Thursday, July 14, 2011


"As this government stands, I despite and abhor it. I speak as one poor individual - but when I speak, I speak the language of thousands. If I am asked what is to be done when a people feel themselves oppressed, my answer is…overturn the government."

The words of Patrick Henry were spoken, not of the British government oppressing Americans but rather, the US Government oppressing Americans. Patrick Henry, referred to as the "Trumpet of the Revolution," spoke out in favor of the rights of Americans to live as free of the government as possible and to govern themselves as a free people, not slaves of a government.

We must begin to think about how much more abuse we will take from this regime before we rise up in righteous anger and demand REAL change, not some hyped up hopey/changey, which is nothing but the Chicago Way forced down on Americans, with graft and corruption flowing like a river of sh*t, from every Democrat orifice straight into the White House, the DOJ, and various government agencies like the BATFE and the EPA.

Stephen Chu, King Putt’s "energy czar" is yet another perfect example of an unqualified clown in a position far over his head. His desire for TEN DOLLAR a gallon gas for us impacts each and every American and not in a good way. The oppressive regime currently in power restricts oil drilling and ignores the rulings of a federal court, not once but twice, and prevents Americans from drilling for their own oil on lands within their own nation. This forces us to send our capital out for foreign oil, which keep foreigners working but keeps Americans unemployed. How much of the billions we are forced to send overseas is routed to terrorists or other enemies of our nation? So we are forced, by the Federal government, to purchase foreign oil, contrary to our national interests, so is this not oppression? Is this not treason at the highest level? Then, the price of gas goes up, as foreign suppliers conspire against us (remember OPEC’s boycott in the 70’s?), which affects us as a base level, starting with the farmers, fisherman, airlines, etc. The more a farmer has to pay for fuel, the higher his crops are going to cost us, thus driving up the cost of food for all of us. Meanwhile, Obama Parum Tyrannus Rex dines on Kobe beef and Arugula, even as more and more Americans are on food stamps. Is it not oppressive to attack our quality of life at every level, denying Americans the ability to improve their lives or live their lives, without crap like Curly Fries Lights filled with mercury being jammed down our throats? It must be remembered that our Founders went to war over taxation without representation, because King George III ignored the pleadings of Americans, much like Congress and the Senate, along with King Putt, ignore us. ObamaKare and Nutsy Baloney’s big gavel anyone?

Consider the fact that the Federal government can come in and take land away from a state in order to designate a national forest or BLM land and prevent a state from developing the resources located on it. Is that not oppressive? The Federal government could conceivably come in and designate the Grand Canyon as a National forest or preserve simply because it is a national treasure, much like Yellowstone is. That is understandable but to take 80% of the land in Alaska and deny the state the ability to develop the resources for the use of their citizens, to deny them the jobs and the revenue, is oppressive. One must ask themselves why the West, so rich in resources and land, is prevented from developing their resources by the Feds? There is no charter in the Constitution allowing them to do this yet they get away with it, at the expense of the nation-at-large.

The economic oppression of the Obama regime would not have been tolerated by the American people in 1775 for very long. Right now, 49% of all Americans are paying 97% of the taxes, with the top 1% paying a horrendous portion of the fruits of their labor, while the 51% who pays a scanty 3% of the total income tax bellow for those above to pay more of their "fair share." King Putt, Nutsy Baloney, Dingy Reid, and the Democrats have replaced King George III, Parliament, and the Redcoats as they work to take money from Americans in order to pay for votes from that 51% and enact legislation that fattens their wallets (Democrats gain 9% more than average on the stock market) while they force Americans to buy CFLs, ObamaKare, and fund green bullsh*t like the failed solar power panel factory on old Fort Devens, now likely to get ANOTHER few billion thrown their way, thanks to Obama, who spends our money like it was his own. Economic oppression includes putting morons like Gheitner and Bernanke in charge of our economy when they could not even run a lemonade stand at a profit or wasting billions of unaccounted for tax dollars on the Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones. Along with this, we get hit with a mandatory Social Security tax, a mandatory Medicare tax, mandatory unemployment tax, gas tax, etc, etc., that saps the economic will of this nation, while allowing corrupt politicians to use that money to buy votes, i.e., "Republicans will starve granny," "Republicans will stop your Social Security checks," etc.

Consider the economic cost to the various 57 states thanks to illegal aliens and how the Obama Regime reacted to Arizona’s constitutionally valid law to stem the flow of the human locust. As of July 2010, it costs the United States and estimated 113 BILLION (conservative estimate) a year to harbor illegal immigrants but what is the cost of lost jobs? The violent crime they do here in the US? Trial costs? Prison costs? Health care costs (free for them at your local ER)? If an American citizen loses his/her job to an illegal alien, is that not economic oppression by a government who fails to adequately represent their legitimate citizenry? Is that not taxation without representation since said government takes our money while ignoring their duties under the Constitution to secure the borders and protect the population from invasion? Instead, they sue Arizona and now are attacking Texas over the same thing, the state trying to protect their citizens against the human locust! Would it not be justifiable for Arizona or Texas to ignore the rulings of a bought and paid for Obama federal court, much like Obama ignores laws about things like using the White House for fundraising? The Sanctuary Cities ignore Federal laws and the politicians could care less, as long as the money and votes roll in, ignoring the people who call out for the Constitution to be followed. Maybe we in Alaska should ignore the Feds and simply start drilling wherever we want to, what could the regime do? Nothing. If King Putt can ignore the law, then so can we.

Just consider four headlines on Drudge:

2. WH Cracks Down on Press: No Yelling at Obama Today...
3. Fed May Launch New Stimulus...

Our very nation is being flushed down the toilet by this despotic and tyrannical regime and it appears that Congress and the Senate could care less! Our credit rating is following that of Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, etc, and all the White House is concerned with is the press yelling at Obama Parum Tyrannus Rex! What, the little pansy from Hawaii can't handle it? The so-called Leader of the Free World and Wielder of the Intrepid Nine Iron gets huffy from a little blowback? SACK UP YA SISSY! The Obama stimulus sucked big time, his own economists verified that, and these idiots want to do it AGAIN even as the dollar tumbles? The Cash for Clunkers made the price of used cars actually RISE, making it harder for people to purchase transportation, even as it wasted our tax dollars! But here we go again on the Liberal's merry-go-round of re-hashed bullshit ideas, tax and spend and tax and spend. Frigging worse than the multitude of Hollyweird remakes of great old movies!

There are a few things for certain and that is, if we do not win in 2012 in a landslide, the voter fraud from SEIU, AFL-CIO, ACORN, the teachers unions, etc., will put our necks in the noose and if we fail to pooper scoop the Senate of the liberal sh*t therein, we are in deep kimchee. If we lose in 2012, there will be two choices left to us, slavery or freedom. There won’t be a middle road with this tyrant in charge and on the rampage with four more years to screw this nation because even as a lame duck, the petty tyrant will subject us to the UN and the tender mercies of our enemies, simply because he hates America and what we stand for.

Patrick Henry may have given us the gameplan for 2013 over 200 years ago.


  1. Time to flush EVERY turd out. Most likely not enough sewer capacity,however.

  2. This situation has been coming on for longer than any of us has been alive. That said, I have an odd question, if I may ... do I owe allegiance to this country any longer? If the Constitution has become toilet paper and our currency worth no more than globs of fecal matter, should I any longer hold my head high as a Virginia and U.S. citizen?

  3. Gunny,

    Excellent! Take a bow.

    I cannot agree more with your words. The choice is crystal clear next year... freedom or slavery.

  4. clyde,

    And not just in government either but the political appointees at all levels. Bush failed to thoroughly purge the Clintonistas in 2000 and they screwed him every inch of the way there after.

  5. Gunny,

    Out here in the sticks, the pursuit of happiness has been outlawed. We are almost out of liberty, and without constant vigil, life will disappear too. I honestly believe that my grandparents would think they had it better than my family back in the depression.

    Obama and his minions have no problem violating my civil rights while they protect those of illegal aliens, who DON"T have any on this side of the river. Its really getting me down. The bastards are after my house, and wouldn't you know, I don't qualify for any of Obama's don't get foreclosed on plans. I'm ready to fight.

  6. I'd like to see where you got those figures about proportion of taxation by low mid and high level income earners. What would you rather see? The lower level earners paying larger portions? I would think the better idea is that those who earn the most, pay the most. What is wrong with that?

  7. John,

    Backwards ass thinking. Everyone needs to pay something, or too many people have no vested interest in what goes on in DC - hence the current crop of idiots walking all over our rights. The low income groups need to pay more - which means pay anything. No one should be getting a free ride, and they need to knock off this earned income crap. No one should get back more than they pay in.