Thursday, June 9, 2011


Liberals exist for the perfect utopia and they always end up in a flail ex (flail exercise), they go from one circle-jerking extreme to another, trying over and over and over again to create a world of peace, love, and justice through more government, higher taxes, and more and more regulations from a centralized government. They float promises of smoke and mirrors, bought and paid for with other people’s money, and strip the private sector cleaner than a hound’s tooth, through force of government, and direct it all to the public sector and the entitlement programs that they have created to buy votes. It is starkly apparent that wherever liberals have had power for any length of time, chaos, class envy, injustice, and violence happen on a regular basis. Liberals will vehemently deny this but cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York City (and the State), Filthadelphia, DC, Detroit, and on and on are cesspools of violent crimes, flash mobs, decay, corruption, and liberals, like maggots, revel in it. Liberals operate at a level of incompetence only comparable to putting the Three Stooges into leadership positions of the three branches, their level of corruption would make a Mexican cop blush, and their level of perversion and lies are typified in Weiner and Nutsy Baloney who is trying to sweep it under the rug. And if you cross them, they become the embodiment of Stalin’s NKVD; destroying anyone in their path, witness BJ Bubba Clinton versus the women he raped, the Left against Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Obama versus Fox News, Hannity, etc.

The liberal progressives have wrecked the very fabric of America, using their statist religions of socialism, and communism, to shove equal misery down the throats of Americans, robbing them of their freedoms and leaving tyranny behind, like a pile of dog crap on our lawns. They declared war on American businesses back in the 30’s and in the following decades, have brought our economy to the edge of ruin, wanting to inflict Detroit on the whole nation. Wholesale poverty is their gift to America and anything said to the contrary is a bold-faced lie. They have created a welfare state that turns men and women from free born people into slaves, relying on the crumbs that fall from the table of the liberal elites, jobless, hopeless, and spiritless. They call that social justice, which means, equal misery for all of us but not for the elites. They’ll continue to live like UN climate change clowns who fly off to Indonesian spas to wine and dine themselves on other people’s money.

You see, liberals love to expound on the virtues of government, that gives you whatever you need, hooks up granny with social security, free healthcare, free Medicare, free school, free everything, as long as they can continue to raise your taxes and spend, spend, spend. What they can’t take easily, they take by force through legislation. Can you imagine our government, say, 50 years ago, trying to sneak through a bill in Congress (like they did during Nutsy Baloney’s reign of insanity), that would take our 401k/IRAs and roll them into a national retirement fund? The money, of course, would fully fund the underfunded union pensions (the union boss’s pensions, are, of course, fully funded). Remember in 1988, when the liberal Congress voted themselves a 50% pay raise and when the people raised hell, they went behind closed doors and voted themselves a 50% pay raise, spread out over two years of course, 25% + 25%. This regime is nothing but an occupation force extracting a tribute from us, in taxes, almost as a satrap would, doling it out to his cronies while squeezing his enemies. Small wonder Obama’s poll numbers are in the cellar.

So how does the grand plan of liberalism end? We’re seeing it in Greece, Spain, Ireland, etc. They have taxed and spent and indebted us to the tune of hundreds of thousands per household and then they appoint a front man like Bernanke, who proceeds to print money in quantitative easing one, two, and now three, paying the debt off in the right pocket, with money pulled from the left pocket! What will happen? They’ll simply print more money, causing inflation, tax us more, pass a law stealing our 401Ks and IRAs, blame those evil bankers (ACORN riot at the BofA’s executive’s house was just a taste), wipe out people’s savings and holdings, and then simply move on. A new administration will come in, toss the bums out; they’ll go back to work at Goldman/Sachs, ACORN, SEIU, Media Matters, or another Soros outlet. They’ll be richer, we’ll be screwed.

The bottom line my friends is that Conservatism offers Freedom, Liberalism offers Slavery.


  1. Really a good post Gunny. This government is corrupt, and people are just waking up to it. I hope everyone wakes up in time to get rid of these bums, and save ourselves, and our country.
    They take our money, and our guns, and they are the dictators they want to be.
    Maybe Rick Perry calling for a day of prayer for our country will help..

  2. Nanna,

    Odd that you mention "dictators" as Obummer just met with one of the worst dictators in Africa, Ali Bongo! Maybe they were getting their power grabbing techniques down.

  3. Wow!
    It hits me.
    ALL of the things liberals want could be accomplished through a capitalist system.
    But you would have to work at it.
    So. In essence liberals want what is attainable through hard work, dilligence, vigilance and keeping your powder dry.
    But they are too lazy, dumb or incompetent to understand they COULD get it themselves...
    So they think they can get the government to get it for them.
    But when the government attains all these things, for the people, of course, then the government wants to keep these things for itself.
    That's why the government has all the gun rights
    That's why the government employees are paid way above civilian counterparts;
    That's why the government benefits are far more and better than the private sector.
    I feel like, "duhhh!"