Sunday, July 17, 2011


Obama: 'I'll be turning 50 in a week." July 15, 2011. Actually, the supposed birthdate for this clown is 4 August 1961, but really, it is anyone's guess when or where he was born and what makes it so funny is that on July 15, Ol' King Putt actually had over a fortnight, not a week, before he turned 50 but when one lies like a rug, they often cannot remember the lies they told last time.

The Gunny wonders how in the Hell the Imposter-in-Chief could forget his birthday when he has a taxpayer funded birthday party planned for the day after the debt ceiling deadline when the GOP calls the moron's bluff. But then again, the Leftist lemmings will swallow anything that Obongo puts in their mouths and they'll believe anything their messiah tells them to. From screwing up his birthday, to screwing up one of his kid's birthday, his screw up in Britain by signing the register for 2008 when it was 2011, and of course, the 57 states comment, it is clear that Obongo either has a few screws loose or needs to take a piss test or two. Not to mention that someone who was supposedly born in Hawaii and who never lived in Connecticut, has a Social Security number issued from Connecticut. Yet another lie? A phony president, a phony birth certificate, phony student aid forms, phony grades, phony jobs like a guest Constitutional lecturer at Harvard, etc, etc, who can keep all of these lies in their heads without making a mistake every few days, especially when TOTUS is AWOL.

Other Oblunders include:

1.  Partnered with Mexico and sued Arizona over illegal immigration!
2.  Illegal oil drilling moratorium puts 87,000 Americans out of work.
3.  Take over GM and hands it over to the UAW.
4.  Disrespects the Queen of England with an Ipod of his speeches.
5.  Gives back the Churchill bust.
6.  Bows to foreign leaders like the serf he is.
7.  Actually thought that Austrian is a language.
8.  His Administration is filled with criminals.


  1. What a maroon. I bet that's his real birthday, July 22. That gave his mama two weeks to sneak him in to Hawaii and start this whole lying mess. I sure do feel sorry for him that he's worrying about Medicare. He ought to have his ass beat for saying that, considering we are going to pay his healthcare for the rest of his life, then pay for his funeral when he finally drops dead. I got to quit thinking about this jerk, I'm having chest pains.

  2. Just more asshattery from the King of Asshattery.No surprise here. This prick even sure he was born?

  3. TGP,
    he'll probably want his burial at Arlington, since he is such a bin Laden-killing war hero.

  4. I love the latest were we find out he fabricated the story about his poor mother and the nasty insurance company's during the 08 campaign just to make political points.
    He has no shame.
    Keep up the heat Gunny

  5. Hahahaha!

    Bat Ears really is dumber than a box of rocks.

  6. osamas a typical steal you blind naalcp'er commie libber who surely doesn't know who his pappy is or was and if he didn't look so much like his sorry white ho mammy wouldn't have known her either. Truth is he lies about everything. Once in that pattern you start to believe your own lies but the truth keeps getting in the way when you keep running your trap as much as AA say nothing does.Illegal lieing usurping kenyan sob bas**rd.

  7. TGP,

    I cannot imagine this Marxist pos in Arlington. He would be better off being buried in Kenya.

  8. Kitman3,

    I saw that. Just another lie in a long line of lies and half-truths. Too bad the Libstream Media aided and abetted the SOB.

  9. And here I thought his birthday was 1 April.

  10. It should be against the law for him (or Bubba Clinton) to even go in Arlington. That place is for REAL Americans.