Sunday, July 24, 2011


It is damn shame that no one in Congress has the balls to start impeachment proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! like they did against BJ Bubba Clinton. Do not get the Gunny wrong, BJ Bubba was and is a fetid piece of dog crap not fit to walk the streets of America free, much less making bank speaking to simpletons at lib rallies. The only reason, the ONLY reason that the Tyrant has not been impeached is because he is 50% black, nothing more, which is why the SCOTUS refused to hear ANY cases on his legitimacy as president according to his birth certificate AND Obama’s own words, i.e., his father was a Kenyan and a British subject. It is time we called it like it is.

Can it be denied by anyone that Obama is far worse than Carter in bashing us, ridiculing us, and denouncing America and our way of life? He sold us down the river all throughout his campaign. He bashed America in Berlin. He bashed America in Cairo. He works overtime colluding with the UN and our enemies against us, i.e., selling the missile defense out in Eastern Europe because the Russians were upset. He has bitched and moaned like a punk bitch that America sucks because we all drive SUVs, because we use too much of the world’s resources, even as he limits US from using OURS. He creates crises by running away and then whining that it was Bush’s fault, the RNC’s fault, the man-in-the-moon’s fault, but never, oh no, NEVER the fault of the crybaby-in-chief’s. He disregards the rulings of a federal court over his illegal oil drilling ban in the Gulf with the aid of his head racist at the DOJ, Eric Holder. He allows rogue agencies like the EPA to run rampant over the lives of the very people he is supposed to protect. He actually SUES a state [Arizona] for trying to protect THEIR citizens from the murderous scum coming over the border, stealing, raping, robbing, plundering like a medieval gang of Vandals. Obama seeks to impose HIS WILL on a free people, through the use of Executive Orders, thus perverting their original intent.

He has worked to limit our God-given Right to Keep and Bear Arms by any means possible, including illegal gun sales through the ATF, to Mexican drug cartels, several of which were used to murder a Federal agent. Now, an innocent American citizen is being rope-a-doped by some three-letter agencies by admitting guilt in this affair while seven or eight high-ranking scumbags run around playing a cover-up that would shame Nixon.

His economic attack on America and Americans is nothing more that a Pearl Harbor-like attack on the very lives of each and every American now not working, taking food stamps, forced into taking a soul-destroying 99 weeks of unemployment which at the end of it, don’t have the dignity to take an interview, if they can even get one. If anyone is a domestic terrorist, it is Obama. And speaking of domestic terrorists, he puts someone so incompetent in as the head of DHS that she actually said that we can’t protect against attacks that we don’t know about. Well no screaming eagle sh*t huh? But instead of profiling against KNOWN threats, i.e., Muslim males aged 20-40, she implements ball grabs, tits rubs, ass checks, diaper probes, and old fogey rouses more akin to Hitler’s Gestapo than an American law enforcement agency. Obama has been quick to hold CEOs accountable for their so-called "sins" yet NO ONE is holding him accountable for HIS! He is the CEO of America, should he not be held accountable for his lies, his scandals, his violations of his oath of office? The Gunny says, HELL YES!

One of his biggest lies is that the economy is improving, that we’ve turned the corner, that he inherited a bad deal, blah-blah-blah. But to the average American, inflation is growing and eating into the wages and accounts of Americans, which only helps the politicians who started it, as energy and food prices skyrocket. He who declared that he was going to bankrupt the coal industry is doing exactly that and Congress plays tiddlywinks! The energy grid is stretched to the limit in the summer heat and WHY? Because Obama and his minions REFUSE to grant licenses to build new power plants because it might hurt a frigging lizard or a small fish in a stream, or cause global cooling, warming, climate change, etc. Obama and his rogue agency, the EPA, has closed farms in California that had been in families for decades, all because of the Delta Smelt, evidently more important than humans and the farms that feed us. This clown still yaps about climate change. Yeah, Spring goes to Summer goes to Fall goes to Winter and oddly enough, back to Spring.

The deaths from this heat wave can be laid directly at the feet of Obama and the Left. The price of gas should be a buck a gallon yet by forbidding drilling and refining, Obama HURTS America and Americans. Inflation and regulation by Obama’s Regulatory Czar, one scumbag named Cass Sunstein, are a hidden tax and cost on American families and businesses. His laughable release of some strategic oil does nothing but diminish the level we may REALLY need one day! It is Obama that is screwing Americans from coast-to-coast and again, Congress does nothing. Being called a racist scares them but the Gunny was taught that, "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." Maybe Congress needs to learn that kindergarten lesson.

Evidently, right and wrong means nothing to Obama who starts wars in Libya, Yemen, and Somalia, and tries to bypass the War Powers Act of 1973 through nefarious means like "we’re only in support," and other lies, exposed by the foreign press and ignored by the Lapdog Media. Obama betrays our allies at every turn and kowtows to our enemies and Congress ignores it. Obama lied to the American people about keeping our private insurance when in full knowledge that ObamaKare would ultimately crush private insurance agencies. Obama illegally fired Gerald Walpin (IG) when he investigated Kevin Johnson, a good friend of Obama’s, for misuse an AmeriCorps grant. Obama deprived Americans of their rightful dues from contracts and investments, went he seized AIG, Government Motors, and Chrysler. Obama allows his other clowns, Bernanke and Ghietner to print money like it's going out of style, do stupid things like Quantitative Easing, and usher in inflation, adding to the misery of Americans not seen since FDR did a number on the American people in the First Great Depression. His bypassing of the Senate by appointing radical commieCzars has not gone unnoticed by the American people who seek to regulate every aspect of our lives! It was KKK Byrd who named it: "The accumulation of power by White House staff can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances."

Moreover, Obama mewls that he does not want the U.S. to default on its obligations, but then demands that he get a deal from Congress wherein HE can run up another 2 TRILLION in debt, which will go far in wrecking the full faith and credit of the United States of America. Obama vowed to not pay out Social Security, Medicare, VA debts, and the Military and in doing so, would be in violation of Article VI of the Constitution which states: "All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation." And Article I, section 7, states "All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills," yet Obama works with the Gang of Six to pervert the Constitution and economy at will.

In conclusion, Obama, the petty tyrant, is literally begging to be impeached and in the opinion of the Gunny, is TRYING to push Congress into it, much like a spoiled child pushes and pushes his/her parents to see how far they can go, until with lax parents, they run the household! Congress needs to pull down his red diaper and spank his ass until he has a serious case of the red ass, and not the Marxist variety he already has! The SCOTUS ignored the fact that he was not a "natural born" American, with TWO US Citizens as parents. The Lapdog Media ignored the fact that Obama ran around with domestic terrorists like Ayers and Dorhn and PLO terrorists like Rashid Khalidi! (Release the video tape ABC) Those who voted for this jughead ignored the fact that he was as unqualified for the job as a newborn baby. From his illegal refusal to follow and abide by the laws of the United States to his numerous violations of his Oath of Office to his numerous lies to the American people, to his lack of integrity and trust, Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached by the Congress and put on trial in the Senate and SOONER rather than later.


  1. I think we're stuck with this clown like a case of herpes.
    Sure we may get rid of him in 2012 but, his crap policies, debt and, weakening of the country will take quite a while to repair.

    Impeachment isn't going to happen because even the slightest criticism has liberals crying "RACISM!" at every opportunity since it's the easiest card to play and, requires no proof to play it.

    Gunny, every example you've listed have been answered already with "you're only against those things because he's black" know, as if a white marxist with the same dismal record and filthy associations would be acceptable to us?
    Liberals actually are dumb enough to believe that.

  2. I agree that "In conclusion, Obama, the petty tyrant, is literally begging to be impeached and in the opinion of the Gunny, is TRYING to push Congress into it...". IMHO, this would cause much civil unrest and allow for the institution of marshal law. Those who want the lid to come off this country are poised to get their wish, one way or the other.

    Race is not the issue and anyone with even two brain cells that occasionally bump together knows that to be the case.

  3. Sepp,

    Liberals are indeed stupid but the Republican Majority Congress has no excuses, especially when Kucinich the Mad Dwarf Lib wants to impeach him!

    Can we just impeach the 50% white Obama?

  4. TGP,

    I would serve that indictment up on a silver platter if I could! If I was a Congressman, I WOULD be doing it.

  5. Impeachment will only hurt the GOP. Clinton ADMITTED to perjury, but the Senate said perjury is NOT a crime, unless your name is Roger Clemens. The result was a huge backlash against the GOP. Anything that happens is always the fault of conservatives, in the minds of the people. Just look at the debt problem. The GOP has put forth plans that have been shot down. The Dems have put forth NOTHING, but the people are blaming the GOP for it.

    As for any of his underlings, they will all be pardoned.

  6. Mrs AL,

    The bottom line for me is that we either follow the law, ALL LAWS, or we don't. Obama doesn't. They were ready to impeach Nixon for LESS than what Obama has done. Don't get me wrong, the Senate and the Congress are just as bad for letting him get away with it all!

  7. The Craw,

    I disagree brother. It hurts us when we IGNORE what this tyrant is doing. There is always going to be the 20% of liberal morons who boo-hoo over their corrupt messiah, piss on em. The majority of America would see the right of it especially if the GOP actually put someone out there who could speak to it and list the crimes of this bum.

    BTW, damn the Senate to listening to Obama speeches in Hell, for eternity, for not impeaching BJ Bubba.

  8. I agree that it is the RIGHT thing to do, but the Dems and media play the PR game soooo much more effectively (thanx to 50 years of Great Society and decades of union teachers) that it would ensure Obama's re-election in 2012, and probably gain the House back for the Dems.

    Who do we have that would be able to present the case not only to the House and Senate, but to the American people in a manner that brings them over to the Constitutional side of life?

  9. Craw,

    You have a very good point there and it is a scary one as well. I would propose LtCol West making the statement since he speaks from the heart AND is one helluva patriot.

    The only thing I can say is that Congress enforces the laws and jails people like Holder, Obama, etc. Too many times we have looked the other way and now, we have to rein them all in.

  10. Questions, if I may ... don't impeach and what happens? Impeach and what happens?

    Wouldn't the former only prolong the fall off the cliff and/or increase the agony of the fall? Wouldn't the latter serve to bring everything to a head in a timely fashion such that we can get this over already?


  11. Mrs AL,

    I agree with the latter. We HAVE to start holding people accountable for their crimes and THAT includes violating their Oaths of Office! High crimes AND misdemeanors means exactly that.

    Now I read on Drudge where this idiot actually says that he would like to make his own rules...


  12. While we'd LOVE to see this prick run out on a rail,AIN'T gonna happen. Not with the gutless bastards who run the so-called "opposition" party. They simply want to be looked upon favorably by the Beltway bunch. Delusionally so. Never will happen,so long as libs and prog/stats run the social scene. Too bad NONE of them realise WE do NOT give a flying rat fuck if they are LIKED,or accepted,or whatever the hell other term one wants to apply.We want them to REIN IN the out-of-control train that is about to jump the goddamn tracks.

  13. Gunny,
    did you just post a column, then retract it?

  14. clyde,

    It is business as usual inside the Beltway. THEY need to be held accountable as well.

    As I have stated before, PURGE THE AUGEAN STABLES IN 2012!

  15. Craw,

    I did. Meant to hit save as draft as I am still gathering info on it.

  16. Obama, Pelosi and Reid aren't the problem. The problem is that there are enough stupid people to keep putting those kinds in office, and enough dependent people to keep inisisting that the welfare state they create is our only hope of economic salvation.

  17. I agree. The whole lot of his cabinet, czars and alphabet agency heads should be rounded up.
    But there are not enough 'Pubs with the balls to do that.
    Ideally no indictments should be handed down until after the '12 elections, to avoid blanket pardons.
    But like I said before there ain't enough balls in the entire Republican party to outfit a single man even if he had one good ball already.

  18. Gunny,

    You don't need to gather info. Just do like the Dems and make shit up.

  19. TGP,

    HAHA. Unlike the libs, the people who read this blog are (except the libs) pretty damn smart and would tear me a new ass if I did that! Only Libs can get away with it because their followers are dumber thandog sh*t.

  20. You're being awful hard on dogsh*t, aren't you?

  21. TGP, it isn't that they "just make shit up", they just tailor their version of reality to fit their fantasy.

  22. Gunny, O'Vomit's black support in the Mississippi Delta is changing. More and more blacks (including the entitlement crowd) are saying they will no longer support O'Vomit. Considering that in 2008 O'Vomit got 99% of the Mississippi Delta black vote, this is quite a change.

  23. Connie Rice should run for Prez,she would whip the piss out of ObamBam. Then let them holler

  24. Willy,

    Blacks would just call her a sell out again like they did before.

  25. This whole page seems to be towards division. Is there a link to a page that is both smart and understands that we need to work towards explaining our point? All these off the cuff jabs make this page only a preach to the choir kind of place.

  26. Vote! RON PAUL, let's try to take back this country!, and change our present corrupt political system, get back to a constitutional government, get rid of foreign countries' lobbyists & multi-national corporate lobbyists, take over the FED and break the fed's private bankers stranglehold on our government!, get back to a gold backed dollar!
    enforce all the immigration laws on the books, impose tariffs and begin to build back our industrial base, buy Made in USA products. it starts with Voting!

  27. Anon,

    "This whole page seems to be towards division?"

    Have you READ anything I've posted in the past? This page is dedicated to the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS and the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE and the values and beliefs taht made this nation great.

    And if the gov't stands in our way, if the gov't is tyrannical, if the gov't shreds the Constitution, then Jefferson was quite clear on our duty.

  28. Gray Ghost,

    I'll believe it when I see it my brother.

  29. Gunny, you are the man. Agree 100%.

    Regarding Anon's comment "This whole page seems to be towards division": that is the typical spineless attitude of the compromising loser. Liberals have no idea what 'standing on principle' means.

    How should one compromise with evil? For example:
    1. Muslims want to push Israeli Jews into the sea.
    2. Israeli Jews want to "not die".

    What is the Carteresque compromise?

    Push 1/2 the Israeli Jews into the sea. Now both sides are happy, right?