Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So Dingy Reid wants "shared sacrifice" for us all huh? Shared sacrifice means that we’re doing all of the sacrificing and he and his cronies are doing all of the spending, voting themselves nice pay raises, great pensions after only a couple of years of service (unlike the military who must serve at least 20 years for a pension), free healthcare from the military’s finest doctors, nice offices, free limo service, jet-setting all over the world on taxpayer supported junkets, all the while writing legislation to limit our freedoms. Dingy Reid may have forgotten the recent article that exposed that Congress uses legislation to make bank on stocks on Wall Street, with Liberals making bank NINE TIMES more than the average Joe does in the stock market.

What makes this so funny is that it has been DINGY REID and the other DEMOCRATS who have contributed to the predicament that we are in, with Fannie And Freddie, their refusal to reform Social Security, their asshat adherence to Keynesian economics, proven a huge failure over and over, their rampant spending, Bonnie Fwank the banking queen, ObummerKare and the trillions that will cost, liberals and high taxes, their various entitlement programs that keep bleeding us dry, their refusal to secure the border and their desire to reward criminal behavior through Amnesty ala the DREAM Act. Whenever a liberal says crap like this, don’t bend over around them because you’ll be in for a surprise. Consider the usual prattle that falls from the lips of the Great Liar-in-Chief.

1. The Gunny’s favorite from King Putt is his "Spending Reductions in the Tax Code." ONLY a liberal could think that one up and at the root of it, it means higher taxes for for US. In fact, we’re not only getting slammed here but also by inflation, now over 3%, which is a hidden tax on everything we buy, we invest in, etc. King Putt yaps about tax cuts and spending cuts but the gutless puke dodges the bullet here.

2. Another good one is, "Paying Their Fair Share," which is libspeak for the redistribution of other people’s money. THAT is the shared sacrifice that liberals have in store for us, we sacrifice our wealth so that they can share in the votes they buy with it. Unfortunately for us, it appears that liberals really don’t like to pay THEIR FAIR SHARE, seeing Ghietner, Solis, Rangel, and Hanoi John Fonda Kerry at work dodging taxes, lying on their returns, and nothing happens to them. When you hear things like "shared sacrifice" or "paying their fair share" it means that we the people are not paying high enough taxes for our wannabe masters inside the Beltway and liberals consider what is their’s, their’s and what is our’s, their’s.

3. "Investing In America," is another good one from the Liberals and what it means is more government spending and higher taxes to cover their spending. When Dingy Reid, Nutsy Baloney, or King Putt mewls about investing more in America, it really means that he wants to direct our tax dollars to one of his Chicago buddies, i.e., Van Jones, Green jobs, and the Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange.

4. King Putt’s union buddies are referred to as "Working People" since to him and the Left, they are the Cash Cow worth keeping alive, no matter the damage that unions do to America. Indeed, oddly enough, on Monday, the Teacher’s Union came out and endorsed King Putt for another four years, what a shocker huh? The REST of us are simply schmucks to be bilked out of tax dollars so that the government could buy Government Motors and then sell the stock at a loss, with the proceeds going to the UAW! We peasants could work 80 hours a week, at non-union jobs, in states that are "At-Will" employment states, and we simply don’t matter. Like the judges who chucked out the bill to remove affirmative action, passed by the people, our will and our desires must be subjugated so that the "Working People" can get a free ride in life.

5. "Shovel Ready" jobs from Obama is another good one from the Left. The only thing shovel ready from these bastards is the bullsh*t that pours out of their mouths as soon as they are opened. King Putt’s stimulus plan was SO BAD that they could have wrote a check to each "job" they created, for 100K and SAVED US half a trillion bucks.

So the Gunny is calling for the Left to share some sacrificing and here is his plan.

1. Congress gives up their pay until our nation is on a firm financial footing.
2. Congress moves into the barracks at Fort McNair and eats in the chowhall, just like the troops do, until the wars are ended and we’re on a solid financial footing.
3. Congress gets cut to one staffer per Congcritter. Suck it up. They make about 150K PER STAFFER!
4. Congress gets no more junkets, period, until our finances are in order.
5. Congress must travel on commercial airlines and their travel must be on an authorized mission, with GSA per diem for the area, not the inflated for Congress version.
6. All welfare recipients get regular drug, alcohol, and tobacco testing while on our dime until they get a job. If they pop positive, they’re off of it immediately.
7. All welfare recipients use food stamps, no more swipe cards to hide it.
8. All welfare recipients must do public labor to “earn” their food stamps.
9. All welfare frauds become slave labor at work camps, growing crops for the rest of us.
10. Obama has to stop golfing and going on vacation until we kick him out in 2012. This applies to the Firsts Wookie as well.
11. All the children of politicians must attend a PUBLIC school, just like our kids have to until school vouchers and school reforms are passed.
12. Pass the Fair Tax or a National Sales Tax and eliminate the Income Tax, so that everyone has skin in the fame, as Biden yapped about.
13. Term Limits for all elected officials with NO pensions anymore.

The list is endless as far as the Gunny is concerned and if Dingy Reid calls for "shared sacrifice," then let the leaders of this nation SET THE EXAMPLE, starting with King Putt! As far as the Gunny is concerned, HE and those like him, have sacrificed more than our fair share, especially when the Gunny sees how much money is forcibly seized from his paycheck for things like social security, that he will never see in his life or taxes that go up, with no end in sight, for bullsh*t like "Cash for Clunkers," or for buying a business (Government Motors) so King Putt can play CEO.

Oh, and one more thing that Dingy Reid can share is the middle finger America is giving him and the party of criminals, the Democrat Party, also known as Crime Inc and come November 2012, they can share the collective boot in the ass.

HOT! HOT! HOT! Obomination drones at White House get fat raise! (SEE CHART)


  1. How about requiring all congresscritters to be seen in their district every day they are on "break"? I have never seen my representative and he has been my rep for 20 years. And he claims to be a conservative Republican.

  2. I can simplify your plan a little. 6-9 can be solved by getting rid of medicare, social security, unemployment insurance, and I would consider all subsidies of any sort welfare as well. Let the market tell you what to plant/harvest/produce. Not the feds.

    Not a fan of the fair tax although the national sales tax is a good start but only once we shrink the size of government to at least 10% of what it is now. Otherwise we're pissing in the wind.

  3. Gunny,
    This is an absoloute GREAT plan!! I believe they should consider it seriously. If they don't, then they should shut up, and crawl back in their hole until we can replace them!!
    Many of these politicians are the worse moochers we have in the country. They do give the least of anyone.( they are so special you know..crem de la crem...In their own mind)
    Next to them are the unions.
    Keep speaking truth my friend.

  4. Sounds good. Decorate your campaign bus.I'll drive it. Damnable RNC should be all over this like flies on shit. Asshat called from the RNC yesterday,I told him if Romney,Gingrich,Pawlenty
    et al was all the better they could come up with for candidates,then we were already losing to the bateared cocksucker. Funny,the guy hung up.

  5. Let's just cut to the chase.

    "Shared sacrifice" = communism.


  6. Gunny,
    A good start for sure. I especially like the term limit one.

    People yap about there being term limits already since it is called the voting booth. I say they are wrong. Why do we have professional career politicians then? It's not because they do such a good job. It's because of moron voters. If we removed the incentive then we remove the parasites.

    Statesmen with a clear sense of purpose would run and we would have a representative government. At present big lobbyists run the show. We mean nothing except at election time.

  7. Clyde,

    Excellent. Can I use that when my phone rings? Bat eared cocksucker. No mistaking who you mean there. Now I'm looking forward to the call.

  8. No such thing as "shared sacrifice." Sacrifice is personal. Oxymoronic babble as usual.

    Great post, GunnyG!

  9. When I see Reid helping me work, I'll consider his idea.

  10. Liberals promise the world, get elected, then screw all who elected them, except for the big union bosses.


  11. Absolutely you can. When it comes to stuff like that,ANY tool in the box is there for one and all to use against the shithead.