Thursday, June 23, 2011


EXCERPT: "The measure, which is still being drafted, would ban funding for U.S. participation in combat missions such as drone attacks in the NATO-led air war, said Representative Howard McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. "It would not have funding for hostilities. The drones couldn't be used for bombing," McKeon told reporters. A vote is likely on Friday. It is unclear if the measure can pass and Senate approval is unlikely. But criticism has been building in Congress, especially in the Republican-led House, of U.S. involvement in the Libya campaign and President Barack Obama's refusal to ask Congress for its consent."

EXCERPT: "MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica (AP) - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is questioning the priorities of lawmakers criticizing the U.S. intervention in Libya.

She's asking bluntly, "Whose side are you on?"

Setting up a showdown on Libya, House Republicans agreed Wednesday to vote on dueling measures, one to give President Barack Obama limited authority to continue U.S. involvement in the NATO-led operation against Moammar Gadhafi and the other to cut off funds for military hostilities. The measures reflect widespread dissatisfaction with Obama's decision not to seek congressional consent for the 3-month-old war.

Clinton says Congress is free to raise objections but questions the priorities of the critics. She says the Obama administration and its partners are rightly siding with the Libyan people.
Fellow Patriots, this is the type of bilge water that flows from the oral sewers of liberals. Hitlery Klintoon, another no-experience in her current job hack mewls:

"Whose side are you on?"

Well Hitlery, we're on the side of the Constitution, as you should be, considering that you took an oath of office:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion..."

It is quite clear that Obama is waging an illegal war in Libya, started by his three stooges, Rice, Hitlery, and Ms Cass Sunstein (aka Samantha Power), who once posed for a men's magazine AND who once took a few pictures in Bosnia, which made her an expert on the subject of peacekeeping on a global basis! Maybe she stayed in a Holiday Inn Express beforehand and THAT made her an expert.

The problem with Hitlery's logic is that we are not supposed to protect the Libyan people. It is not our mission to run around saving the world, like her husband, BJ Bubba Klintoon did with the US military, as a "meals on wheels" for Third World sh*tholes like Haiti and Somalia, running down the military, using OUR money, OUR manpower, OUR resources to support them! For example, BJ Bubba swore that the Bosnia thing would last 6 months and we are still there all of these years later. 

The doctrine dreamed up by Samantha Power, Responsibility to Protect, is bullsh*t. The US government, BY THE CONSTITUTION, only has the requirement to PROTECT OUR BORDERS (not the Libyan people) and they're currently doing a sh*tty job with it, being more concerned with violating the 4th Amendment Rights of the citizens, with TSA ball grabs and boob checks, now coming to us at bus and train stations. 

The American people should be rising up in righteous indignation over this crapulence and NO ONE should be submitting to a TSA grope at a bus or train terminal. If there is any justice left in America, Janet Incompetano and the her boss, Sir Golfsalot, should be facing a trial in 2013, along with clowns like Hitlery, Susan Rice, and the R2P dingbat, Ms. Cass Sunstein. Hell, Cass can stand in the docket right next to her and face charges as well. 

Just THINK of the money that we could raise, to put towards what this regime has run up, by selling lottery tickets to be a part of the gauntlet these criminals would have to run, on their way to being tarred and feathered! 

Hitlert Klintoon would look GREAT in a coat of chicken feathers (but it would take a lot of feathers to cover that double-wide ass).


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  1. Welcome back. Glad to see you rid Alaska of some of their piscatorial menaces. As to Who's side these asshats are,it is patently obvious. It ain't ours.

  2. Clyde,

    Still on leave outside of AK but heading back soon. Had beaucoup things to do and still ain't done!

    I was offline for a few days getting a handle on stuff and I see that Hitlery and the moron-in-chief, along with the other minions are still screwing us over.

    I want to see them all go on trial, they deserve it!

  3. LOL.

    Howard McKeon is MY Representative. "Buck", as he's known locally. Good ole Santa Clarita Valley boy.

    "Clinton says Congress is free to raise objections but questions the priorities of the critics. She says the Obama administration and its partners are rightly siding with the Libyan people."

    Then she should have no problem selling Congress on that idea, right?

    What a tool.

  4. They will all receive pardons on or about MLK Day 2013

  5. BTW, my Saturday edition is already almost overflowing from the past 2 days of news.

  6. "..She's asking bluntly, "Whose side are you on?.."

    Okay, Hilalry, whose side are YOU on,
    Are you on the side of the murdering prick that financed the PanAm/Lockerbie and a nightclub where American GI's were killed?
    Are you on the side of the radical muslims fighting Kadaffiduck but still hate and want to kill all of us right now??
    Which side are you on, bitch?
    Nah, you've graduated from the "b" word to the "c" word.

  7. And Another Thing

    After Nixon's "secret" peace plan left the S Vietnamese on their own we were still supporting them with air and naval forces.
    Then the Democrat/Leftist/Marxist controlled Congress cut off all funding to support all arms and aid to SVN.
    Seems as if the congress controls the purse strings it's time for a little payback....

  8. BrianR,

    Indeed. Hitlery is an idiot and always was one. She rode BJ Bubba's coattails and after sticking with the bum after he was impeached, she showed her true colors. When she lied about the sniper fire incident, I had to laugh, especially since the liberal morons lapped that up.

  9. Craw,

    I have no doubt that Sir Golfsalot's pardon list, filled out by Eric Holder, has a lot of names on it already.