Saturday, July 23, 2011


"Obama would be the better Bond because — if he’s true to his word — he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them," Daniel Craig, Parade Magazine, Oct 2008.

We all know that most of the line readers in Hollyweird live in a fantasy world both on screen and off screen, playing other people’s lives but the above statement by Daniel Craig is enough to give you a hernia from laughing!

Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! could not fight his way out of a thick fog.

Remember what King Putt’s first act was? He bowed to our enemy King Faud of Saudi Arabia. Then he bashed America in a speech in Cairo. He’s kissed the ass of Hugo Chavez, tyrant of Venezuela and backed the Marxist usurper (Zelaya) in Honduras. When what passes for a POTUS in the Democrat camp went "toe-to-toe" with Putin, Putin pulled his red diaper down and soundly paddled the little boy’s rump. In fact all of the times the dolt met with Putin, Putin basically put Obama in a roundhouse and told him to piss in a corner. When Putin told Obambi to ditch the missile shield in Poland and Czechoslovakia, violating contracts in both of those countries, Obambi yammered, "yes sir, yes sir, three bags full," and did it. When Putin demanded the codes to the Trident missiles that we have sold to the Brits (our ally), Little Boy Blue Obambi could not comply with it fast enough. When Obambi went "toe-to-toe" with Putin over the key U.S. base in Kyrgyzstan, Putin ran circles around Obambi, outbid him, and then Little Boy Blue waffled, dithering as usual when a key decision must be made, and we had to abandon the base there. Little Boy Blue rolled out his "Cabinet of Rivals" brain power and Putin rolled out his T-80 sized paddle and once again pulled down the red diaper on the Marxist child and applied it thusly.

When Ol King Putt went "toe-to-toe" with Putin over the Iranian nukes, slyly dropping that we might have to use military power to get the job done stopping the Islamic nutjobs, Putin pretty much ignored him.

Obama even went "toe-to-toe" with the Russians and the Chinese over trade sanctions and found out that his six gun was unloaded and they both played futbol with his pointy little head! It would be funny if this piece of crap was not so pathetic and weak. But when it came to the START plan, Obama seriously went "toe-to-toe" with Putin and came out of the deal with us shedding our shiny new nukes for pieces of rusty Russian crap on a one for one basis. That way, we won’t be able to defend ourselves when Iran gets missiles that can reach us in a few years.

Obama even went "toe-to-toe" with the North Koreans over launching the Taepodong-2, using the UN, and was crushed not only by the UN but by the usual suspects, Russia, China, Libya, Uganda and Vietnam, who all called for restraint in the council's reaction to Obama’s request. Reagan walks out on Gorbie at Reykjavik, Obama rolls over. Those of you who remember Monty Python’s skit on the British Constable who cautions a criminal by telling him quietly but with great dignity, "Stop, I say, stop. Or I shall be forced to ask you to stop, again," will see much of King Putt in that British cop.

Hell, it took Mister Dithers FOUR DAYS to decide to allow the US Navy SEALS to whack four Somali pirates who were holding a hostage. International law still allows pirates to be executed but Obama, going "toe-to-toe" with these enemies, took four days to decide their fate. It would have taken President Gunny G about 2 seconds to decide to whack em with the only condition being that he gets to watch it in person! Obama went "toe-to-toe" with Osama and finally decided to whack him after nine MONTHS of dithering. Oh yeah Daniel, he’s a real James Bond!

If Obama was a real James Bond, back in the 60’s, we’d all be speaking Russian and terrorized by S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

Obama is AWOL. Administration With Out Leadership. And Obama himself could not stand up to our enemies because his spine has the consistency of overboiled linguini AND he's as gutless as they come.



  1. "..spineless as linguini.."
    Lots of historical "leaders" have been like that.
    Unable to face a real foe but allow their whatever they called them then, we call 'em "alphabet agencies" now, allow their alphabet agencies to terrorize the subjects.
    I say subjects.
    Zero wants subjects.
    who was it said,
    "An armed man is a citizen;
    An unarmed man is a subject."
    Yep, Zero would like subjects.

  2. Gunny,

    Very well said.

    All the while the rest of the world knows he's a punk too.

  3. This was too funny Gunny! I could just picture his red diaper being pulled down and being soundly spanked by Putin.
    And the Monty Python comparison was priceless.
    I thought about "In search of the Holy Grail" and the king always saying, "Run away, run away!"
    Good post friend.

  4. Ha!! Obama as any super secret squirrel is a joke. There is still too much time left til 2013 for this jerk to give away everything my ancestors bled for. Someone has to b ring some charges against him or we will cease to exist.

  5. More like Mr.Craig needs his goddamn stupid head examined. Along with the rest of the assmunches who voted for the bateared prick.

  6. Buck,

    Obama so desperately wants to be the Dear Leader, like his buddies Chavez and Kim-il, it ain't even funny. Too bad for him we're a free people and we hate a tyrant.

  7. Hardnox,

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in rooms after King Putz left and, say, Putin and his buddies were letting it all hang out! haha

  8. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kudos. I was reading some of the Dummycrat comments on the Politico about the Repubs vs King Putz and they are SOOOOOO far into fantasy land on King Putz's role in running up a few trillion in debt it ain't funny. The Left is clueless.

  9. TGP,

    I would LOVE to see impeachment proceedings and they would stick but NO ONE has the balls to do it and face the endless calls of racist, bigot, etc.

  10. clyde,

    What else can you expect from a bunch of line readers and fakers.

  11. Add to all of your list that he did nothing for weeks about the BP spill .

  12. Whaddya expect from the line-reader who suggested that Bond have a bi-sexual or homosexual love scene.

  13. Why is Daniel Craig getting involved in American politics in the first place?

    Brits can't even run their own country. 'Nuff said on that.

    As to Bat Ears himself as any kind of tough guy...

    The idea's completely laughable! He's a pussy and a douchebag!

    I'm an OLD guy, and I could whup his ass with my off-hand.

    Remember the video of him throwing the opening ball that first time?

    He throws like a girl; a weak one, at that.

  14. Craw,

    Forgot about that. Craig is a douche and nothing is sacred in La-la land. Remake crap and sh*t like Broked*ck Mountain.

  15. BrianR,

    Yep, the UK is done. Those last round of riots showed that.

    As for Zero, when I saw him in those mommy pants...