,

    Remember that in 1776, it was 33% for, 33% against, and 33% who didn't care, and 1% with their heads up their butts, not unlike today.

    We are gonna CRUSH THEM in 2012 BECAUSE Obongo sucks so bad.

  4. I'm with you. I may be an old lady, but I still am a good shot, and no one can argue with a bullet!
    Best news of the day..Obama's approval rating down to 37%.. Who in the world are those 37%?

    Obama's bunch have fired the whistle blower in regards to the guns that went to Mexico. NICE!! The law says he can't do that, but a law hasn't stopped him (Obama) yet!
    Also, San Francisco got the money together themselves for their new bridge. Had they gotten it from the government, they would have had to hired union workers, or paid union scale. Instead, it is beind built in China, and shipped 6,000 miles to San Fran. Saving the taxpayers half a billion dollars!! Can you believe it? Cheaper to build it and ship it, than build it on site by unions!!
    Americans must unite!!!!

  5. Nanna,

    This regime is corrupt and dishonest to the core but God will fix this in His own good time. The Left will fall because evil always does.

    That 37%? Stupid morons who were educated in public schools in inner-cities, and who are functionally illiterate.

  6. GREAT TRUTH in your words Gunny!

    my goal has been to wake up one mind at a time! and since this process started years ago - I have seen more people wake up to facts because of the use of the internet! help keep the information flowing the the INTERNET FREE!

    Fight the NWO goons and pray for our nation, ISRAEL and the world!

  7. Enough is enough. Hard to add to that. With BOTH goddamn parties. The GOP is being handed this election on a silver fucking platter,IF ONLY the hierarchy would realise it,and make the appropriate statements. Crickets out of fellators over this latest scheme by the bat-eared prick.

  8. Good post as always.

    Enough is enough is dead on the mark. We on the Right have tolerated enough of the left's bullshit and hypocrisy with the faint hope that we could talk some sense into these asshats. That of course did not happen and will not happen since they are brain dead.

    Comrade zero is at 37% approval and falling. Since no one with a half a braincell can defend the left’s policies his numbers will continue to fall.

    Either way we clobber them next year. Their record is beyond bad. Lower than whale shiite as an old boss used to say.

    In the meantime, we continue to petition our elected critters with our grievances with the hope that they will do something about it. The squeaky wheel gets the oil as the saying goes.

    2012 will be a pivotal year for America. We will win it back. Truth is on our side.

  9. And blast this out the walls...


  10. Thanks for the great post - many of us are incredibly pissed off.
    2012 can not come soon enough.

    For those who wonder where the military stands go to and support them.


  11. Yow, Gunny!

    Quite the rant, pard. Pretty darned cool.

  12. As a former Liberal I commend you for taking this stance...I woke from my Liberal coma awhile ago and Thank God I did...Liberal clowns and their RINO sheep need to be herded out of town...and while ur at it The National Council of La Raza would be a good place to take a dump on too

  13. Well, all I got to say is -- I will do what I have to in order to survive the coming anarchy. Don't want things to spiral out of control, but am very concerned they are going to soonly.

    What really, really has me concerned is that those who espouse the "living constitution" crapola are and have been in charge for so long that the generations behind me don't know the truth.

    My favorite thought from your post Gunny is, "America needs a serious renaissance of the values that made us great,..."

  14. BlessedONE333,

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the good work. That is our fist mission, to educate Americans on what has been taken from them, their birthright of a free and prosperous nation.

  15. clyde,

    The GOP should be enjoying huge poll numbers and expecting a Reaganesque landslide but rest assured, they'll trot out Romney and either lose, or squeak by, if Obama and Soros don't buy the election.

  16. Hardnox,

    Brother, that he even has 37% scares the hell out of me. That means that there are idiots outside of the declared liberal population (21%) who think this idiot is doing a good job!

  17. kitman3,

    Thanks for the kudos and already a member of Oathkeepers and blogged them when they first came out.

    I concur, 2012 CANNOT come fast enough but beware, Soros is buying up sec of state seats so as to have his thugs count the votes.

  18. BrianR,

    Hey, you mentored me brother. What can I say?

  19. Tall Thin Man,

    Welcome to the light amigo and we're glad to have you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to convert other libs to our side in order to save them!

    Kudos to you and I know it's tough, I've converted a few libs, including a few siblings and the liberal demon does not leave the body easily!

  20. Mrs AL,

    That is why I put the quiz on my blog, so that we can take a civics test AND have a place to go to learn more. The truth will out, never fear.

    Hang tough, once we rid ourselves of this idiot and his minions, we'll better 1000% better off instantly.

  21. Very excellent post, I agree with you 100%. I love the names you use for the misfits in Washington. You are a throwback to the old days when people spoke their minds before the "PC" crowd took over. Keep up the good work.

  22. Paladin,

    Thanks for the kudos. The Marine Corps teaches you that sugar-coating stuff solves NOTHING!

    The PC crowd can take a long walk off of a short pier, weighed down with chains.

  23. Yeah. Just why the hell are we paying for Michelle to fly to Africa
    on the taxpayers' dime?

    She is NOT an elected official.
    She has NO official governmental standing.

    But then...
    I thoughts....


    she got kidnapped by Somali pirates???

    Ywah, WTF, let her go. After all..
    She might get kidnapped by Somali pirates.