Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is what the Fraud-in-Chief read off of the teleprompter yesterday at some bullsh*t speech to his fellow liberals, who are little more than tools to the elite. If America upped our game, Obama would be impeached, Biden as well, and half of Congress and the 75% of the Senate would be on trial for their lives, but the Gunny digresses. Nanna, a regular at the Anti Liberal Zone asked about the 37% who approve of this clown and what the hell can they be thinking, or who the hell they are. Hopefully Nanna, here is the answer you seek.

The 37% of the population who think that Obumbles is doing a good job are divided thusly. Twenty-one percent of the population are hardcore liberal morons who still think that Jimmy "the dhimmi" Karter, who colluded with KGB agents AGAINST Ronaldus Magnus, who lost an ally to radical Islam extremists, who tortured Americans with speeches while wearing a sweater, left 52 Americans hostage in Iran for 444 days, and who enacted energy policies so stupid that rationing was the word of the day, was an awesome president. These people are lost in the sauce. They are the brain dead zombies roaming the land looking for a clue or a brain to eat, who the hell knows, but in any event, nothing short of a 30.06 rocketing through their brain housing group at 2500 fps would wake them up.

That leaves 16% of the population, about 4.8 million people, liking Obongo and the things he does, like flying to Europe on our dime, holding reelection events at the White House, running guns to Mexico and trying to destroy our Second Amendment Right along with the economy, etc, etc, ad nauseum. This 16% of the population makes up the welfare state, or as we Conservatives know them, the Parasite Class. Now this does NOT include folks who really NEED the help or who use the system as it was intended, when they are down and out and looking for a hand UP, not a handout!

Consider this jewel from back in 2008 from Michael Stoops of the National Coalition for the Homeless (only in America would bums have a voice in government), "Low income and homeless people are more energized than I have ever seen before." Well no screaming eagle sh*t Mikey. Obumbles promised them a free welfare check and all of the freebies that the government can offer so there is no wonder WHY they voted for Zero, likely early and often. The Parasite Class is the 16% who live the life of a bloodsucking parasite and who wait for a politician like Sir Golfsalot to come and promise them the world. They cannot understand that what the government gives THEM, they have to TAKE from someone else, and who worked for it. More likely, they know it and don’t give a damn. Peggy the Moocher and Henrietta Hughes are in this group, they who wanted Obongo to fill their gas tanks and pay their mortgages and give them a new kitchen instead of working for it and/or paying for it on their own. To the Parasite Class, Sir Golfsalot is their fairy godmother in Mommy pants, taking from the "rich" to redistribute to the lazy and stupid, ala Karl Marx.

You see Nanna, liberal scumbags like Obama KNOW their base. They KNOW that these parasites are little more than Pavlov’s dogs who drool at the sight of a welfare check, or more food stamps, or even better, new welfare swipe cards (so their self-esteem is not damaged), and they’re willing to lick the boots of whomever promises them the scraps from the elite’s table. That is why WE cannot understand THEIR mentality for we are a people who are independent, who forge our own way in the world, which pay their own way, which take care of each other, who serve America not themselves, and who make the hard choices in order to secure our futures. NO ONE gave the Gunny a damn thing in life, other than a good solid upbringing and the proud name of his father and HE made his own way and THAT, brothers and sisters, is what separates US from THEM!

That 37% who approve of Obongo couldn’t care less about this nation or the long-term interests or the prospects that we will even survive into the 21st century! Nope. They, like their elite masters, are simply concerned helping themselves to the cake, while the Piper plays his tune, and when the bill comes due, hand it off to the taxpayers, as usual. The Parasite Class in America today shares much with the Ancient RĂ©gime in pre-revolutionary France and we all know how that ended. The 37% who approve of Sir Golfsalot and his sugar daddy George Soros (Satan) refuse to see where the Parasite Class has taken Greece or Spain or France or Britain or anywhere else unfettered welfarism and elitist greed has been allowed to flourish. The 37% think that the dollar being destroyed by QE1, 2, 3, 4….is okay because somehow, the government will still sling a titty into their mouths for them to suckle, and the devil take the hindmost! We who plan for the coming nightmare with food, guns, ammo, warm clothing, etc, will be denounced as "hoarders" by the elites (21%) who will rouse that other 16% as easily as they rouse ACORN or SEIU or the AFL-CIO to protest on the private property of a BofA executive.

That 16% consists of idiots, morons, illegal aliens, criminals, bums, and the overall dregs of American society for they are the ones who have no skin in the game, who get a free ride in life, who, without an ounce of shame, head down to the local store with their welfare cards to buy steaks, chops, lobster, ribs, etc, that those of us who are paying the way in this nation, who have always done so, cannot afford to buy. Moreover, they are heedless to the unemployment rate that realistically is over 12%, not 9.1.% as the regime says, because they could care less about working for a living! Why work when one can lay around at home, farting into the same couch that they have been doing, since Oprag and Dr Full have been on the air! To this percentage of the US population, TARP, GM buyouts, Cash for Clunkers, GM stock sales (that was a joke), bailouts, the deficit, Bernanke’s moronic actions, and the entire Keynesian Charlie Foxtrot of this regime means nothing as long as the welfare check hits on time.

That 16% Nanna, refuses the individualism and self-reliance of Capitalism as well as the American work ethic and moral code of hark work, self sacrifice, and good choices (and a little luck) and WILLINGLY puts their heads into the golden collars and chains of the elites and subordinates themselves to the collective, waiting for the scraps to fall from Obongo’s table into their yaps, like curs. They who seek slavery for a bit of security think that it would be good if WE joined THEM for as the saying goes, misery loves company. One of the fathers of the American Revolution said our reply to that 16% better than the Gunny ever could:

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." Sam Adams


  1. Thank you Gunny!!
    Well said and explained. I can add nothing.

  2. Liberal bastion, Massachusetts....

  3. Another SHARP SALLLLL-UTE! Thank you! Wonderful ammo to keep heaving at my liberal acquaintances.

  4. I have proven there are jobs to be had.
    I'm 72 and I just went back to work a couple months ago.
    Oh, yeah.
    I got the job because the young shithead didn't want to work.
    It don't pay much. But it's something to do and it pays my tab down at the local water hole.
    But it shows there are jobs out there.

  5. Gunny,

    That Adams guy was a genius. Check out my post called What I Want for My Daughters for more of Adams' wisdom.

  6. Good post. More people need to smell the coffee,before there is none. ALL democrats,and especially RINOs,have GOT to be resoundingly defeated ANYWHERE they are running for office.Damn their hides.

  7. I will not make an attempt to talk sense into you and make you or your followers realize that most liberals are actually NOT fans of Obama and not anything close to waht you describe- although I will say that as the wife of a USMC staff seargent who was KIA in Afghanistan you are advocating for treason with these thinly vieled calls to violence against your countrymen, and therefore a disgrace to our military- but could you be more specific on your plans? By the Sam Adams quote it seems as though you and your ilk would basically demand that anyone who does not share your views leave peacefully...I can absolutely fucking assure you that will not happen. I love my country, my husband fought and died for it, and the only way I will be leaving is in a casket. I see more and more of this kind of talk so I would like to be prepared. It seems like I may need to upgrade my arsenal.

    -Johanna (an unapologetic liberal and 2nd amendment supporter)

  8. Johanna,

    First of all, sorry for your loss. Second, I am advocating the following of the Constitution and acting in a LEGAL manner against those who violate the Constitution. However, if the Left, whom you say you are a part of of, is advocating a violent revolution, which the SEIU and the AFL-CIO and ACORN are calling for, then we will not submit. Third, you say that many librals are against Obama and if so, then why is his approval rating still among libs?

    Also, are you aware that casualties in Afghanistan since Obama took over have skyrocketed? That he has started illegal wars in Yemen, Libya, and now Somalia? THAT is what we are against.

    Lastly, we do not want to war against our brothers and sisters but who is selling us out to Soros, to the UN, to our enemies? The Left. Liberals. Democrats.

    In closing, I would surmise that you are more akin to us than a liberal. I would ask that you read more on this blog before you condemn my stance.

    Semper Fi.