Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As we rediscover the genius of our Founding Fathers, much hated and maligned by the Left for decades, and mistaught to our children in government indoctrination centers, previously known as public schools, three notable quotes from Thomas Jefferson rise to the surface.

1.  "To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

Thomas Jefferson was dead on the money here. Consider the current situation of the United States and how the Congress, run by Nutsy Baloney and Dingy Reid, as well as the Presidency, run by Comrade Calamity acted. First, Obama said during the campaign, to Joe the Plumber, when the man behind the curtain was AWOL: "that it's not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they've got a chance at success, too. I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

This is what Jefferson was talking about. The redistribution of other people's money, in Earned Income Credit, for example, is soft tyranny. The government passes a law that allows people who are in the fifty percent of the population who pay no taxes, to collect a check, just like those of us who DO pay taxes get. To those of us who work and scrimp and save to get ahead, the very idea of this redistribution of our money, is as repellent as the idea of dining with Barney Frank or allowing Anthony Weiner to have the tweet address of one's daughter! Were the people allowed to vote on this idea? Hell no. Would this EIC bullsh*t stand the Constitutional smell test? Again, Hell NO! This is little more than legalized robbery. The government reaches into our pockets and takes what we have earned and gives it to those who have likely made piss poor decisions, their whole miserable lives, which resulted in where they are in life. Let the Gunny be clear here; we take care of those who NEED it, not those who have farted in the same cushion for 20 years, watching Oprag and thinking they're owed. 

Even worse is what the tax cheat Rangel said about the debt THEY ran up and that is, the only solution is to raise taxes. Dear Charlie, kiss the Gunny's white Slovak ass, you corrupt sonofabitch. Again, the Democrats steal our money, to pay for their reelection schemes, i.e., welfare, etc, and when the bill comes due, WE have to pay for it. How many of you dear readers who allow someone to go to, say, Outback Steak House, dine well, and as they walk out, hand YOU the check? This is the same thing as those who abuse welfare, The Takers, dine on steak, chops, lobster, etc, while we, The Makers, dine on hamburger, rice, beans, etc. Repellent. Disgusting. Obnoxious. Even more odious is that the Left DEFENDS this type of behavior, rewarding it at every turn, thus pissing on what we hold dear. 

Perhaps the most aggravating thing to surface in regards to the corrupt Congress is the recent article wherein it exposed the fact that they pass laws on Wall Street and then turn around and make big bank on it. We, as honest hard-working, red-blooded American abhor dishonesty and corruption and yet the Democrats revel in it, far more than the Republicans do, which stands to reason. Crime pays if you are a Democrat. We are forced to PAY THE WAGES of these SOBs, their bennies, their healthcare, their pensions, while work hard to feather their nests, in an underhanded and deceitful manner. And where was the Media during the decades of this? If we cannot clean the Augean stables located in the Beltway, then the Gunny says the Hell with the lot of them, take over our Congress, and start over. 

2.  "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."

In Greece, currently 40% of the population works while the other 60% sits on their asses, taking. Small wonder that Moody just rated Greece's credit rating is on par with junk bonds. Here in America, 52% of the population, many of them barely literate and operating on the level of an idiot, voted fora snake-oil salesman whose line of sh*t was so thin as to be laughable, whose gaffes were such a joke (see above), that only a fool or a liberal would vote for him, but the Gunny digresses. Jefferson was right here again, as we watch the fruits of our labor raped to be given to those who have not earned it. How many Americans know that there is a bill in Congress that would allow the Federal government the "right" to loot our 401Ks/IRAs in order to fund a "national retirement" plan? How many of us have set aside this money for OUR retirement? We've done without things in order to save this money, followed the rules, and done the right thing, only to be penalized so that Democrats can foist yet ANOTHER Ponzi scam on us?

Indeed, Democrats, including the idiot running the DNC, WANT illegals amnestied with a wave of their magic wand, and only to gain their votes. Absolutely disgusting and so unamerican as to make the Gunny projectile vomit. The people of California passed Prop 187 to block illegals from sucking down health care benefits that they don't rate and a liberal activist judge vacates it. Now California is billions in the hole and in danger of defaulting AND making US bail them out. Liberals blocked Bush 43 trying to reform Social Security, and now it is in the red and failing. Why? To keep a failing program alive in order to keep skimming the profits off of it. Bush and the GOP tried to reform Fannie and Freddie and Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and the Left blocked it. Why? Because Barney's homo lover worked there in the job Barney got him. In 2012, we will be at the tipping point, as Jefferson's quote points out and we'll either pull the titty out of the parasites and SURVIVE or the parasites will kill the host.

3.  "Agriculture, manufactures, commerce and navigation, the four pillars of our prosperity, are the most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise."

How could Jefferson have known that the Federal government today would so over-regulate our lives that they are killing our economy? Consider the law recently passed under the Nutsy Baloney/Dingy Reid Corruptocrats in Congress regulating the gardens of the average Americans! Note to bureaucrats. You come on the Gunny's property to snoop in his veggie garden, you'll likely catch an assload of #8 birdshot. Or how our corporate tax is the highest in the civilized world, and thus businesses take their jobs overseas. Duh. Or how the Federal government is crippling our commerce with stupid regulations and imposing a gestapo-like TSA on Americans, violating our 4th Amendment rights everyday, merely for catching a flight somewhere. 

Liberals like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry whined about outscourcing jobs yet they are the ones most responsible for it, along with a few RINOs like McLame and Grahamnesty. Like termites, they have gnawed at what made this country great, until today, when we are tottering on the brink. We are 14 TRILLION dollars, not pesos, in DEBT and morons like Weiner voted to raise the debt ceiling like there is nothing wrong! THEY have gamed the system, screwing us while they have reaped the benefits. And when the house of cards collapses, they'll walk away into retirement, or a house in the Dominican Republic if you're Charlie Rangel, in their gated communities, with private security, while we suffer. The Gunny doesn't know how y'all feel about it but he wants to "liberally" apply a coat of tar and feathers to these asshats for what they have done to this nation.

In closing, the Gunny has to wonder HOW did we ever survive as a nation until the nanny staters in the DNC took control of our lives? In 2012, we sink or swim depending our how well we sweep the dogsh*t out of the White House, the Congress, the Senate, and their staffers who continue to poison the well .



  1. Jefferson also said "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Lets get this idiot impeached. I can think of several "high crimes" and a few misdemeanors. High crime number one bowing low enough to kiss the shoes of a foreign leader. Christ what a bitch.

  2. Great post Gunny, we certainly see eye-to-eye on our politics. More than anything, I'm fiscally conservative and don't want my taxes subsidizing laziness (which it now does, go to any inner-city housing project and tell me otherwise). I believe in helping out single mothers or families earning low wages AS LONG as the adults are working. Also, I'd include the physically and mentally handicapped and lower-income elderly and children. But if you are capable of work, physically and mentally, then no more food stamps and welfare, instead here's a pair of work boots. If an illegal immigrant sneaks into the country and finds work how can lazy Americans say there is nothing out there? It's simply there is nothing out there they want to do but that's why it's called WORK. If they want a job that's more desirable, then quit gang-banging in school and actually learn to read and pay attention to what the teachers have to say.

    Anyways, I came across your site recently; it was linked from somewhere else but I can't remember where. Keep up the good work and the good fight!

  3. ALL LIBERALS DO NOT HATE THE FOUNDING FATHERS!!!!! Where you would get a statement like that is beyond normal comprehension. Just because modern liberal politicians promote policies that may be against the prescriptive rules set forth does not mean we hate them, or your conservative views or way of life. We just believe in something different! As times change rules and policies will as well. Hence the 3/5 compromise. We liberals do not hate our founding fathers we celebrate their courage and look to them for inspiration.

  4. Excellent!!
    I have never seen such a corrupt government than it is at this time.
    Keep up the great work!!

  5. TGP,

    If we had a Congress with people who had morals and courage, Obama would already have been impeached. I figure the GOP is merely waiting to use him against himself in 2012 but he is killing this nation.

  6. Sgt R,

    I am all for helping people out with a hand UP, not a hand OUT! Those who truly are in need, Americans have ALWAYS helped them without the Government getting involved. Local folks helping local needy KNOW who needs help, not the feds with the fraud, waste, and abuse that comes with them.

  7. Gomez,

    Thanks for posting but I call it as I see it. It is YOUR party that is pissing on the Constitution, not mine. It is liberal teachers in public schools who teach faggotry, crap about Che, social justice, community organizing, etc, instead of the three R's. Who vandalizes monmuments in DC? The anarchists inside the DNC, not my party folks, i.e., Tea Party marches. It is your party, amigo, who calls the Founders white racists, rich capitalists, exploiters, slavers, etc.

    I suggest you take a hard look at what goes on inside your party in regards to my essay and get back to me on it.

  8. Gomez,

    I rest my case.

  9. Gunny,
    Great post brother, and nice troll whack.

  10. Hardnox,

    Thanks for the kudos. You know, I really DON'T like to whack a troll, unless it is an idiot on the level of Ivan. I have offered and would offer again, to assist in rewiring their brain housing group in order to help them from the dark side, into the light. I have helped a few and hope to help others in the future.

  11. Maybe all liberals do not hate the Founding Fathers,but they SURE AS HELL do not much care for WHAT THEY STOOD FOR. Otherwise,why would they be hell bent for leather to tear it down?

  12. It is simply amazing to me that anyone with half a brain would have voted for Obama. Would anyone trust any kind of a military command to an inexperienced 2nd Lt? That the American psyche could be so blind that they would give the position to anyone with his voting record, his associations with radical bombmakers, or association with a radical minister. I believe that the statement following is correct,- we have met the enemy and he is

    USAF Viet v