Saturday, July 30, 2011


The Gunny was on travel this week, for business, not fomenting a revolution, and observed the TSA in Anchorage Airport at work.

So you buy your ticket and you head to the TSA circle jerk, to disrobe, take your shoes off, get a ball rub, a tit grab, maybe an anal probe (no wonder Barney Frank flies constantly), and you get out of the security, grab your gear, get dressed, re-arrange your skivvies, and put your shoes back on. You head towards your gate and you think you're in the clear, well, you're wrong.

There were people outside of the security area getting a "random" pat down. Why? Even worse, at the gates, the TSA is doing random bag checks and testing the liquid you buy inside the secure area. So much for dumping your liquid OUTSIDE of the secure area.

No sh*t. They wheeled a little table over to the gate where the Gunny was boarding and they asked to look inside random bags and holding a little gizmo over people's water, Vitamin water, coffee, etc. There were a few people who had something to say about it but others simply handed it over. (Damn Sheeple) The Gunny had neither carry on or drink but he was prepared to protest like Hell if a pat down was performed (several people were pulled out of the line) but he passed through unscathed.

Now WTF is the purpose of searching people AFTER they have passed through the security Janet Incompetano swears is necessary to thwart terrorist threats, although the TSA has NEVER thwarted sh*t, only passengers have? If the Gunny goes into a kiosk and buys a bottle of water, how the HELL could it be explosive or dangerous material unless there was an inside person and since airport employees are screened, again, WTF? One buys a bottle of water out of a freezer full of them, at random, so how the hell could anything be wrong?

No, this is simply more bullsh*t from an administration staffed with incompetent idiots like Ghietner, Bernanke, Janet Incompetano, and Eric Holder, to name a few. The Fourth Amendment is quite clear:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

It is reasonable to expect a security inspection prior to entering a secure area in the airport but having roving TSA employees roaming loose performing random searches. If their security is so good, why the extra searches? Quite frankly, the TSA sucks and Janet Incompetano sucks, especially when a better system is available (Israeli airport security system) but this regime cares more for the rights of terrorists (just ask Eric Himpton (there should be a "P" instead of an "H" there) Holder and his law firm Covington and Burling.

When the tyrant is deposed in 2012 and the adults take charge again, it is time for a serious review of the TSA and the bullsh*t they have been pulling, under the direction of Janet Incompetano. Those responsible for violating the 4th Amendment, among others, need to be put on public trial for it and if found guilty, sent to prison.

What a complete waste of time, money, manpower, and resources the TSA is and if the beast cannot be fixed, then the American people should boycott the hell out of flying until the airlines scream bloody murder. We have a history of taking it to tyrants with boycotts, i.e., the Stamp Act, Tea tax, etc. It is too bad that this regime limits our drilling for oil or Americans might be able to rediscover America by driving to where they need to go, vice flying, like we used to do. Do yourself and your fellow Americans a favor and ask yourself, before you fly, "Is this trip REALLY necessary?" If not, stay home. If so, drive if you can.


  1. January 2013 can't come soon enough.

  2. Craw,

    I could not concur that enough! We have A LOT of SH*T to shovel out of the White House, the Congress, and the Senate.

  3. You ain't figured it out yet,have you? Let me help ya with that. These assholes are UNIONIZED,no? THAT equals more money to the dhimocrats. Simple,eh? It isn't,nor ever was,about security.

  4. TSA.
    Just another alphabet agency that has neither purpose nor justification.
    It is just a vehicle for "softening" the people up to more egregious personal violations on down the road. Y'know. The road they are always talking about kicking the can down.
    TSA and ATF are the two foremost and personal invasive violators of American rights and liberties but damn near all the other alphabet agencies do only one thing. Encroach on our life, liberty and pursiut of happiness.
    Uh... Okay... Name one that doesn't...