Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On Drudge today, there was an article about the UN’s gun treaty that would attack our Second Amendment like Sarah Brady on crack, however, it doesn’t mean a damn thing unless the Senate ratifies it AND we the people allow it to happen. Unfortunately for the Senate and the UN (who should be kicked to the curb and booted from this nation as fast as humanly possible), our history of keeping and bearing arms trumps anything the vermin in the UN can drum up. Indeed, any American politician who votes to subjugate our Constitution and our sovereignty should immediately be whipped, tarred and feathered, and booted out of the country in a New York second!

The Left had enjoyed decades of trampling on the Second Amendment, pulling off gun bans in DC and other "liberal" cities, all of which now languish under the rule of criminals and their enablers, i.e., Daley and the Chicago gun ban and those awesome flash mobs. Unfortunately for the Left and fortunately for us, the recent rulings of the SCOTUS now totally recognize that the Second Amendment clearly covers and protects the individual’s right to keep and bear arms. Indeed, Heller vs. DC (Holder was the idiot representing tyranny here), deemed that a gun ban deprived legal citizens the right to keep and bear arms which prevented them from defending hearth and home, against armed criminals, which went against thousands of years of the right of self defense and defense of others.

In reading the early State’s Constitutions, it is very clear that they guarantee a right to arms for the common defense of the State, which in actuality means, the common defense of the community against criminals. In today’s society this is called "justifiable homicide" because when an armed citizen kills a felon committing a crime (or wounds him for the police to arrest), that person has done their community a service by helping to keep the streets and environs safe for other citizens. So, if the UN treaty was to be passed, and the American people forcibly disarmed, two things would happen, one, criminals would profit by that action, as they have done in Chicago, for example, and two, the right to self defense and defense of others would be negated, which the UN, nor the Senate, nor Obama himself can do since that Right comes from our Creator.

For example, South Carolina's constitution, written in 1776, states very clearly:

"[H]ostilities having been commenced in the Massachusetts Bay, by the troops under command of General Gage, whereby a number of peaceable, helpless, and unarmed people were wantonly robbed and murdered... The colonists were therefore driven to the necessity of taking up arms, to repel force by force, and to defend themselves and their properties against lawless invasions and depredations."

As we all well know, the Battle on Lexington green began over gun control, as Redcoats were dispatched to disarm the Minutemen, who were deemed a threat by "the State." Other states followed suit as well:

1. "That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the state..." Pennsylvania 1777.

2. "That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State..." Vermont (1777 and 1786)

3. The people have the "right to bear arms, for the defence of the State". North Carolina 1776.

4. "And whereas it is of the utmost importance to the safety of every State that it should always be in a condition of defence; and it is the duty of every man who enjoys the protection of society to be prepared and willing to defend it; this convention therefore, in the name and by the authority of the good people of this State, doth ordain, determine, and declare that the militia of this State, at all times hereafter, as well in peace as in war, shall be armed and disciplined, and in readiness for service..." NY 1777.

The states then, even New York, recognized the absolute right of an American to keep and bear arms and that the taking up arms to defend freedom against tyranny was appropriate and right. ("The militia of this State (NY), at all times hereafter,... shall be armed and disciplined, and in readiness for service...") Now before some Sarah Brady loving liberal opens up their suck hole, the militia WAS the individual citizen and they had the duty to drill to BE ready, on their own time. "I ask, Who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers..." George Mason. The great patriot Patrick Henry stated: "The great object is, that every man be armed... Every one who is able may have a gun." It must be stated that "defence of the State" was the individual militia members responsibility and in a previous ALZ essay on the Second Amendment, it was noted that State’s often passed laws that all citizens shall be armed and those who could not afford a firearm were given one (with the necessary accoutrements) and then they worked to pay off the debt, doing whatever they were told to do by the magistrate, sheriff, etc! Moreover, that an unarmed citizen was an easy victim of criminals and tyrants was also recognized in their early constitutions.

John Adams wrote, as he defended the British soldiers who had opened fire on a mob of colonists during the Boston Massacre (1770), "Here every private person is authorized to arm himself, and on the strength of this authority, I do not deny the inhabitants had a right to arm themselves at that time, for their defense, not for offence, that distinction is material and must be attended to."

Not to be outdone, the Republic of Texas Constitution, written in 1838, declared: "the right to bear arms in defense of himself and the State." It is quite clear that the word "himself" means the individual, not the collective and it should be noted that Texas took their verbiage from the US Constitution and the Amendments therein. In 1871, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that an "individual" had the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. In 1842, Rhode Island’s Constitution actually uses the US Constitution verbiage from the Second Amendment itself: "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Now liberals have used the term "the people" to point to the collective but nothing could be further from the truth, if one reads the 4th, 9th, and 10th Amendments, which grants the rights therein to the individual.

In conclusion, as of 2010, 27 states have introduced in their legislatures, bills that would nullify all gun registration laws within the state, and several states have passed laws that allow any firearms made and retained in-state are beyond the authority of Congress to regulate, under its constitutional powers. This is a huge victory for state’s rights in that it nullifies Federal regulations based on the fact that some parts of the firearm have their origins outside the state. In other words, a firearm made in Montana, that is sold in Montana, is outside their regulations! As we can clearly see, the mountain of facts support that the State’s Constitutions defend our right to keep and bear not only from a legal standpoint from the hand of our Creator. The UN is a Godless organization of petty tyrants and criminals, bent on subjugating the sovereignty of the US to their will. Therefore, quite clearly, the early state constitutions are strong evidence that the Founders, at the State level, confirmed their intent that the "right of the people to keep and bear arms" was an individual right.

And should the Senate ratify this treaty, then it is the duty of every freedom loving American to resist it and indeed, fight against the tyranny of it. Indeed, running the foreign scumbags in the UN OUT of the US and onto garbage scows in NY harbor, for transport elsewhere, is something the Gunny would love to see in his lifetime, preferably at the end of a whip, suitably adorned in tar and feathers (and a few boot prints on their elitist asses).



  1. The whole gun control mantra from the left is so tired. There is study after study from our federal agencies that explictly prove that guns make communities safer.

    The left's argument is ALWAYS based on a false narrative. The truth be damned.

    With all the violence coming from the Muslims in Euro-weenie countries the cry for laxed gun laws will be forthcoming.

  2. I wondered if you had seen this article in Drudge, Gunny. And I fear that O'Vomit and the Far Left are "hand-in-hand" with the UN on this. This proposed action by the UN proves that for the most part the UN is nothing but a group of thieves, thugs, and 3rd World dictators. If this Mississippian sees UN Blue Helmets trying to confiscate US privately owned weapons he will shoot first and ask questions later.

    At 60 years of age, my eye sight is not as good as when I was taking pilot's training at age 21. However, I can still hit the target and I intend on doing so if necessary. Molon Labe.

    PS: I am now starting to stock up on shotgun ammo, particularily buckshot and slug rounds.

  3. New York. The infamous "Sullivan Law" was enacted back about the time portrayed in "Gangs of New York" because street crime was so bad citizens had started to arming themselves and were actually shooting would be muggers, rapists and robbers.

    Concealed Carry Permits are UN-Constitutional.
    Why should you HAVE to obtain state permission to exercise your Second Amendment rights?

  4. Gunny, two things.

    First of all, the definition of "militia" as per Federal US Code:

    TITLE 10 > Subtitle A > PART I > CHAPTER 13 > § 311

    § 311. Militia: composition and classes

    (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
    (b) The classes of the militia are—
    (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
    (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

    So, as you can see, all law-abiding citizens and soon-to-be citizens are, by legal definition, members of the "militia".

    Now, as to any such treaty: it would be meaningless, even if ratified by the Senate, because no treaty can be used to modify the actual Constitution itself. That can ONLY be done by the amendment process as defined within the Constitution itself.

    So, they can sign all the treaties they want, but they can't void the Second Amendment that way. The Constitution and its amendments hold precedence over any treaty.

  5. Hardnox,

    I have to admit that I am enjoying watching Europe and the EU meltdown. They are reaping what they have sown since 1945 and I believe that we should get some popcord and soda and watch the show. How does the saying go, never get in the way while your opponent is destroying himself!?

  6. Gray Ghost,

    Indeed. As I pointed out and Brian confirms, the UN and Obama are simply trying to "con" the sheep into giving up their gun "voluntarily" with this BS treaty. I've said it before and I'll say it again, anyone coming to disarm me had best roll in hot right from the git go.

  7. Buck,

    You'll get no argument from me on that. Here in Alaska, you can carry open, concealed, whatever. You do have to inform the police if pulled over otherwise it is a misdemeanor!

  8. Brian,

    Exactly right and that is the main point of my essay, that the UN treaty means nothing. I would LOVE to see it defeated in a vote, which it would be, and those who voted for it, except for the varmints from NY, NJ, Il, run out of office!

  9. Gunny,

    Two years ago I built a rabbit hutch for a Marine SSgt. While delivering it, we discussed the shortage of ammo, and he mentioned he had been stocking up. I asked him if he had any .30 '06 and he said no. I told him I only had about 80 rounds and couldn't really afford to buy more, so I was planning my move to a resupply in case things got bad. He said, and I quote, "Eighty rounds in the gun of a Marine Expert Rifleman like you will be enough to win the war we got coming."

    I've only got 77 rounds left as I put 3 critters in the freezer last fall. Do I need to get more?

  10. Well, GunnyG, like Alaska, you can carry open here in Virginny as well. If you have a CCP and are pulled over by the policepeople, you have to present your CCP along with your license. Pretty simple.

    I predict that the time will come when we will see lots of U.S. Citizen's carrying openly. It's getting kind of dicey out here in the cheap seats. I have already seen more and more folks carrying openly here in my State.

  11. TGP,

    Check out CMP for surplus 30.06. Cheap and still shootable. If you are an NRA member, you can buy online and they ship to your house. Let's just say I have enough ought six (and .45) to supply my own squad! haha

  12. Mrs Al,

    I have been watching the growing violence with the citizens of Obama's nation, especially Sh*tcago. When he gets the boot in 2012, all hell is gonna break loose.

  13. Well I guess it's a good thing we already went to CMP for what we need, eh GunnyG?

    I have a bit different take on 2012, if he does NOT get elected then all h e double hockey sticks is going to break out. One of us is going to be right about this, sad to say.

  14. Mrs Al,

    CMP is my one stop shop! haha

    Don't get me wrong, I'm of the position that when Obama gets shown the door in 2012, the parasite class and the union thugs are going to go nuts. I would bet money that in 2012, we'll own all three branches and have adults in charge again, not petulant children.

    My advice to President Cain would be what I would have told Bush 43 in 2000. CLEAN HOUSE of any liberals and Obamabots in government and appoint conservatives!

  15. So you are a Herman Cain supporter? If so, please give me an idea as to why, GunnyG. I am leaning toward him myself in the primaries.

  16. Mrs Al,

    One, I like his direct speech. NO BS!

    Two, he has a business background that as rescued two businesses from fiscal trouble.

    Three, he is not a mainstream country club RINO like Romney!

  17. Mrs AL,

    Four, he's not a professional politician.

  18. Once again, any government or politician that can take away your second amendment rights can also do so just as quickly with the First , Fourth, and Fifth.

  19. Mrs Al,

    Check out my blog for a link to good stuff on Mr. Cain. I think the title of the post is I may be a racist, but I like Herman Cain.

  20. Mrs Al,

    I went back and checked. The link is http://fullmetalpatriotblog.com/2011/05/meet-herman-cain/ It was on Huckabee's not running if you want to check it out.

  21. Thanx for the pluses for Cain and the link, ya'll. Will review more and continue to ponder Mr. Cain's candidacy.

  22. I hope when they pass the gun ban, everyone who says they will shoot them when they show up has the balls to do it

  23. What I find really amusing is that apparently no one from the NRA can actually read. If you read the actual “UN General Assembly Resolution A/C.1/64/L.38/Rev.1, Oct. 28”: …Acknowledging also the right of States to regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership, exclusively within their territory. Before we begin to rant about what we are going to do if something happens, why not use our brains instead. Intellectuals founded this great country; do not let idiots destroy it.

  24. Anon,

    Apparently YOU missed the part where it states that the CONSTITUTION is the law of the land, NOT a UN treaty, no matter WHAT is inside it.

  25. I'm a little late to this conversation, but have always believed that the UN is a bunch of criminals looking for a country to destroy. Their policies have already destroyed the infrastructure of a good number of countries they supposedly helped.
    The "gun grab" supported by BO and his thugs is just that, an end run around the US Constitution. These clowns will not be happy until the United States is subjugated to the UN and the rest of the world.
    I, for one, am looking forward to Nov 2012. I just hope we can last that long. I invest in precious metals - lead with a copper jacket.


    "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." - The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution