Sunday, June 5, 2011


up their colons.

EXCERPT: "BONN, Germany, June 5 (Reuters) - The World Bank will suggest a global levy on jet and shipping fuel in recommendations to G20 governments later this year on raising climate finance, a senior official said on Sunday."

Watching these elitist morons at work trying to control us is almost funny, almost. This hoax has been exposed more than Madonna at her concerts (gag!) yet these socialists continue to try to line their pockets by it.

EXCERPT: "The World Bank is focusing on a levy on shipping and jet fuels in a report to G20 finance minister in October, among other efforts to keep climate action on track. "We are looking at carbon emissions-based sources ... including bunker (shipping) fuels and aviation fuels, that would be internationally coordinated albeit nationally collected," said Andrew Steer, World Bank special envoy for climate change. The Bank estimates the extra cost to help the developing world prepare for more droughts, floods and rising seas at $100 billion annually. Various sources put the extra cost of cutting carbon emissions at $200 billion or more annually."

What is the US involvement in the World Bank and how much do they loot from us annually? How much money is "diverted" by fraud and corruption in these Third World sh*tholes? Rising seas? The Gunny thought that with the election of Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM!, the seas would cease to rise and that the polar pack would refreeze itself!

This is how stupid these morons are. Once again, for the liberal idiots (sorry for the digression) out there but there is this thingy called photosynthesis. Now you may not have learned about it in your government indoctrination centers, previously known as public schools, but it goes like this. Plants take in CO2, that's carbon dioxide, the same gas that the Democrat controlled Congress declared a dangerous gas, and they exude (that means give off, for you libs in San Fransicko) this thing called O2 or oxygen. Now that is real important because we breathe that in. So, logically speaking, (now the Gunny knows that this is hard for you liberals), but the more CO2 in the atmosphere (the air), then the more oxygen there is. Not to mention that plants will enjoy more growth because more food equals more growth, just look at Rosie O'Donnell or Michael Mooreon!

What makes this such a joke is that the special envoy for climate change at the World Bank (talk about a created job for some elite's brat), invokes the well-known tactic of, "we must do this NOW or the world will end," Owl Gore, Obama, Nutsy Baloney Dingy Reid type bullsqueeze. Numbnuts Steer yammers, "I've got to say the situation is very urgent and sometimes that sense of urgency is not evident in the negotiations."

EXCERPT: "The U.N. talks are stalled on the future of Kyoto, which only caps rich country emissions. Developing countries want to extend the pact while most developed nations want to replace it."

What this is, is an attempt to drag developed countries down and raise Third World sh*tholes up, at the expense of us all. Shared misery with us sharing the misery, the elites flying off to conferences at spas and enjoying surf and turf. Any politician in the US advocating following this crapulence should be flogged, tarred and feathered, and exiled to a Third World craphole like France.

Last but not least, the laugh of the day. Owl Gore and his cabal of morons in the Chicago Carbon Exchange, (the Obamas are involved as well), and here the socialists in the EU are trying to pull a fast one.

Here is the crux of the entire issue.

"the World Bank is investigating raising funds from the sale of emissions permits to countries and companies, as already happens under the EU carbon market, and soft loans from development banks to stimulate private sector cash, said Steer."

This is proof positive that when you cut the head off of the lib-socialist hydra, another one sprouts, usually spouting the same old BS. The Gunny can't wait for the EU to crash and burn once Greece goes under, followed by Spain, Portugal, etc.

Socialism, working WELL in Europe. (end sarcasm)

Now the above was written early on Sunday morning. As of 2041 Alaska time, when the Gunny signed on to post this (he's on travel on Monday), here are some of the headlines on Drudge...

1.  Portugal Socialists admit defeat... (So socialism since the 80's DID NOT WORK huh?)
2.  TAX FURY IN ATHENS AS GOV'T FACES DEBT (Greek socialists screwed the pooch)
3.  'Bankrupt' claim heightens Spanish debt fears... (See Portugal comment above.)

Socialism, a failure EVERYWHERE it has been tried. Someone tell Obama and the imbeciles at the World Bank.

The only hope for America is to get the HELL OUT of NATO, the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, and any other foreign entanglements that Washington warned us about. Time for them to clean up their own dung heaps. Someone PLEASE tell the idiots in the Senate...


  1. I knew it!!!!

    It was only a matter of time before they taxed the air we breathe.

    Next there will be a tax on any crap beyound three turds in twelve hours or more urine than four ounces in the same time period. (Don't raise the water level, don't you know.)

  2. World Bank. UN. NATO.

    We need to heed George Washington's words about not forming alliances and get out of them.
    Yeah, SEATO, too.
    Betchass if we pulled out of any of the above, it would fold like a used accordian.
    Show me a candidate who includes pulling out of UN as part of his election platform. I'll man his phone banks, swab the floors, make coffee and go on donut runs for him.

  3. You mean socialism doesn't lead to Utopia? The Prophet Algoracle mislead us? The sun doesn't orbit the Earth?

    SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!

  4. One good thing here,Gunny,is the fact that with all this "urgency",these assholes in all these so-called do-good organisations seem to NEVER accomplish anything,except to hold more talks.And,fleecing what's left of the U.S. treasury.Thus,expelling more of those EEEEEVVVVVIIIIILLLLL pollutants in the air as they jet ALL OVER the frigging planet to exhale their bullshit.

  5. Socialism works fine, in a household. Everyone puts in to the pot, and everyone eats. Throw in a lazy neighbor or dirtbag son-in-law and it all goes to shit.