Thursday, July 7, 2011


Now that the DOJ's and the ATF's gunrunning scandal in Mexico and the Southwest has blown up in their faces and it is being "investigated", the Regime needs a new whipping boy to deflect the public's attention and impose their will upon the American people.

EXCERPT: "In response to a Department of Homeland Security warning to airlines that it believes terrorists want to bypass full body scanners and blow up commercial airliners by planting bombs inside humans, the TSA has indicated it will intensify security procedures across the nation’s airports. "The Department of Homeland Security has identified a potential threat from terrorists who may be considering surgically implanting explosives or explosive components in humans to conduct terrorist attacks," an advisory to foreign counterparts notes, according to an unnamed U.S. security official. The advisory says that the DHS believes terrorists could inject a detonating chemical into themselves to trigger the so called "belly bombs". The memo also reportedly states "Our Government has information indicating doctors have offered to help extremists surgically implant explosive devices in humans and animals for terrorist attacks." Officials claim that full body scanners currently being used in airports would not penetrate deep enough to detect such devices. The anonymous official stated that there is no intelligence pointing to a specific plot or that any attack was imminent."

This is how it all starts. The "government" puts out some rabble rousing bullsh*t of some danger that MIGHT happen and then cracks down on security on legit citizens merely going about their business. Remember when King Putt stated:

"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

well here we are. The regime tosses out an unverified propaganda article, based on bullsh*t and conjecture, sans any facts whatsoever (liberals are great at this, think Global Warming, Global Cooling, and now Asian pollution halting global warming) in order to scare the public into accepting more anal probes, boob grabs, and ball gropes at our airports and soon, bus and train stations! While the government is checking out hot babes and looking into the diapers of old people and toddlers, a few terrorists will infect themselves with weaponized smallpox, jump on a plane to their target nation, and lethally infect the population, especially since so many Americans have never been vaccinated for it. So Americans will do as Benjamin Franklin warned against:

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security."

and they will happily accept a pat down, ball grab, etc, and the TSA folks will gladly comply.

The clowns at the top, Obama, Holder, and Janet Incompetano are only interested in the appearance of security and not REAL security or they’d be closely following the example of the Israelis. Holder refuses to prosecute black people because they are "his people" so profiling Muslims is out of the question, especially since his law firm is busy defending the Gitmo scumbags! Talk about a conflict of interest. So they drum up some thinly veiled bullsh*t and push it out to the sheeple.

All through history, oppressive regimes, like the one we currently have, have used whipping boys and strawman arguments to rule their populations. Stalin did it using the evil Jews, the evil Americans, the kulaks, hoarders, enemies of the state, etc. Hitler did it using the Jews and then "enemies within the state", etc. Now it is those evil terrorists just waiting to stuff some C4 up their colon and detonate on a plane. So the TSA is gonna do anal probes? Give everyone a chest x-ray? Have doctors on standby to do an abdomen check to make sure that there is guts in there and not Semtex! This sh*t is almost as laughable as that idiot from Mexifornia, Dianne “MILCON” Feinstein using a strawman argument to try and prove that a Barrett .50cal bolt action sniper rifle could shoot down an airliner. What a hoot. Liberals are morons.

So with modern technology able to produce explosive materials as thin as a sheet of paper, extremely small detonators, and watches used as a timer or a cell phone as a triggering device, what will the TSA do then? Make everyone fly naked? No carry ons? Everyone carrying government papers, oh wait that is already in the works. This is how stupid the DHS and TSA are what with having agents at bus and train stations, knowing that one mile down the road, the bus or train is unprotected. WHY would a terrorist try to board a train in a station with TSA agents running around when they can blow the track out in a turn and derail it, killing some, wounding some, and causing a nice media scare? WHY would a terrorist try to board a bus, in a station full of TSA agents when they can simply shoot an RPG into it down the road? We are only scanning about 1-3% of the cargo containers coming into America and they are worried about Americans flying domestically with C4 up their keesters, ready to detonate at 35,000 feet? What crap. Why, a liberal took off in his private plane and crashed into an IRS building and no one knew it was going to happen! Imagine a nutjob liberal filling his plane with gas cans and diving into a stadium or a theme park?

The sad thing here is that this regime is more concerned with oppressing the American people instead of securing our borders as the human locust, many of them up to no good, flood across it. Why target a large airport when you can hit a soft target like a carnival in a large city, a large movie theater, a county fair, a bridge loaded with rush hour traffic, a concert, etc. So when we need to fly, we’ll simply have to submit to a full body X-ray, then off to one of Janet Incompetano’s special rooms for a body cavity exam, then a blood and urine sample, followed by a DNA swab, then a retina scan and fingerprint scan, an instant background check, a review of the no-fly list, then a walk-through of a metal detector and gunpowder residue sniffer, and if you slaves don’t like it, shut up and comply with King Putt’s wishes!

Too bad Congress and the Senate and King Putt do not have to go through this crap or it would be stopped immediately.

olks, this regime, from Obama on down, are liars, crooks, and scumbags. Obama would not know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the ass. He and his wife are bold faced liars and hypocrites of a magnitude never before seen in American politics, surpassing BJ Bubba and Hitlery like a thoroughbred passes a mule in the quarter mile! Everyone in his Administration are liars and crooks and thieves and enablers for their messiah and what makes it worse is the idiots and sheeple who willingly surrender to the tyrant and his minions, and they busily gnaw away at our Fourth Amendment Right, simply because we need to fly somewhere. It is time for all Americans to band together and protest this bogus agency and the clowns who run it. Simply REFUSE TO FLY! Take a car and drive it where you need to go, looking at this beautiful nation from the ground, stopping at any monuments or sights as you please. TAKE the money away from the airlines and they’ll soon bitch and moan, especially the unions who regularly bilk the management for more and more cash and bennies that we end up paying for. And lastly, let your Representatives KNOW that this sh*t is unacceptable and that there will be a penalty to be paid by anyone endorsing this garbage. That is, unless YOU want to be the frog in the pot of cold water, with Janet Incompetano turning up the heat and destroying your rights.


  1. Distract and deflect. Pay no attention to the real issues!

  2. Gunny,

    News is coming out that osamabinbastardbamster was personally handing out weapons and ammo with pay tax payer monies. He might as well of pulled the trigger himself in the killing of American citizens. No other resident of the new black panther house ever did that.


  4. Gunny,

    I been saying since 9/11 that he terrorists are idiots. Taking out the twin towers may have terrorized New Yorkers, but it just pissed the rest of us off. If they were blowing up the First Baptist Churches in America's small towns, we'd be terrified. Stupid Arabs.

    Seeing America by car is the way God intended. Seeing our history and heritage firsthand is how you make patriots out of children. Excellent idea.

  5. Yeah. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    Along the lines of what you wrote, isn't it ironic that we kinda look back on the Clinton era as the good old days?

    Man, that's scary!

    I have no idea where they come up with these ideas. They must have a team of unpublished frustrated thriller writers sitting in some dank dark office somewhere coming up with these hare-brained fantasies.

  6. Hey, GunnyG, I took the quiz via the link above and am rated a "Philosopher-King" or some such thing. Does that mean if I call my Rep and U.S. Senators they will listen to me? Hahaha

    Great read here and as always, you are on target. It's getting scary out here in the cheap seats, but we are prepared as we can be for the worst.

    As for flying, this could probably be taken care of if all business flyers refused to fly for one calendar week. (Unless of course the % of flyers is no longer predominately business travelers. Been awhile since I flew on business.)

  7. I know this isn't a popular view here, but this is the same thing as the claim of wmds and al-qaeda collusion with saddam. We would be done in afghanistan if we had just stayed and pounded them out instead of going to iraq as well. Too costly and didn't get us much of anything at all.

    One possible way around this scenario in the future is to privatize our national defense and border control. UNREGULATED private industry will find the most efficient way to accomplish these goals.

    Here is a link to a short essay(75 pages) written by free market economist Robert Murphy that deals with this topic a little bit.

    I have links to other pdf publications in regards to this topic and national policing as well if anyone is interested.

    Be nice, we're on the same team.

  8. And,of course,these same dolts who can't breathe without government instructions will announce to their propaganda arms,the OLDM, what the fuck they intend to do,sending the REAL threat into DIFFERENT ways to ruin one's day.HJC,talk about the dog chasing his tail.

  9. R E,

    Operation Fast and Furious is seriously being investigated and Obama and Holder are in this up to their eyeballs.

    I HOPE they impeach the bums.

  10. TGP,

    I love driving across America and have done it many times on my own, seeing the sights. We have a magnificient nation and once we get rid of the liberal fifth columnists, we'll be even better!

  11. BrianR,

    Good post. Yeah, the Wizard of Oz is living in the White House. What they think is that WE are as stupid as the sheeple they prey on. They are sadly mistaken.

  12. Mrs AL,

    You, me, and probably many other Conservatives outscored not just the RINOS but the Libs as well. Hell, Conyers confirmed awhile back that Congcritters are idiots.

    Kudos on the quiz score.

    I would LOVE to see an airline start up, out of a private airport, that banned the TSA clowns nd used a private security service set up along the lines of the Israelis. They would do a mountain of business!

  13. JPKnowMad,

    No problem, we ARE on the same team with minor differences. I know Marines who found WMD's in Iraq, i.e., binary arty shells and chemicals.

    I DO agree that privatized security with some oversight, would do a better job BUT the reason ICE and TSA and DHS are so bad is that IDIOTS are running the show there. I know, I have a few sources inside the belly of the beast.

  14. clyde,

    The Left knows how to wag the dog well.

  15. Gunny,

    I spent a good bit of time in Iraq with 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Bn. Never heard anything about chems. Maybe you can email me and give a few more details?

    The fact that the government holds a monopoly over national defense is why they are run so poorly. The idiots in charge of these organizations are able to be in charge of these organizations because of the monopoly. There are no consequences to their unconstitutional policies because of the monopoly. This also hinders innovation in the field and is insanely more expensive.

    The only oversight should be a contractual agreement with a predetermined arbitration process in the event of the contract being broken by one or both parties. Why should there be oversight in this industry when we clamor for no oversight in every other industry?

    We as a society are so used to the state run military setup that it is hard to imagine such an abstract idea as a 100% unregulated private national defense industry.

  16. How would you like to be the secret service detail that will have to shadow Zero after he leaves office and for the rest of his life??????
    I think I'd resign and get a job in a shoe store.

  17. JPKnowMad,

    Try these two in relation to WikiLeaks.



  18. Buck,

    I would rather shovel horse crap than guard that sh*thead.

  19. JP -

    We know he had WMDs. We saw them, we blew large quantities of them in '91. The fact that we didn't find them should scare the crap out of us. Where did they go? Who has them now? Why did we find all his mobile chemical labs but no actual weapons? (Except for thousands of "old" artillery shells.) WMDs are a real issue that has yet to be resolved.

  20. Tenth Generation:
    When I was on the USS Saint Paul we fired 8" projectiles that still had stuff like, "To ToJo with love" written on them in chalk.
    So those "old" bullets had to be pushing 30 years old...
    and they still worked, too.