Wednesday, June 15, 2011


(Tuesday's edition out early - going fishing!)

You ever notice how liberals are always either on the wrong side of morality or the wrong side against America? Take, for example, the clowns who actually tried to defend the DC gun ban that made it a criminal offense to own a handgun and to own an ASSEMBLED rifle or shotgun was a naughty-naughty. The list is typical:

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Int’l Assoc of Chiefs of Police (huge anti-gun org), Major Cities Chiefs (huge Dem org), Int’l Brotherhood of Police, Nat Org of Black LE Executives, Hispanic American Police Command Officers Assoc, Nat’l Black Police Assoc, Latino Peace Officers Assoc, and the School Safety Advocacy Council.

One really has to read the hoplophobe’s anti-gun screed (link below) to truly understand how liberal’s twist and rend the law in order to suit their purpose. In the brief, they actually try to say that the Second Amendment does NOT guarantee the Right of Individual Americans to possess a firearm! To reiterate the argument, the words, "the people," are known to mean the individual person, as stated in the 4th, 9th, and 10th Amendments. It would be pretty stupid to consider the following a collective right:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures…"

How could "the people" above mean a collective right? If the police are searching one house, they don’t have the "collective" right to search everyone’s house, unless they are in Indiana, where the 4th Amendment is dead and cops come in and out as they please.

The 9th Amendment states thusly: "The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people…"

Again, the people means the individual American and Justice Scalia wrote: "Nowhere else in the Constitution does a "right" attributed to "the people" refer to anything other than an individual right…"

Indeed, the Left has banned the evil incandescent light bulb and foisted a substandard and hazmat green light bulb, the CFL, which also produces phenol gas as it burns, and has tried to sue the state of Texas to shut down their light bulb plant, which Gov. Perry is signing a law keeping it open, and is trying the use the commerce clause (the bulbs might get out of Texas) in a reverse manner of how Nutsy Baloney used it to force ObamaKare on us! The hypocrisy of the Left knows no bounds. Once again, the Left is on the wrong side against the best interests of America, especially when one considers how much mercury is gonna end up in landfills from broken CFLs, unless one wants to pay for a hazmat removal team to come in…

Even better is the stretch that the Left tries, in using the Federalist No. 46 (Madison) to justify an illegal gun ban in DC! Not even Nutsy Baloney’s face can stretch that much.

In Libya, the Regime "insisted that Obama had not overstepped his authority because U.S. military participation in Libya had already been scaled back to a support role that did not require congressional consent." So we bomb them and then support others who bomb them, but that is not an act of war? So let us get this straight. If person A holds person B, while person C cuts their throat, that’s not a crime for person A? If person A merely drives the getaway car while person’s B&C rob the bank, that is not a crime? So what else does the Regime fall back on? The tried and true liberal method of tossing out a red herring and putting the onus on someone else to support the Regime:

"We believe that it's important for Congress not to send mixed messages about a goal that we think most members of Congress share."

Even better is the "don’t challenge the messiah" warning from the new Baghdad Bob: "now is not the time to question U.S. involvement…" No, Jay, what your boss doesn’t want is WE THE PEOPLE questioning HIM on HIS actions that are in violation of the Constitution. Well guess what Jay, Obama AIN’T Odingo and he AIN’T the dictator of Kenya, he is, unfortunately, the president of the United States and is subject to the Law of the Land, the US Constitution, and HE is in violation of it, among other things. The American people need to question EVERYTHING this clown does, from making deals with Google for his campaign to starting yet another war in Yemen.

We are part of a coalition that is illegally making war on Libya, what part of that does this Regime not understand? So if Congress does not allow Obama, Susan Rice, Hitlery, and Samantha Power (aka Ms. Cass Sunstein) to violate the War Powers Act of 1973 AND the Constitution, it is their fault if the mission fails. How convenient. This reminds the Gunny of how Obama blames all of the job losses during his regime on Bush 43 yet takes ALL of the credit for the miniscule amount of jobs at McDonald’s he has created!

What this Regime has not done and will not be able to do, is inform the American people just how this "kinetic action" is vital to our national interests. In a nutshell, it ain’t in no way, shape, or form, vital to our national interests. Indeed, when Ms Cass Sunstein started this war in a "responsibility to protect" line of bull dung, (another wag the dog prior to 2012) the Regime mewled that it was to keep Kaddafi from starting a humanitarian disaster. Now let the Gunny be clear on this responsibility to protect BS; we don’t have a responsibility to protect ANYONE but American citizens or our allies, and Libyan rebels, intermixed with al-Qaeda members, ARE NOT OUR ALLIES, and when Obama attacked Libya, it created the instability they claimed it would prevent! Moreover, NATO, a bunch of limp-d*ck weak-sisters more adept at spending our tax dollars than in fighting, want US to lead the way here, like we had to lead the way in Bosnia, when NATO could not manage to deal with a mess in their own backyard! Not no but HELL NO!

So what is the Regime’s argument for bombing Yemen? Making incursions into a sovereign nation like Pakistan (pronounce it "pockiston" like Obama does, it sounds so edumacated that way) to kill Osama? To get involved in Syria? To give the Israeli's a THIRTY DAY deadline to give up their land to the savages or Sir Golfsalot can't help them? The sooner that we get rid of this idiot and indict his entire Administration, the better off we will be. Boehner has drawn a line in the sand and we'll see just how well the Congress handles THIS usurpation of their authority, considering they've been silent as church mice on everything else.


  1. But he hasn't found Qadafi yet! Isn't that the argument for getting out of Iraq? We're only after Osama, right? I think we should kill Qadafi on GP, but "we are not targeting Qadafi." Drop a JDAM on his ass or get out. Basically, shit or get off the pot.

  2. TGP,

    I disagree on whacking Khaddafi because he gave up his nuke program under Bush 43 and at last on the surface, was chilling out. We could have handled this better, with diplomacy and bringing Khaddafi more "into the fold." He was no threat to us anymore.

    IRAN is a real threat to us and our only ally in the region, Israel, and this regime is doing NOTHING about them, other than kissing their ass. This attack on Libya is nothing but a wag the dog, as I point out. He got ZERO bounce on whacking OBL because Americans realize that the majority of the work happened on Bush's watch. So he had to appear "warrior-like" for 2012.

    Hopefully Congress rams it up where the sun don't shine on this and the ATF scandal.

  3. There are no accidents in politics. These wars have a political motivation for zero and nothing more.

  4. Funny thing.
    The left damn sure didn't care about protecting the South Vietnamese against their aggressor Northern neighbors.
    Nor did they give a damn about protecting the Cambodians who were murdered en masse.
    But they want to protect a bunch of muslims who would rather cut our throats than spit...

  5. It's never a war when democrats are bombing and launching cruise missiles at military targets and foreign cities.
    It wasn't long ago that Clinton was destroying Serbian tank brigades and killing infantry in Kosovo and, dropping bombs on downtown Belgrade.

    It wasn't "war" according to the dembats but, if you ask a Serb...and today a Libyan...the folks dodging the bombs certainly think they're in a war!

  6. What else can one say about such asshattery? Do you think this laughable "lawsuit" the Congclowns filed will go anywhere other than the shitcan? I don't.

  7. Gunny,

    As much as I am in favor of killing Qadafi, I would love to see this and the kitchen sink shoved up Obama's ass.

    If Obama fished half as much as he golfs, I'd probly like him a little. Good luck.

  8. Will this become an impeachable offense? Will the GOP have the gonads to push it? Will the American people support such proceedings?

  9. I find it amazing that this administration slaps our strongest ally(Israel) in the face and at the same time cozy up to the very ones who hate our American guts!The Bible says it clear-I WILL bless those who bless you (meaning Israel) and will curse those who curse you.--is it 2012 yet??

  10. Well said, Gunny and all.

    Anything I could say has already been said.

  11. Is this the same Obama that criticized Bush for not closing GITMO, not getting out of Afganistan, etc. etc.?

  12. I don't know why they don't just do what they've done in the past.
    Just keep their mouths shut and ignore the law and the Constitution.
    (sarc on)

  13. Gunny, Gunny, Gunny ... how else can this administration effectively and quickly throw away more money and ultimately bring down capitalism for good? Aside from the entitlement programs killing us, this little excursion is costing us big bucks in the short term. Perfect for killing the economy. Say, this all sort of reminds me of the song, "Killing me softly."

  14. The Brady Bunch would not know anything about the Constitution if it swam up and bit them on the ASS!good greif We used to think of VICTORY now all Washington talks about is how can they can spend more money and to Hell with what Americans think---WEll, 2012 is closer than THEY think.