Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The US and the British have stood by one another for a very long time and on Monday, the Brits showed their level of class by honoring Ronaldus Magnus.

EXCERPT: "LONDON — Passers-by at the American Embassy, in the heart of London’s upscale Mayfair district, were greeted Monday morning by the disembodied voice of Ronald Reagan drifting through the air from large speakers — a prelude to the unveiling of a $1 million bronze statue of the former president here to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth. In defiance of the usual Fourth of July sentiments, American and British flags were intertwined and placed into perfectly trimmed hedges in leafy Grosvenor Square. Hundreds of guests demonstrated the much-vaunted special relationship by lining up patiently, in the accepted British style, for American cuisine in the form of Fresh ’n’ Tasty Jumbo Hot Dogs and Dippin’ Donuts.

As the brass band of the United States Army Europe struck up "America the Beautiful," an assembly of grandees — most of them conservatives like Reagan’s former speechwriter, Peggy Noonan, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice — as well as a Congressional delegation led by the House majority whip, Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, mingled with leaders of Britain’s governing Conservative Party."
The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, did not attend due to poor health but provided a statement on Ronaldus: "Through his strength and conviction, he brought millions of people to freedom as the Iron Curtain finally came down."

Imagine that, the very nation we went to war against in 1776 honoring not just us but probably the greatest president in well over 100 years and how does this regime repay the Brits? One, by giving the missile codes to their Trident missiles to the Russians. Two, by sending the bust of Churchill, quite possibly their greatest PM, back to the Brits from the Oval Office, where it had been since 9/11, after being loaned to us from the British Government's art collection. But the worst insult is the below picture, flashed to the world on 10 June 2009.

(The Resolute desk is a large, nineteenth-century partners' desk and it was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880 and was built from the timbers of the British Arctic Exploration ship Resolute. Presidents since Hayes have used the desk and it was first brought into the Oval Office in 1961. Since then, all following presidents have used it in the Oval Office.)


BUT THAT AIN'T ALL folks. The Brits even hosted a feast in honor of Ronaldus Magnum's 100th year birthday and served up roasted lamb and a Californian chardonnay. However, there was one person missing from the celebration and that was Louis B Susman? WHO, is Louis B. Susman you ask? Why, he is a donor to Obama and from the very city that Obama was a lawyer for ACORN in! How nice. Ol Louie also bundled $300,000 bucks for King Putt's coronation AND he worked for Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, betrayer of America's POW/MIA's and friend of Hanoi Jane Fonda, raising $247 million for Ol Lurch. Follow the money when you're checking up on libs and you'll always find a bribe therein.

But perhaps Ol Louie's biggest job is being the US Ambassador to the UK and it is nice to know that it only takes 300K to buy the US Ambassador slot to the UK and the Gunny is SURE that Ol Louie is very versed in diplomacy, being a rich banker, the kind King Putt often rails against. Susman is nicknamed Ambassador the vacuum cleaner for his ability to suck dry the pockets of the rich and stupid for donations to libtards like Sir Golfsalot but the Gunny suspects he got that name somewhere else along the line.

So in yet ANOTHER snub to our ally, the US Ambassador fails to attend the celebration for Ronaldus Magnus, probably on the orders of his master, Little Barry Obunghole, who probably acted on the orders from his master, Soros, fugitive from justice.

Oh, by-the-way, King Putt DID manage to send a grant of $79,819 to ACORN, through the Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA), by way of HUD. This, of course, is in violation of a federal ban on funding the ACORNholes. But really, what is a law to King Putt and this outlaw and illegal regime? Just an obstacle, like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are. Well, once a community organizer always a community organizer.

The Gunny is still wondering WHY King Putt AND Moochelle's license to practice law was revoked. Maybe one day, we'll find out.

Pissed off enough yet America? Ready to vote this bum and his corrupt croynies out?


  1. Can't this guy do anything right? My wife says he's a typical bi-racial kid raised by his white grandparents. Someone should have smacked him for putting his feet on THAT desk. My grandma would have thrown a biscuit pan at him for that, and she could aim a biscuit pan. Just ask my brother. After being told once not to whistle in the house, he forgot and got a biscuit pan to the head. He hasn't whistled in the house, or anywhere else ever since.

  2. hi Gunny, perhaps the Brits will save themselves from the oppression of the EU (80% of British laws now written in Brussels) - or from the influx of Islamic immigrants (Shariah law/courts operate within the UK)... if they wake up in time?

    Good they still recognize the wisdom of Reagan but I fear for the Brits... as their empire slowly crumbles around them... they head to the soccer games or to the pub.

    Let's not let America share the same apathetic fate, shall we?

    cheers from NZ

  3. Good post. Have to agree with Lisa G here.

  4. I do hope the next POTUS will apologize to the Brits for the shabby and unstatesmanlike attitude of Zero.
    Perhaps he could ask them to be so gracious as to allow us to have Winnie's bust back for awhile.
    I mean after all if Zero can go around apologizing for imagined wrongs surely we can apologize for his idiotic and insulting actions to our most loyal ally.