Saturday, June 11, 2011


EXCERPT: "Representative Issa’s investigation has been so stymied by the Obama administration that on June 3, some 31 congressional Democrats wrote to the president to urge him to end the administration’s stonewalling on the Fast and Furious program. In the letter, spearheaded by Rep. Jason Altmire (D., Pa.), the lawmakers called the uncooperative tactics "extremely troubling" and found the Justice Department’s failure to provide information to congressional investigators "equally troubling." They say Americans deserve "prompt and complete answers."

Though the details of just who authorized the program won’t be clear until Representative Issa’s investigation forces some compliance, this wasn’t the Obama administration’s first blunder when it comes to cartels and guns. In 2009, President Obama repeatedly claimed that "more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States." But then Fox News investigated. It turned out that the 90 percent figure is derived not from all the "guns recovered in Mexico," but from the firearms that were submitted by Mexican officials to the U.S. for tracing. The Mexicans sent only the guns they thought came from the U.S., so it is hardly surprising that a high percentage of those guns were indeed American in origin. Obama had simply gotten the number wrong, presumably to bolster the case for gun control in the U.S."
The link to the letter is here:

What kind of government is being run by Obama and his thugs? A corrupt regime more along the lines of a Mugabe or Bongo than one deserving of the respect of the American people. Obama is a liar as the above statement on the 90% points out and that Obama is a coward for stonewalling on this. An American was murdered with guns the ATF let go in Mexico and someone high up in the food chain is responsible. Rest assured fellow patriots, if this was a Republican president, this story, along with the 10%+ unemployment over the last three years, would be the top stories of ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCNPR and the NY Obama Times.

What should Congress do now?

1.  Give a solid deadline for the release of the information.

2.  If the deadline is passed with no release, subpeona everyone from the President on down.
3.  Start impeachment proceedings on Obama and anyone involved and charge others and arrest them.
4.  Defund and abolish the ATF, who have outlived their usefulness by about 50 years.

The Gunny is of the opinion that this criminal act by the regime is nothing but a thin veneer of cover in order to create a situation where they can implement some sort of gun control on us, perhaps by implementing US gun dealers or US gunrunners, in order to say, "see, without government controls, this is what happens, blah, blah, blah." As with any scandal, the more they stonewall and lie, the more they implement themselves and now, Obama, Holder, and senior officials in the ATF, once the truth comes out, and it will, will be guilty of a crime of epic proportions that will make Watergate seem like Hillary and Whitewater!

If there is any justice left in America, all involved with this MUST GO TO PRISON not only for trying to usurp the Second Amendment through nefarious methods but for the murder of Brian Terry by one of these weapons.

The pardon list for Obama in 2013 will probably disgust each and everyone of us, but that is why he has Eric "pardons R us" Holder as his chief minion.



  1. What is wrong with the lead investigators at the FBI? I cannot imagine that these turds are able to hide trhe evidence of their wrongdoing. Reporters find the evidence, why can't detectives? I guess they all sit around waiting for their boss to tell them to go do their job.

  2. TGP,

    From what I am reading here and hearing through the grapevine, the ATF and the WH and the DOJ simply refuse to release the information to Congress and the Senate. They are already in contempt of Congress and we the people should hold THEM in contempt!

  3. The head of BATFE and perhaps Obama should be listed as co-conspirators in the death of the Border Patrol agent Brian Terry since they were reponsible for providing the drug runners with the weapons through their "Fast and Furious" scheme.

  4. "4. Defund and abolish the ATF, who have outlived their usefulness by about 50 years."

    There's some in the Tennessee mountains who think they have outlived their usefulness by about 150 years.

  5. Good post. How's this for #5 ? Abolish the whole effed up administration?

  6. The wrongfull death lawsuits are going to be flowing in on this one.

    Think about it, every weapon that was walked over the border and killed someone made it there courtessy of the government.

  7. They aren't stalling because of cowardice. I'll bet they're stalling so they can work on hiding more of their criminal activities.

  8. You're four reccos won't happen, GunnyG. There isn't enough viagra in the world to give Congress "spine" enough to do the right thing.

    That said, great read as always.

  9. "If there is any justice left in America"
    Not under this justice department!
    I can wait to watch them all go to prison in 2013, that way the F*ck-Up-In-Chief won't be able to pardon anyone.

  10. Clinton tried this same stonewalling on Waco until Reno finally fell on her sword.

    Someone's going to take the fall for this. They must be throwing dice or something to see who has to bite the bullet.

  11. Brian R
    If Reno fell on her sword it was a rubber sword.