Friday, June 3, 2011


as some piece of dogcrap who comes here, makes a few million in the great system that we have here, and then bad mouths this nation. Here is a nice video of Fareed Zakaria, who came to the USA uninvited, made a nice bundle of dough, and is now a mouthpiece for running down our nation.

Hey Fareed, ain't nothing holding you here. Don't let the screen door hit you in the ass on your way back to Bumf*ck India, or whatever Third World sh*thole you crawled out of.


  1. What's with the "we" shit that he keeps yammering about?

    He is correct about the corruption in politics.

  2. He's a close adviser to Captain wtf, another asshat with their smarmy lips in Obama's jug ear.

  3. So . . . only America-born white men have the privilege of criticizing the U.S.?

    Or perhaps ALL criticism of the U.S. should be verboten.

    There is certainly precedence for that, eh, mein fuhrer.

    Fascism is alive and well in the U.S. Ignorance reigns supreme. The Founders are spinning in their graves, and who can blame them?

  4. Some of his comments are spot-on,but the context in which the rest of it came out is basically,the U.S. sucks. Fareed, your boy is trying to make the nation the way YOU and the rest of the liberal pissheads would like it to be.You think it sucks now,wait until you liberals get done f#cking it up. Then we shall see how you like it.

  5. Yeah, I know. Kinda the way native Texans feel about the Damnyankee invasion.
    They moved in.
    And didn't like our system.
    I think the independent Texan mind was a bit frightening to them.
    So they had a large hand in changing Texas from a state with a truly Western philosophy to the semi-socialized liberal enclave it has become.
    It runs in leftists' blood.

  6. Hardnox,

    He is right about corruption in DC and he is an advisor to one corrupt SOB. Guess he can't see that. Typical lib

  7. Zilla,

    Captain WTF! Classic and so true. If there is one word that sums up these douchebags, it would be smarmy. I hate snobs.

  8. Ivan,

    Why am I NOT surprised you missed the point.

    He comes here uninvited, makes a bundle of money using OUR SYSTEM, and then complains about OUR SYSTEM.

    Even you're that thick you can't grasp the simple idea of not sh*tting where you live. Michael Mooreon, probably one ofyour heroes, is the same manner of sh*tstain. Makes millions with capitalism and then calls capitalism wrong. DUH!

  9. Ivan,

    Meant to add two nice headlines off of Drudge concerning your master obonehead...

    1. Dow Has Longest Weekly Slump Since '04...

    2. Housing prices fall 'beats Great Depression slide'...

    This must be the fundamental transformation he yapped about over and over. Wonder how many Americans he's f*cked over sice 2009.

  10. Clyde,

    Exactly my point! Don't come here, make millions, and then turn around and say our country sucks! Typical leftist, I've got mine, screw you type of thinking.

  11. Buck,

    No lie there. The Yankees moving out of NY/NJ and heading south have done the same all along the I-95 corridor, from VA to FLA!

  12. Gunsel fumed:
    >"He comes here uninvited"

    Since when does anyone need to be invited to come to America? Who invited your stone-ignorant ancestors to come here?

    >"makes a bundle of money"

    How do you know how much money he's made (except, of course, that he's made much, much more than you)?

    >"using OUR SYSTEM, and then
    >complains about OUR SYSTEM."

    Freedom of speech is a bitch, ain't it? Perhaps you should move to China, where there isn't any and where you'd obviously feel more comfortable.

    >"Even you're that thick you
    >can't grasp the simple idea
    >of not sh*tting where you live"

    You are obviously so thick you can't grasp the concept that criticizing the country you happen to live in does not constitute "shitting where you live."

    Besides, where else is he supposed to shit? Some place he DOESN'T live?

    Why don't you post what you think should be the requirements a person should meet to be entitled to criticize the United States and its SYSTEM.

    Or, better yet, Grow up.