Friday, July 29, 2011


Can it be denied that Democrats possess the Porta-Potty touch? That everything they touch turns to sh*t?

Case-in-point: Two UCLA professors, both libs, do research on the Great Depression, trying to prove the fact that FDR and his Keynesian polices allievated the Depression faster than the Republicans could have done using common sense economics, as was done in the 20's (ushering in the Roaring 20's). What happened? The proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that FDR and his Keynesian policies made the Depression WORSE for Americans and made it drag on for YEARS longer than it needed to. 

So today, we find ourselves in a Depression. A Depression caused by Nutsy Baloney, Dingy Reid, and Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM!

Case-in-point: Here are three points to remember. One, the Congress was taken over by Nutsy Baloney and the Democrats in January 2007. Congress holds the purse strings and spends the money. Two, the Senate was taken over by Dingy Reid in January 2007 and the Senate does spending as well. Three, King Putz took over in January 2009 and had a BULLET PROOF MAJORITY in BOTH HOUSES! To be more clear, the Democrats OWNED THE GOVERNMENT and went on a spending spree to the tune of 14 TRILLION dollars. But let us look at the results of Democrat tampering with the economy and the results of King Putz's incessant blathering about businesses, etc.

The First Quarter growth was 0.4%, DOWNGRADED from the previously reported (in other words, Obama and the Regime LIED TO US AGAIN!) 1.9% and the Second Quarter is a measly 1.3%. The link below at Trading Economics allows you to check the GDP rate when the Democrats took over and it is horrendous.

In 2007, the growth was low. (Dems own Congress/Senate)
In 2008, the growth was trending down. (Dems own Congress/Senate)
In 2009, three out of four quarters were in the NEGATIVE! (Dems own all three houses)
in 2010, the growth was again, low. (GOP takes Congress in Nov)
In 2011, we are seeing some pathetic number, 1.3%? 0.4%?

Not to mention that unemployment has been RAMPANT the entire time this buffoon and his minions have been running the goverment. Please, ONE LIB, try to defend your messiah on this, PLEASE! Unemployment under Obama is UP 25% and still growing. Inflation, UP! Food costs, UP! Gas costs, UP! TAXES GOING UP!


America, this is what happens when you put idiotic Dummycrats in charge, who are nothing but ideologues who are slaves to a failed economic system (Keynesian) and a failed ideological system (Liberalism), that has failed everywhere it has been tried. Everywhere.

Consider the headlines on Drudge:

1.  GDP AT 1.3
2.  Gold soars, Dow plunges
4.  Consumer confidence at 2-year low
5.  Q1 CRASHED TO JUST 0.4%!
6.  4.9% unemployment in Mexico vs. 9.4% in US
7.  Black Middle Class Eroding As Unemployment Rate Soars...

But at least ONE glimmer of sunshine is peeking through the black clouds of the regime.

Obama falls to NEW LOW in approval rating... 40%.

See you at 30% soon numbnuts.


  1. It's because President Putts is black isn't it?

  2. 1. GDP AT 1.3
    2. Gold soars, Dow plunges
    4. Consumer confidence at 2-year low
    5. Q1 CRASHED TO JUST 0.4%!
    6. 4.9% unemployment in Mexico vs. 9.4% in US
    7. Black Middle Class Eroding As Unemployment Rate Soars...

    For the Obama administration, all those numbers just mean everything is going according to plan!

  3. "You can fool some of the people all the time,
    And you can fool all the people some of the time
    But you can't fool all the people all the time."

    Democrats can't seem to grasp the last line of that famous quote....
    They remain stuck on the first two lines.

  4. 40% approval rating is depressing. 2 out of 5 people I meet approve of him? That is sad. Why hasn't some patriot jfk'd him yet?

  5. Gunny,

    When I was in 1/8, I had a check cashing system I used to ensure I always had $50 in my pocket. I would cash a check for $50 at the cashier in the PX. The next day, I would cash a check for $100, then go deposit $50 to cover yesterdays check, and so on. You had to win at cards or win a bet at the range to even out and get back to $0. I used the system for about three months, and it drove me crazy trying to avoid the bounced check blues.

    I didn't realize at the time that I didn't come up with Cpl. Smith's Check Cashing System. Apparently its the same system Congress uses, without deposit the money to cover yesterdays checks. Why don't they all have ulcers from doing this for years on end?

    The economy must grow at 3% just to keep up with population growth. Anything less than 3% is actually receding. And that doesn't even account for inflation, which is getting to be pretty Jimmy Carterish.

  6. The worst part of this,is we know the dhimmis are economically illiterate,but FAR too many of "our guys" are as EQUALLY illiterate. When GWB was in,and the r's held both houses,THEN was the time to address this budget horseshit,but nooooooo,he was too fucking busy being a "compassionate conservative". ANY R utters that again,KICK him or her,SQUARE in the ass.I see Boehner's bill is headed to the damned Senate,to be sliced,diced,and Reidized into something that won't even be recognizable.Asshats would have been better off this past Monday to tell the doofuses here it is,take it or leave it. Fucking r's are too worried about taking blame. Shit,no matter WHAT happens,the dhimmis and the slavish droolers are going to blame them ANYWAY,may as well do what is RIGHT.

  7. It amazes me that there are still 40% of people who admit to supporting this amateur and his Legion of Doom. What could they possibly base their support on. Is there anything he hasn't fubared up?

  8. The DIM-O-CRUDS are showing their true colors---every shade of YELLOW!!THEY did the spending and have steeredthis ship towards disaster cince 2006!!!The Tea Party and fascal conservatives are SCREAMIN the warning--ICEBURG!will it be too late?? I hope not. and BTW I have a history lesson for those Brainiacs--FDR did NOT solve the depresssion---WW2 DID. ALSO the sleeping giant is AWAKE AGAIN and will vote in 2012!!!

  9. "The only thing we have to feah,
    Is feah, itself."
    And then he went on and gave us a bunch of stuff to feah....
    This country had better shake out of its sleep and realize.
    The communist menace was not around in the days of the founders. They did ot realize any citizen would want to destroy what they had fought to give.
    Freedom of expression, freedom of speech, are one thing but freedom to actively pursue courses intendent upon destroying our system should not be allowed and Constitutional amendments should be pn place to prevent such.
    Since the advent of Marx in the 1800's there have been those looking to subvert our system. When it became evident that outright challenges to the system would never fly with the American people, there was a radical change to more clandestine ways including changes in vocabulary. Since Theodore Roosevelt we have been under assault by proponents of this change.
    and now
    Every how many years have the "progressives", "liberals" or whatever they call themselves this week been in the Oval office?
    How many Socialists, communists (I repeat myself) and outright anti-Americans are in congress right now???

  10. ferrellgummit,

    I simply think that it is more because he is a narcissitic red diaper baby who is so stuck to his Marxist ideology, his hatred of America, and his cluelessness that he cannot see any other way, good or bad. Obama could be SEIU purple for all I care. The bottom line is that he sucks and sucks bad and the sooner we get him out of office and on trial, the better. And THAT goes for everyone in his admin, white, black, red, brown, yellow, green, etc.

  11. Sepp,

    NO LIE there. After 31 months of the moron, there can be no other explanation.

  12. Obama fancies himself as FDR on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as Kennedy on Tuesday and Thursday and as Reagan on Saturday and Sunday. According to his outlook, he is the true melting pot of Presidents.

  13. Buck,

    It is the Left projecting again. THEY are stupid so they think the rest of us are.

  14. JPKnowMad,

    I HOPE that no one whacks this clown and you should to. One, it is a bad thing. Two, I don't want a Sec Svc dude/babe to get hit by a bullet meant for Zero. Three, I want him around for a long long time, like Carter II, to run around like a rampant weasel, bitching about the US, kissing the UN's ass, and running the US down so that WE, can point to HIM, and say, "see, this is what you get when you vote Dummycrat!"

    Make HIM the example of the Democrats for the next 25 YEARS!

  15. TGP,


  16. Clyde,

    The country club RINOs are ONLY interested in keeping the status quo and going along to get along, i.e., McLame. THANK GOD for the Tea Party freshmen/women who are playing hardball with both the RINOs and the Dems. May we elect MORE OF THEM in 2012.

  17. Paladin,

    I have no idea what they're supporting but in listening to them in person, calls to Rush, Beck, etc, they have their heads up their asses and like it there. That is the only thing I can think of.

  18. 8th Man,

    I can't WAIT for 2012 to roll around. I'm betting that Obama is going to gin up a crisis to screw with the elections. He is the type of wannabe dictator to pull that kind of sh*t.

  19. Buck,

    You got that right brother. Funny that McLame's favorite POTUS is T Roosevelt! One Progressive to another! haha

  20. Buck,

    You got that right brother. Funny that McLame's favorite POTUS is T Roosevelt! One Progressive to another! haha