Thursday, July 21, 2011


Are you a blue-eyed white devil? Can you trace your ancestry to Europe? Can you trace your ancestry to Eastern Europe or say, the Ukraine, Estonia, etc,? Did your relatives come over in the Mayflower before ICE/DHS was created and they could be screened? Are you a legal immigrant from Australia or New Zealand? Are you one of the above AND in the middle class? If so, YOU could be a terrorist according to the joke on Americans called the Department of Homeland Suckurity. The video out from DHS even says so...
The Federal Imperial Government spent TEN MILLION taxpayer dollars to produce a Leni Riefenstahlesque video called, "See Something, Say Something", that actually promotes Americans to report any suspicious activity, not unlike how The Great Progressive Woodrow Wilson had Americans reporting on their neighbors who disliked Wilson's participation in World War One (they were sent to prison), or any other Wilson program! Indeed, this is just the next step in the Tyrant Obungle's continuing effort to pit decent hardworking, liberty-loving, Constitution abiding, oathkeeping Americans against a government that is out of control and working hard to destroy OUR NATION! THAT is what a community organizer does. Those who read The Anti Liberal Zone or any other outlet other than the Lapdog Media will remember that the White House put out an email address wherein Americans could report people who disliked or spoke out against Obummerkare! (The Gunny self-reported himself hundreds of times!)

So what does this video deem "suspicious behavior?"

If you are talking to a police officer (who could be your buddy, neighbor, roomie, etc), using a video camera, recording anything using a cell phone, writing anything down, "dodging" surveillance, taking a picture, drawing a sketch, and best of all, wearing a hoodie, YOU could be a terrorist, especially if you are a white person doing any of the above!

In the video, guess who is snitching out the evil white devils? Oddly enough, it is Asians, Arabs, or Blacks! The video pulls a typical liberal two-step by telling people NOT to consider a person's race in trying to figure out if they should snitch them out or not but all of the "evil terrorists" in the video are, of course, white. This coincides with Obama's view of whitey (20 years in Reverend Jeremiah "I hate whitey" Wright's church of hate) AND Eric Holder's refusal to prosecute Black people because they are, "his people." Moreover, it was a DHS report (the Gunny still has a copy of it on his PC) that designated white veterans and conservative groups as the most likely groups to turn into domestic terrorists, i.e., Constitution lovers, returning Iraq war vets (if they are white), gun owners, anyone who knows their Rights, gold owners, food "hoarders" and others.

At the core of this bullsh*t is the fact that Janet Incompetano is an idiot, the DHS is staffed with idiots who listen to that moron, and the entire Obongo Regime seeks to expand their control over every aspect of our lives and now they are actually encouraging Americans to report on one another, which is a trait of every single tyrannical, oppressive, and dictatorial regimes in the history of mankind! The fact that those of us who want the Constitution followed, Oaths of Offices obeyed, and the Federal Imperial Government under OUR control ARE the BIGGEST threat to what the Tyrant and his minion Janet Incompetano want to force upon us.

A report out by DHS now has utility employees as the biggest threat to terrorist acts at nuclear power plants, etc,! Gee, could that mean that those evil nuke plants MUST BE SHUT DOWN to ensure no terrorists can blow them up? Nothing like a little green terrorism to force Americans back to oil lamps and candles huh? Oh yeah, according to the dumb cluck running DHS, who was an EPIC FAILURE in Arizona, there are terrorists around every corner waiting to pop a suitcase nuke or a car bomb in front of a federal building, don't ya know? This WHOLE EPISODE is just another act in the floor show of the petty tyrant who seeks to gin up the fear factor in order to keep Americans under control and submissive to the government, even as their nation, their constitutional rights, and the economic futures of their kids are being pissed on by this regime.

Fellow patriots, the ONLY threat to this nation starts at the White House, flows like a river of sewage into the House and Senate, and then it trickles down, aided and abetted by Liberals and their RINO enablers. The ONLY threat to this nation is a regime that bows to foreign leaders, refuses to secure the border, allows illegal aliens to murder Americans and get away scot-free, bypasses Congress, starts wars hither and yon, runs up 15 TRILLION in debt, sells guns to Mexican drug cartels that end up murdering Americans, forces things like ObummerKare on us, fires CEOs and buys Chrysler and then LOSES 1.3 BILLION in the process, and who LIES to the American people even worse than Hitler or Stalin lies to their people! Let us remember that tyrants ALWAYS work to get their own citizens to report on one another, in ginned up security threats, in order to create an authoritarian police state. Anyone remember what Obongo said about having a civilian national security force as well funded as the US military? Anyone else see the US military being sliced and diced and marginalized as the domestic gestapo seeks to get Americans to report other American's thoughts and behaviors!

Goering said it, Obambi is doing it:

"the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country."


Clinton FBI calls Constitution loving Americans a "right-wing" threat.


  1. Same thing the NAZIs did to the Jews. Built up a national hatred for Jews. And we know how that turned out.
    The Jews were disarmed.
    I believe DHS has put the cart before the horse.
    We are still armed.
    It ain't gonna work.

  2. If they keep up this bullshit, it might just come true.

  3. Buck,
    Excellent point!

    The stupid shit comming from this administration is non stop. Their asshattery is shameless.

  4. Gunny,

    How true, the only threat to our way of life that has any chance of success is from within. That's why our oath says foreign or domestic.

    See you on the parapet.

  5. Buck,

    Indeed. Took my son out shooting and he's tuned up! haha.

    The Left rabidly hates real Americans and 50 years of scum like Obama, doing the community organizer crap, has helped them.

  6. JP,

    Which is EXACTLY what the tyrant and his minions like Incompetano want. Another flimsy excuse to crack down.

  7. Hardnox,

    Liberals have no shame, my brother. If they DID, they would not be liberals.

  8. TGP,

    I truly believe that the tyrant and his minions ARE a threat to America and our way of life. It has finally come to that. They want more welfare and a beggared and busted nation and we want American exceptionalism. The tyrant endig the space program is just another symptom.

  9. Damn good post and comments. Does Nappy forget that SHE,TOO is white? Fucking idiot among many,she is.

  10. Gunny,

    I wrote about the space program this morning, and I just posted my opinion of DADT going away.

    At Tarawa, Marines 6 foot tall went over the side and made the beach. 5'6" Marines drowned before they could fight. How deep is the water, Gunny? We may have to go over the side soon, I hope the short fellas have empty packs.

  11. It's hard to believe it's come to this. Every time I try to figure it out, my brain hurts. I guess it makes it easier to understand how Hitler was elected in Germany. Never could believe that one but, now I understand.
    Keep up the good work Gunny. I always enjoy reading this blog.

  12. I simply cannot understand why this Muslim in the White House hasn't been impeached!!
    He has done so many things that are illegal that if it were anyone else,they would have been gone a while back already.

  13. Paladin,

    Thanks for the comment and the kudos. Much more to follow.

  14. Nanna,

    He has not been impeached because few in Congress have the guts to stand up to being called a racist for drawing up charges. If King Putt was white, he'd already be gone.

  15. Trickle-down tyrany. Who'd ever have thought we'd be having this conversation in America?

    Anyone had time to check out the study completed for the Obama administration pertaining to having a specialized police force to deal with "domestic unrest" which would pretty much be as well armed as the military and, with more power than civilian police.

  16. Ironically, far right people like you are the real neo-nazis

  17. Anon,

    DO you have an REAL examples or is it all just "in your head?"