Thursday, June 9, 2011


at least where it concerns liberals for it was he who stated: "There is a liberal born every minute." Wait, it went, "there is a sucker born every minute," but liberal, sucker, dumbass, moron, incompetent, any of those buzzwords fits a liberal perfectly. Consider the yappings of such a dumbass liberal.

"You're not using good logic there. You've got to use actual intelligence that you received. And, so, you might -- all you've given me is a kind of status. You have not given me a technique for tactic or behavior. Something that would suggest somebody is not Muslim, but Islamic, that has actually moved into the category of violent extremists," Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said at a forum on U.S. security and preventing terrorist attacks. 

"We have ways to make some of those cuts. And they involve the intel that comes in, the analysis that goes on. For example, we often times, for travelers entering the United States, we won't not do what is called a secondary inspection just because they are a 35-year- old male who appears to be Muslim, whatever that means. But we know from intelligence that if they have a certain travel pattern over a certain period of time, that should cause us to ask some more significant questions than if we don't."
Incompetence reigns supreme with this regime. From Obama to Biden to Holder to Gheitner to Bernanke to Janet Incompetano on down, this regime is chock full of bubble brains who would not last ten minutes in the private sector, unless they were greasing the skids at say, Goldman/Sachs or Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Americans should have seen it right from the start, when the head bubble brain yapped about "57 states" or droned on about "spreading the wealth," but no, the sheep nodded appropriately and voted for dumb and dumber and dumbest while the Lickspittle Media called him a genius! (Anyone wanna buy a bridge?)

It must be a prerequisite for a liberal to be born brain-dead. There can be no other explanation! It is SO EASY to check the facts and refute what these morons yammer on about that it almost makes one’s eyes bleed when you read their crapulence. For example, "You've got to use actual intelligence that you received." Really? So in the absence of "actual intelligence", i.e. NSA intercept: "Hey Hakim, I'll be 36 next week so I need to bomb something quick, whattya got for me?" you just stand around with your thumb up your ass Janet? Better still, "You have not given me a technique for tactic or behavior." We haven’t? Oh, our burst. How about, wait for it, here it comes Janet........proooooofilllllllllllingggggggggggggg.

Now the Gunny isn’t sure that there wasn’t a bunch of geriatrics running around hiding C-4 in their Depends so he checked a legitimate source, (there is one tactic for you Janet), on WHO is doing all of the violent terrorists acts and lo and behold, no grannies taking out a 747 with a skivvieload of C-4 showed up. So Janet, we kinda sorta can exclude granny and gramps, from the list of possible terrorists. And again, the Gunny wasn’t sure so he checked the source again, for kids hiding binary explosives in their Pampers so when they peed into them, KA-BOOM! Oddly enough, there wasn’t any. Hmmm. Could the TSA be WRONG checking the skivvies of toddlers? Say it ain’t so. So the Gunny went BACK to the source to get the 411 on WHO is doing all of this violence that the anal probers in the TSA can’t seem to get a handle on so they anally probe, grope, and poke each and every flier, thus violating, in one fell swoop, the 4th Amendment en masse.

The first recorded terrorist act in modern history occurred on May 1, 1961, when a Puerto Rican hijacked a plane. Hmm. Not a white senior citizen or a toddler. Okay, maybe we’ll find them later on. The first Muslim terrorist act occurred on February 10, 1970, when YOUNG MEN from the Action Organization for the Liberation of Palestine and the Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine murdered one Israeli and wounded 11 others. Wow, young Muslim men, PROBABLY under 35, committing a violent terrorist act. MUST be an anomaly. In quick succession, the following happened, September 5, 1972, the Muslims from Black September murder Israeli hostages. Then, on March 2, 1973, the U.S. Ambassador to Sudan Cleo A. Noel was assassinated, on my, by Muslims of Black September at Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum. WHAT THE HELL? Young Muslim men killing Americans in "man-caused" disasters? Whoda thunk it? Good grief, on December 17, 1973, Muslim terrorists shot the hell out of the Rome airport, killing 32 people as they called for the release of, wow, two ARAB terrorists. Now THERE is a switch for you huh?

You see fellow patriots, THIS is what happens when you hire someone who is so under qualified for the job, that you get sh*t out of them. The old computer term, GIGO, fits this administration well, "garbage in, garbage out," and poor Carney has to shovel the load of bull dung every day. Sucks to be him. So, we march on through the 70’s and the 80’s with YOUNG Muslim men, murdering and bombing their way across the globe, from the Islamic Jihad murdering Marines (it WAS a young man driving the laundry truck BTW) in Lebanon to the TWA hijacking by Hezbollah Muslim men, probably 35 or under, who managed to murder an innocent US Sailor. Then, WHO can forget those kooky young Muslim men, probably 35 or under, who hijacked the Achille Lauro (PLO) (the Gunny wonders if Obama’s buddy Rashid Khalidi, a former PLO member was involved), who managed to throw an old white Jewish dude in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer, over the side. (Now THAT was sheer bravery huh, fighting an old man in a wheelchair?) Now Janet, the Gunny knows that you’re pretty stupid but do you see the trend here? Probably not, dumbass liberals NEVER DO!

Ah, young Muslim men from Hezbollah (backed by Iran and Obama’s good buddy Ahmadinejad) kidnapped and murdered U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel W. Higgins who was monitoring the UN TRUCE in southern Lebanon. What are the chances that they were 35 years old or younger? Don’t answer it Janet, you’ll just look stupider than you already do. Then, during the Clinton years, those YOUNG Muslim men, 35 years old or younger, went for broke, bombing willy-nilly, places like the: World Trade Center Bombing (1993), Khobar Towers Bombing (1996), Empire State Building Sniper Attack (a Palestinian shooter)(1997), U.S. Embassy Bombed in Nairobi (1998), US Embassy in Dar es Salaam (1998), Attack on U.S.S. Cole (2000), and the US Embassy in Manila (2000). Now these attacks are just the MAJOR ones against the USA, they do not include the myriad of terrorist attacks by YOUNG Muslim men, probably 35 or younger, against nearly every other nation on Earth.

But Janet, never mind about the historical FACTS of WHO is doing the shootings, knifings, kidnapping, beheadings, throat-slitting, bombing, homicide bombings, car bombings, womb bombs, gas attacks, hijackings, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Just keep ignoring the real threat while you search the skivvies of old people and toddlers, expose women who have mastectomies, expose Americans to radiation levels of which the possible threat is unknown, violate our 4th Amendment Right like BJ Bubba Clinton violated interns, as you give stupid speeches that even someone as stupid as YOU can’t possibly believe even as you yammer the words from the teleprompter. Yes Janet, continue to ignore the obvious as you focus in with, how did your fellow incompetent say it, oh yeah, "laser-like precision" on those evil right-wingers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and us evil military retirees and forget about the hundreds of terrorists acts by YOUNG Muslim men, 35 years old or younger! Oh yeah, why, us retired Marines are the real terrorists, just as your liberal pals at Bezerkely or the commies at the ACLU!

If a Conservative candidate would come out and say that he or she would banish the TSA to street sweeping jobs and put Janet Incompetano in as, say, weed puller in the White House garden with Carney as manure spreader (he numba one), and follow the Israeli model of airport and airline security, the Gunny would (hat tip to Buck here), man the phone banks, donate cash, shake hands, make donut runs, put out signs, did he mention make donut runs, just to get him or her elected and boot the TSA the hell out of our airports.

Once more for the record America, when you install a moronic nitwit without a damn clue in as the CEO of America, that would be Sir Golfsalot, then be prepared when this idiot puts in clowns like Solis, Sibelius, Gheitner, Bernanke, Janet Incompetano, Holder, and stupid things like gun sales to Mexican drug cartels, Black Panthers go free, and TSA ball grabs and anal probes occur. The Gunny is simply wondering WHEN Americans will get tired of it and declare a NO FLY MONTH so the airlines take it in the wallet and call for the TSA to take a hike. Or maybe someone in Congress will grow a pair. One never knows because even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then but this much is certain, Janet Incompetano is in so far over her head that she makes the Titanic look like it was sunk in a wading pool.



  1. One of the "fun" memories I have about TSA is when my youngest son had finished Basic and we were flying home with him.
    He (very short hair, fit white male) was pulled out to be wanded. As the TSA agent swept the wand over his front, the wand beeped! The agent thought "I've got one!", the my son reached in his tee-shirt and pulled out his dog-tags.
    All of the air went out of the agent, "you're free to go"

  2. You forgot "swab the decks"...

    Janet Napolitano. ANOTHER gift to us all from the great state of Arizona...
    One I used to think was on our side.

  3. I get so tired of the press saying "the ten year war on terror." We've been at war with these assholes, or really they've been at war with us, since before Achmanutjob took our embassy in Tehran. When Bush finally fought back, these liberal pussies think WE are wrong. They should all be tried, convicted and sentenced to life in Saudi Arabia. What a pack of foolish turds.

  4. Pack Rat,

    I KNOW I am gonna have a problem going through the ball grab while traveling this summer. I'll be lecturing TSA agents on the 4th AM and WTF it means.

  5. TGP,

    What they REALLY don't realize is that we have been at war with Islam since the Barbary Pirates! There has been NO CHANGE in their thinking and no progress in their society since then either.

  6. Libs. Never have gotten it,never will.Good post.

  7. Just finished Ann Coulter's new book, Demonic. She touched on alot of what you mentioned in your fantastic post.

    Personally, I feel that its basically a distinction of two types of people in this world. No gray areas, no middle/moderate types even exist. One is either God's children or satan's children. Liberals are minnions of luicifer and tools of the great deciever and father of lies. They belong to satan either volunterily or by deception. Either way they advance his agenda and cause.

  8. clyde,

    Indeed. They go from crisis to crisis and wonder WTF is going on!

  9. Beachmom,

    You got that right. Obama and his idiots are good at causing trouble and rabble rousing. It is what radicals and community organizers do best!

  10. moriartyman,

    Thanks for the kudos. Ann's book is next on my "buy" list.

    I could not agree more. Liberals are very sheeplike, able to be led around by slogans, class envy, hatred, etc.

  11. PT Barnum could open a fourth ring with the clowns in our DC Circus.