Monday, June 13, 2011


As we ponder Secession...



  1. One of the many problems with this asshole is that he thinks he is smarter than everyone else, after all, the media asskissers tell him all the time. The fact is he couldnt run a pay toilet without millions in government aid.

  2. Why wouldn't the asshat chuckle? Shit's going according to plan. Plenty for the asshole to grin about.

  3. This arrogant swine is nothing more and nothing less than a terrible terrible warning.

    This will not end well for him.

    Nor should it.

  4. I think the guy was full of shit when he said shovel ready two years ago. There are signs all over this country claiming "another job brought to you by TARP." But there is NO work being done. Those jobs are ready, and in many cases, they need doing. But, we pay gasoline taxes to provide financing for those jobs, so why did we borrow money, and still not do the work? Where is the money, both the roads use taxes and the borrowed stimulus, going? Someone needs to find that money, so we can give it back to China.

  5. This sorry bastard has lost more jobs and run more small business out of business than the first 43 legal office holders ever thought about though I imagine carter and slick willie are jealous.
    What the f a council on jobs and competitiveness. Give America a break and leave the country for good you illegal kenyan bastard. The Council, which was led by the binbastards head commie poodle GE’s Jeffrey Immelt, erupted into laughter at the radical mussy bastards quip.

    Both Navyvet and clyde are right on.

  6. Why anyone is still surprised by this crap anymore is beyond me.
    Nothing that this administration does anymore requires more than an "I tolja so" response to those who are still surprised.

  7. I'm with TGP.
    I knew the "shovel ready" jobs were not gonna happen.
    Oh, yeah, there was some highway maintenance here and there.
    The main language among the "shovellers" was Spanish.
    Drive up in a green carryall and you would see the workforce melting into the woodline.

  8. All,

    GREAT comments and I think Navyvet nailed it, however, anon has my hopes wrapped up in one sentence...

    "This will not end well for him."