Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Welfare pigs living large.

Like Aunt Zeituni (Obummer's relative) in Boston, they're living the American Dream (for a lib or illegal alien that is). She doesn't have to work, she is always on vacation, her rent is paid for by someone else, her food is paid for by someone else, her utility bills are paid for by someone else, her housing is paid for by someone else, her medical bills are paid for by someone else, and she gets free transportation as well!

The Gunny cannot understand why Obama hates America so, when WE are supporting HIS relative!


  1. Simple answer,Guns. It was his upbringing.

  2. Simple
    The reason Zero doesn't help his half brother who lives in a grass hut on a dollar a month is because that's the way he envisions all of us some day.
    He believes the half brother is living the way all socialists want the world to live.
    His half brother's life is the life we all will be living if he gets his way.
    Believe it.

  3. Gunny,
    Check my latest post of zero's auntie. She's a full bore parasite that one. Demanding little shit too!