Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Long time troll of the Anti Liberal Zone and liberal blog failure Ivan recently mewled:

"Obama "toast in 2012?" Think again, rightoid numbnuts.

NEWS ITEM: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama said on Wednesday it raised $86 million from April to June, exceeding its $60 million quarterly target and eclipsing Republican White House contenders. "Obama's 2012 campaign said it received donations from more than 552,000 people, with what it called "more grassroots support at this point in the process than any campaign in political history."


Whatever are you going to do with your rage when Obama is re-elected next year?

Better think about it."
One thing is pretty funny is that Ivan actually cites Reuters as a source, which has been exposed as printing crap and drivel on a scale not unlike the NY Obama Times, while the National Review exposes the Reuters lie for the propaganda it is.

You see fellow patriots, this is what goes on in the mind of a libtard. They see only what they want to see. In the tepid mind of this moronic libtard, Obama is a shoe-in simply because he has raised some dough and will kiss the ass of his master, Soros, for more money in 2012.

But the libtard specializes in ignoring of any other facts that oppose their point of view, which makes them not only stupid but dangerous as well, like a blind man wandering in a minefield. For example, Gallup reports that only 22% of Americans support a debt ceiling increase, which jives with another Gallup report that only 21% of Americans consider themselves Liberal! Stupid is as stupid does is the rule for these idiots. It is quite obvious that facts mean little to these clowns concerning the reelection of their messiah. Consider the headlines on Drudge today, in regards to the tyrant:

1. U.S. Debt Ceiling Increase Remains Unpopular With Americans

2. Washington gets $200 billion a month, Social Security costs $50 billion a month, and Obama is threatening to starve Grandma?

3. Obama is Jimmy Carter’s second term.

4. Obama fundraising behind his 2008 pace.

5. And thanks to this regime, our rating of AAA is now in danger.

Liberals quite obviously disregard facts as unimportant items, much like BJ Bubba disregarded morals and ethics and Obama does to the Constitution! Obama sucks, that is the bottom line and moreover, he is a petty tyrant who seeks, in his narcissistic fog, that we do what he says, not as he does.

Consider that Americans do not appreciate a tyrant and we never have. We see that Obama and his minions, i.e., Eric "The Racist" Holder violates the Constitution and our laws with absolute disregard and that the Congress does nothing about it. How then can we have faith in our government? We can’t. The Supreme Court refused to hear any cases on whether or not Obama was an illegal president, so how can we trust them? Again, we can’t. We see Obama trying to regulate our lives through Executive Orders, a misuse of them in the first place, and we know that the petty tyrant is as work against us, which is why his approval rating is in the toilet, yet libtards like Ivan and the rest of his ilk are too ignorant to see it or understand it. We watched as Obama sent his hatchet wielding clowns, Nutsy Baloney and Dingy "SEIU voter fraud" Reid, in to ram ObamaKare and 2 trillion dollars of new spending down our throats, even though it was unwanted as well as unconstitutional so again, we are left without honest representation and could only watch as Nutsy Baloney and the rest of the scumlapping Democrats marched through a Tea Party rally with a big gavel, trying to create an incident.

In addition, the petty tyrant has defied multiple court orders, his illegal oil drilling ban for one, and nothing has happened to him so we see that our court system is unjust and that Congress is a joke. The violation of the War Powers Act of 1973 in Libya was a complete slap in the face for justice in America, yet mutts like Ivan refuse to speak out about that. A mother was arrested for refusing to allow the TSA to grope her daughter and the TSA is replying with the same old tired bullshit that they’ll re-instruct their employees, redo policies, reduce groping children, etc, etc, ad nauseum. They'll lay low for awhile, as criminals will do, before the next outrage. America would be well served by a week long boycott of the airlines. Once again, we see that we are being betrayed by fools like Janet Incompetano, who are as unqualified in their job as Obama is in his! Obama and his minions have completely violated the 4th Amendment as their TSA clowns perform warrantless searches of Americans in airports and soon, bus stations and trains stations. How many more Americans will be illegally arrested and lose their rights to own firearms and to vote in elections, thus rendering them defenseless and disenfranchised as well? And speaking of defenseless, we watch as Obama refuses to secure the southern border and allows Operation Fast and Furious to occur, Holder abets it, and they all cover it up, stonewalling a spineless Congress and Senate. The same old, same old occurs in DC and the only people getting the shaft are loyal hardworking Americans, not nutbags like Ivan or the rest of the Parasite Class, which is why they are silently in consent of the tyrant.

Moreover, we have seen how this regime, run by the little tyrant, has sued Arizona because they want to keep the illegal human locust out, we have seen how Holder not only refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation but black criminals as well, since they are "his people." In fact, any black on white hate crime will not be prosecuted by the DOJ under Holder, in ignorance of equal justice across the land and a violation of his Oath of Office, and once again, Congress does nothing. We are left adrift and must fend for ourselves. If we rose up in revolution, could we be blamed for it after all of which has transpired? Would we be in the wrong? Not hardly. Good God, the TSA inspects the diapers of OLD PEOPLE! and the ATF is going after Montana and seven other states for passing the Firearms Freedom Act that strips the Feds from regulating firearms made in that state and sold only within that state, and still we seek peaceful resolution. Indeed, when Texas wanted to dump the ball grabbing TSA, our petty tyrant was going to declare Texas a "no-fly" zone, like they were Iraq, even as he ignores or abets the Islamofascists in places like Iran or aids Marxists like Zelaya in Honduras! Oh, and who can forget that this petty tyrant had CO2, a necessary gas within our own atmosphere, declared a toxic pollutant and able to be regulated by the rogue agency, the EPA, and tradeable in credits in the Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange, which would enrich him and his cronies, and of course his master, Soros.

This, brothers and sisters, is the tyranny we face now. A petty man-child in love with himself, managed by a wife who is merely a two-faced grifter (not unlike her husband), who lords it over us, with liberals like Ivan incapable of seeing the truth of it. Ignorance, stupidity, and poltroonery are necessary ingredients of being a liberal then. Indeed, they are enablers of liars and scoundrels and they live in a fantasy world where their leaders can do no wrong because as libtards, THEY can do no wrong and can never be wrong. Van Jones and Obama steal or lose billions through bullshit green jobs that never appear and a solar panel plant in Taxachusetts that goes busto and the Left merely nods their empty heads like it is no problem. No biggie the lib thinks, we tried, heedless of the fact that that money was forcibly taken from us and used for crap and wasted. They elect a serial liar like Obama, after electing another serial liar like BJ Bubba, and they revel in the grandiose accomplishments of those liars and scumbags, willfully ignorant that they were merely lining their pockets and feathering their nests, at the expense of us all, and working to run this nation down.

One has to ask the question that if Obama Parum Tyrannus Rex stops Social Security checks to granny and gramps, will he also stop the various payments to his illegal alien auntie Zeituni, or is that to much to ask of Obama, the Little Tyrant King? What will idiots like Ivan and his ilk say about that? What will these morons say when this clown is not only booted in 2012 but indicted by, say, Ann Coulter, (the Gunny wishes) as the new head of DOJ under a Tea Party presidency of Cain/Bachmann, with Ron Paul auditing the Fed and Bernanke and Ghietner joining Obama and Holder in the docket along with a host of their minions, say, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Samantha Power, Hitlery Klintoon, etc, etc.!

In any event, liberals must be run out of power at all levels in this next election and kept out of a generation or two to repair the damage done by the Left since the 60's! We must keep exposing the Left and those who pay their bills until they can no longer hide under a rock and must face the light of day. And once we clean out the Augean stables located in the House and Senate and remove the little man-child, we'll finally have the representation that America deserves.


  1. Good old Ivan. He does have a point,Gunny. The damned republicans cave on these budget deals,and the debt ceiling,those of us who are sick and tired of people like Limbaugh telling us the republican party is the only way to defeat Obama,while giving the bateared cocksucker what HE wants,WILL drive the formation of a third party. While Obama,since he actually is NOT the potus,just a full-time campaigner,is out raising huge amounts,that money will not neccessarily mean he wins.I can't believe there are so many idiots still shoveling this prick so much money.

  2. On Vieques Island, I put a 203 round on an IVAN target and it vaporized. I won $75 with that shot. Why would some lib idiot want to be known as Ivan? What a dick.

  3. Gunny,

    Great post brother. Careful, you'll bust a vein.

    This essay and countless others that I have read which chronicle the sheer corruption and misdeeds of this regime almost makes my head explode.

    If this were a GOP administration the Left would be screaming at every slight, real or imagined, but now only crickets are heard. This of course is to prevent the masses from knowing what is going on.

    Fortunately the great un-washed have awakened to the BS that spews from DC and they aren't buying it.

    You are indeed correct, the libs need to go. So do a bunch of RINOs.

  4. Clyde,

    Then only point Ivan has is his pointy head!

    On King Putt, I concur. Just read a story where American Jews are leving Obama, FINALLY! Maybe they are waking up to the fact that the Dems hate them.

    The GOP is treading on thin ice here and if they cave, they are in deep kimchee.

  5. TGP,

    Ivan is the resident goon! I once looked at his blog and it was a joke. Again, stupid is as stupid does and Ivan reigns supreme there.

    Nice shot BTW

  6. Hardnox,

    Thanks. Yeah, the corruption of this tyrant and his puppets, along with the idiocy of the libtards is aggravating. Hell, King Putt just walked away from the debt ceiling talks and the GOP FINALLY called him out on it.

  7. An entitlement that costs $50B per month. That must be terminated, but we can't just take the money from those who put in. Back to my old party platform?

  8. The Gunster babbled:

    >One thing is pretty funny is that
    >Ivan actually cites Reuters as a

    No, what's REALLY funny is that Gunsel isn't aware that Reuters (British, conservative and pro-business) is the oldest, best and
    most respected news wire service in the world, and that those who trash it invariably do so only because they've been made
    uncomfortable with what's been revealed.

    >If we rose up in revolution,
    >could we be blamed for it after
    >all of which has transpired?

    If by "blame" you mean convicted of treason and thrown in prison for the rest of your worthless life, the answer is yes.

    >Would we be in the wrong?

    Chances are, you'd be dead, gunned down like rabid dogs by members of the Washington, D.C. P.D.

    >Consider that Americans do not
    >appreciate a tyrant

    Actually, Americans have appreciated many tyrants, as long as those tyrants were elsewhere, didn't oppose U.S. policies and didn't interfere with American corporations'
    abilities to operate in their countries with impunity. To name just a few in no particular order: Indonesia's Sukarno, Iran's Shah
    (installed BY the U.S.), Cuba's Batista, Vietnam's Diem, Chile's Pinochet, Philippines' Marcos, Haiti's the Duvaliers, the Saudi royal family. . .

    Americans love freedom, but only THEIR freedom. They've never given a rat's ass about other people's. (And don't even think
    about citing WWII. Most Americans were quite content to see Hitler take over Europe as long as it didn't cost them. Which is why the
    canny Roosevelt contrived to have Japan attack Pearl Harbor, to give him an excuse to take the country to war.)

    I notice you didn't answer my question, which was, Whatever are you going to do with your rage when Obama is re-elected next year?

    He is going to be re-elected, that's all but certain. What will you do for kicks then?

  9. Gunny G said...

    >Ivan is the resident goon!
    >I once looked at his blog

    Blog? What blog? I didn't HAVE a blog. I've NEVER had a blog.

    Not until today, that is.

    You are cordially invited to visit The Anti-Fascist Zone here on Blogger.

    It's a place where sanity, truth and competent writing can be found -- in stunning contrast to this, Pinkstaff's semi-literate, spittle-flecked corner of Bedlam.

    Drop by and leave a comment, if you dare.

  10. Ivan,

    No one wants to visit your blog because you're as full of sh*t as an Obunghole speech.

    Obongo getting reelected? Yeah, whatever. Guess you missed the article today that say even libtards are leaving him and the Dem in Obunghole's own district told him to stop lying!

  11. Ivan,

    BTW, the GOP is talking impeachment of your pissant crybaby potus. I can't wait.

    You and the other libtard's meltdown will be one for the books. BJ Bubba impeached. Obongo impeached. Classic!

  12. Fuck this turd. I've known a lot of Americans who died so foreigners could be free. I've known many more who came close to dying. And I visited his "non-existent" blog several months ago, so not only is he a liberal turd, he's a lying liberal turd.