Monday, June 27, 2011


cannot be underestimated.

Take, for example, what the Left refuses to acknowledge, or if they do, it is grudgingly so, that FDR prolonged the Great Depression due to his clinging belief in Keynesian economics, not unlike the morons on the Left today, i.e., Obama, Biden, Nutsy Pelosi, Dingy Reid, Bernanke, Tax Cheat Timmy, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Imagine this, if you can:

1. Americans standing in bread lines like slaves, waiting for a bowl of soup and a hunk of bread, because they have been out of work for years and can't find a job.

2. Americans living in tar paper shacks because they were foreclosed on not because they were losers who walked away from their mortgage obligation (like many today did because they played the real estate market and lost!) but because they could not find a job.

3. Americans eating a basic subsistence diet while rich liberals like FDR and Joe Kennedy Sr dine well in the White House and at their estates. Indeed, thanks to price fixing and price controls under FDR’s reign of Hell, hogs were slaughtered and left to rot and milk was poured down the drain, while children went without.

4. Americans without an ounce of hope because there was nothing to hope for!

5. Americans, who watched their savings disappear like a fart in a hurricane because economic idiots like FDR and the other Keynesian jackoffs kept trying one socialist plan after another, and when it failed, tried another, while printing more and more money to try and buy themselves out of debt.

6. Americans unable to buy the things they need, i.e., gasoline, because of government intervention and stupidity (or today, Obama's Marxist/Greenie ideology).

7. Americans who had a job worked massive amounts of overtime to try to stay ahead for rising inflation, thanks to Keynesian economics and liberal stupidity.

8. Americans who should have had a childhood forced to work anywhere (some children did things like chip mortar off of bricks for a penny a brick) in order to help out at home.

9. American boys, who should have been in junior high or high school, forced to drop out and go to work (if they could) in order to help their parents out at home. Fathers and sons often joined the CCC and traveled hundreds and thousands of miles away from their homes to work and be able to send money home so that those there could survive.

How in the name of God liberals can stand anywhere and say that they are for the little man is beyond the ken of the Gunny. Whenever a liberal opens up their suckhole and yammers such diarrhea, the Gunny feels like smashing his fist into it and shutting them the Hell up. Remember when Nutsy Pelosi and Dingy Reid and a few other dirtbag liberals went out and stood by FDR’s statue as they took over the Congress in 2007? What utter bullsh*t. God needed to let fly with a lightning bolt!

So today, in reflection, we have an idiot so out of touch with the American people that he and his fat-arsed wife, the First Wookie, dine on Kobe beef, chili dogs, fries, etc, while telling us to eat our veggies and sacrifice. We have a dimwit so caught up in his belief in Marxism and Keynesian economics that he appoints an absolute jackass like Bernanke, who, after screwing up, not for months but for YEARS, FINALLY admits that he is clueless. As we say in the Corps when an epiphany comes…

"Well no screaming eagle sh*t, huh?"

We now have Americans who have been out of work so long, that they have given up hope and quit looking for work! Even worse, we have Americans who are out of work and merely lay about collecting the largesse that Liberals voted for them, the 99 weekers. Ninety-nine WEEKS of unemployment, imagine that. Why bother looking for work if you are going to get NINETY-NINE WEEKS of unemployment, paid for by others?

WE must ask OURSELVES:

Why do we allow Liberals to kill the private sector so that people cannot find a job?

Why do we allow our government to allow illegal aliens not just to enter the US to take away jobs but to STAY HERE and milk the system for benefits that they have not earned? Moreover, the ICE memos themselves show that this regime is BACKDOORING amnesty and Congress does NOTHING about it!

Why do we allow our government to inflict misery on us, while many in Congress profit by it, i.e., Democrats making bank on Wall Street while moaning about those evil CEOs?

Why do we allow the Fed to continue to piss down our backs and tell us it is raining, as they take money from their left pocket to pay off their debt in the right pocket?

Why we allow the Federal government to plunder our paychecks in order to give it out to those who are neither deserving of it or in need of it, merely to buy votes, i.e., TARP and the unions, Obama and Government Motors and his UAW buddies.

Probably the most important question that needs to be asked by us is why we tolerate criminals in our government. Why? Dickhead Weiner uses his government blackberry and twitter account to send pics and he can resign with a full pension and bennies? BJ Bubba Klintoon gets IMPEACHED and gets a nice pension AND Secret Service protection for LIFE while he works to undercut our sovereignty? Diane Feinstein can use her Senate position to route MILITARY CONTRACTS to her HUSBAND’s companies and she is still in the Senate? Halliburton be damned Libs, where were you vermin on THIS? Nutsy Baloney uses a USAF jet as her private air service, complete with free food and booze for herself and her larva and WE PICK UP THE TAB? The list is almost endless fellow patriots. ABSCAM Murtha scumbags the US Marines and he is not burned at the stake by his constituents? Good God, Henry Waxman actually HELPED Code Pink send AID TO TERRORISTS in Fallujah, while they were fighting US Marines, and his constituents did nothing. Americans should have seized him and strung him up by his heels! Yeah the ol swamp drainer herself, Nutsy Baloney, did nothing but sit on a big gavel and rotate.

Now we have Operation Fast and Furious and the only thing that is fast and furious about it is how fast and furious the DOJ, led by Head Racist, Buyer of Pardons, and Defender of Terrorists Eric Holder and his boss Sir Golfsalot are working to bury this massive scandal.

Brothers and sisters, fellow patriots, and Americans, it is high time that we the people got damn mad and started putting heavy pressure on our politicians to clean up their act. Personally, if a Congcritter like Dickhead Weiner or a scummy Senator like Dingy "SEIU voter fraud" Reid got tarred and feathered, it would make the Gunny’s year. Our government is corrupt. It is failing because those running it are corrupt. Obama is a corrupt criminal and likely an illegal president. Biden is a moron. Holder and Janet Incompetano are as useless as tits on a bull or a brain in a lib. And Congress and the Senate are full of vermin so corrupt that they make a maggot squirming in a corpse appear squeaky clean! We have a lot of work to do folks, and in 2012, WE need to seriously clean out the Augean stables known as the White House, the Congress, and the Senate and once that is done, demand that these criminals be investigated and indicted. We can no longer afford to be Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy. These criminals ARE SCREWING US and GETTING AWAY with it. When will YOU take a stand and demand justice?

Maybe it is time for a little "cruelty" of our own, along with a serious taste of justice, for those who do us and this nation wrong. They have been getting away with it for far too long and with an awakened populace, it is time for payback. The Gunny wonders what would happen if a corruptocrat suddenly disppeared and then reappeared with a nice thick coating of tar and chicken feathers, after being sounded whipped by angry Americans.


  1. There is no bread to get in line for, Gunny. The soup kitchens aren't getting donations cause nobody has any change since Obama "gave" us all the "change." People would be eating roadkill, but no one can afford gas, so the critters are crossing unmolested. Its a gloomy outlook.

  2. My sentiments exactly and makes me mad as all hell at the level of corruption and incompetence in our government. We are severely fu#ked if we keep going down this road!

  3. Good to see you back and in true form Gunny!!
    This was a great post, so truthful it brought many old memories of childhood back. I recall my daddy pulling my mother's tooth because we couldn't afford a doctor. I still own a ration book. People were dirt poor. We were lucky and lived in the country and raised our own food and had cows for milk and butter. Traded with neighbors for different things. No one went hungry, unlike many others.
    I'm with you on cleaning up this corrupt Washington!! We aren''t just being "screwed" Gunny, it is against our will, and that makes it rape!!!

  4. The lies and talking points from the left are utterly ridiculous. They claim that the GOP's deficit reduction plans are all accomplished "on the backs of the middle class." How is less unConstitutional gummint spending putting a burden on the middle class?

  5. TGP,

    I could not agree more. It is a shame how the politicians, Democrats mostly, have screwed this country over. They should be hung from lampposts after being whipped like the dogs they are.

    Blago gets convicted while the rest run free? Where is the trial for Holder's actions with BJ Bubba and Pardongate? Obama and his various scandals? And on and on...

  6. Sgt R,

    Exactly right and I for one and ready to inflict some justice on the scum inside the Beltway, from the top down. We need an enema, the size of Lake Mead, to flush the sh*t out of there.

  7. Craw,

    I just read where the idiot in the WH is calling debt cutting measures, IMMORAL! What a tool.

  8. Nanna,

    Both of my parents grew up in FDR's Depression and remembered it well. I heard their stories and remember them as well.

    If Americans woke up, Democrats would be hunted down like the dogs they are and this country would perform the necessary actions to rid itself of the parasite class.

    2012 is OUR YEAR to flush out the sh8t in DC!

  9. Never forget that a good part of the blame lies at the feet of RINOs who allow leftists to get away with their BS, and in some cases promote it themselves.

    Schwarzenegger; Bush and his Scrips for Seniors, NCLB, lightbulb mandate, amnesty attempts, etc.; Bush 1 and his "thousand points of light" crapola; Collins; Snowe; McAmnesty skydiving in to DC from the campaign trail to fight for the original "bailout"...

    Want me to continue? Because I can do this all day.

    Those guys are at LEAST as culpable as the Dems; at least the Dems are honest about their liberalism; those guys are either totally stupid or disingenuous.

    A polite word for "lying".

    That was the whole point to the SCDS and now the Tea Parties: don't let those bastards get away with that crap anymore.

  10. BrianR,

    Brother, I agree with you 100% and the RINOs ARE 50% of the problem. We seriously need a party that espouses the Conservative agenda and as Reagan put it, uses bold colors to separate us from them.


  11. Unfortunately Gunny we have the government we deserve. I can yell and scream about it (and I do), I vote for the best candidates that I can (I'm proud to say I helped put Renee Elmers in office), but when the choice is between bad and worse...what the hell do you do?

  12. We need an enema, the size of Lake Mead, to flush...

  13. Gunny,

    You speak to my heart brother. The reason that we don't see riots in the streets is because the average American does not realize what has happened or what is about to happen due to the lapdog media.

    If they understood the enormity of the problems that we face ahead the calm that we now have would end. Average Americans believe, or would like to believe, in their elected officials. I suspect many are waiting like sprinters in the blocks to head to the polling booths. In the last year I have yet to meet anyone that voted for zero that supports him now.

  14. Excellent post,and great insight from Brian. The sons of bitches who are SUPPOSED to be the opposition are anything but.

  15. OFF TOPIC, GUNNYG ... if you have time, would appreciate your take on Dan's article about Fox News here --

    And nanna's last sentence (June 27, 2011 11:26 AM)is spot-on to the max.

  16. Larry,

    To answer your question, that is why we in the Saint Crispin's Day Society REFUSED to vote for McLame and cut our ties to the GOP and encouraged others to do so until they learned a lesson (and they still have not).

    We prefer a Dem doing damage to the nation vice a Democrat in Republican clothing, i.e., Schwartzenegger, McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, etc. Thus, we simply choose the best Conservative in the race and if we lose, we at least did not sacrifice our principles.

    If McLame would have won, much of what is going on today would STILL be going on, only McLame would be to blame, thus the Right, thus hurting Conservatism.

  17. Hardnox,

    Brother, chatted with a lady yesterday who crossed party lines to vote FOR Obummer and is PISSED as hell, especially after I rubbed it in on how bad he sucks! haha. She says that she was lied to and I replied that she should have done her homework on the clown. Not too many Obumf*ck stickers up here but MANY anti Obonehead ones.

  18. Mrs AL,

    He has some good points on Fox News. They have gotten softer and the lines between them and the Libs are blurred.

    I get my news from Drudge and Breitbart and a few others.

  19. Gunny,

    Hardnox makes the point that the average American doesn't see what's coming. I think its more like the average American doesn't realize that their rights are granted by God. They think the govt gives you rights, and can take them away. The fact that many Americans have quit believing in God helps them get suckered into this false belief. They don't believe that taking their rights from them is an abomination, and are unwilling to die to prevent the loss of their liberty, so they don't understand those of us who would kill to keep our God-given rights. It is sad that three or four generations away from WWII, Americans think the US was RACIST against the Japs. Jesus. The libs beat us in school. We are gonna have to hurt a lot of them to make them see the light.