Friday, July 22, 2011


It is amazing that some people still don't get it. Democrats in power LOVE to tax the hell out of Americans and then piss the money away buying votes through things like Welfare, Social Security, 99 WEEKS of unemployment, Medicare, pet projects, 800+ items named for KKK Byrd (bought and paid for with our money), taxpayer funded junkets, vacations for Moochelle and the brats, trips hither and yon for King Putt, etc.

If you work for a living, STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS YOU DUMBA$$!

Case-in-point: "( - House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D.-Md.) said on the House floor last night that if the balanced budget amendment Republicans are supporting is ratified and included in the Constitution it would make it "virtually impossible" to raise taxes. "In order to pay our bills, Republicans would require us to pass a Constitutional amendment that would permanently enshrine their partisan budget priorities in law and make it virtually impossible to raise revenue," Hoyer said. The push for a balanced budget amendment is part of the Republican Cut, Cap and Balance plan. This plan would increase the federal debt limit by $2.4 trillion in exchange for cutting federal spending by $111 billion next year and for congressional passage of a balanced budget amendment that, if ratified, would require supermajority votes in Congress to increase taxes, increase the debt limit, or spend more than 18 percent of GDP in a given fiscal year."

Okay, Steny Hoyer is as stupid as the day is long, just another professional politician whose only talent is getting morons to vote for him and to sit on his ass all day long thinking of ways to separate Americans from their hard-earned cash. But to whine about it being "virtually impossible to raise revenue (taxes)" because Congress would have to have a super majority to put their hands in our pockets is a little over the top, even for a greedy union asskissing clown like Hoyer.

But here is the crux of the Dummycrats all rolled into one neat biscuit.

"Hoyer also said that the House Republicans were using the proposal to appeal to an "extreme fringe".

You see fellow patriots, WE THE PEOPLE are an extreme fringe for wanting our government to follow the Constitution as it was written. WE THE PEOPLE are an extreme fringe for wanting our government to run the business OF THE PEOPLE in an orderly, transparent, and fiscally conservative manner. WE THE PEOPLE are an extreme fringe for wanting our government to manage the affairs OF THE PEOPLE as we manage our own affairs, by living within our means! Or more to the point, STOP FREAKING PISSING OUR MONEY AWAY!

That is the nature of the liberal pissants brothers and sisters, that which is theirs, is theirs and that which is YOURS, is theirs. Our Founding Fathers designed this system so that THEY work for US yet Hoyer, Nutsy Pelosi, Dingy Reid, King Putt, and a host of liberal scumbags and RINO traitors see it otherwise. Wrong answer and come 2012, let us send these liberal scumbags and their RINO allies PACKING!

Hoyer is more concerned with ripping US off because we are an easy target. THEY get together, spend and spend, and then say, "oh shate, we need more money to spend," and simply raise our taxes, often behind closed door sessions and using inflation as a tool against us. Yet, it appears that GE and Immelt (King Putt's buddy) have dodged more taxes, maybe because Immelt has King Putt in his back pocket.

EXCERPT: "As Washington worries about the United States' growing deficit problem, there's mounting evidence the government is failing to collect taxes from wealthy individuals and corporations. A piece in today's New York Times by David Kocieniewski outlines how G.E. skirted paying any taxes on $5.1 billion in profits in 2010--in addition to claiming a $3.2 billion tax credit. The main reason G.E. is so adept at avoiding paying taxes, Kocieniewski writes, is because it's compiled an all-star team of in-house tax professionals plucked from the Internal Revenue Service, the Treasury Department, and "virtually all the tax-writing committees in Congress."

It would almost be funny except we have morons like King Putt yapping about sacrifice, eating our peas, etc, while the nitwit flies off to Ireland for another vacation. On second thought, can we pay the Irish to keep him? Now THAT the Gunny would not mind being taxed for!

A Constitutional Amendment for a balanced budget. Hmmm, about 75 years too late but better late than never. What is nice is that IT comes out of the Congress and goes out to the States for ratification; King Putt can do nothing about it but suck on it. There may YET be some good news to come out of this tyrant's regime and how they have screwed up America, especially if we have some impeachments and trials here soon, seeing as how Operation Fast and Furious goes ALL THE WAY UP to Eric Holder in the DOJ, who like as not, informed his boss, King Putt, about it.

So remember folks, only traitors and poltroons let their friends, who work for a living, vote for the tax and spend Dummycrats.

ALSO, the Democrat controlled Senate said NO to the House bill and then took the weekend off. So much for that debt threat huh? If it was SOOOOOOOOOO urgent to raise the debt ceiling and add MORE DEBT to the AMERICAN TAXPAYER, then why take the weekend off? Wouldn't RESPONSIBLE politicians want to work this out ASAP in order to SAVE America? Evidently not. 2012 cannot come soon enough.


  1. Great post again Gunny.
    But gee,the Irish are our friends, I sure would hate to give them our worst problem..Unless of course they might want Pelosi, Reid, Shumer, and a few other smaller problems to keep him company.
    I am so angry with the dems right now for killing the Cut Cap and Balance bill that I could scream. What happened to the dems that said they were voting FOR it?
    If this lie doesn't turn some of the voting democrats that you were talking to, then there is no hope for them at all!!!!

  2. If our corporate tax rate was lower and less complicated, along with less regulations, GE could use all that money they spend on paying lawyers, finding loopholes to exploit, lobbying congress, and complying with regulations to put a little more cash in R&D. This would actually benefit the economy and spur innovation and entrepreneuriship while giving people jobs to actually produce a commodity of some sort instead of just pushing papers that serve no real purpose. I'd rather see that instead of a bunch of lawyers and government employees raking in the cash. I fail to see how most of the country can't understand this or doesn't even care.

  3. Ol'Steny never has,nor never will,get it. Good post. The asshat seems to forget this would hamstring any dickheaded REPUBLICANS who want to raise taxes as well.

  4. I hate Obama and his evil minions. If Ireland would take them, I'll buy them all the beer they can drink. I may need to gather donations, but I mean what I'm saying.

  5. Folks like Steny make their living playing to the unthinking, stupid and lazy.
    He reminds me of the Amos 'n Andy character George "Kingfish" Stevens playing to the dumb(er) Andrew H. Brown.
    Those of you old enough to remember the program will get what I mean.