Friday, July 22, 2011


This guy is the real deal. He takes on King Putt and his red diaper ass as well as taking the fight to Ol Brillo Head aka Debbie "I failed my Wasserman" Schultz! The more LtCol Allen West speaks, the more he separates the patriots from the flaccid sheep in the RNC! West/Bachmann on the American Conservative Party ticket would be a dream come true. BOTH of them have grit and aren't afraid to call it like it is, something that our ailing Republic desperately needs.


  1. I think I could back that ticket. Lt.Col.West is a straight shooter,who,if the Rinosauruses don't get to him,could be a very effective leader,IMHO.As far as Bachmann,she'd do in a pinch,but at least she drives the libs and rinos equally nuts.

  2. Gunny,

    This guy should have been a Marine. He'd have made general instead of being court-martialed. I love this guy, and I have always thought joining the army was a character flaw.

    I would vote for him for POTUS in a heartbeat. Man we let a good one slip away when he joined the army.

    As for O'Brillohead, what a complete pile. I think she is my favorite Dem cause every time she opens her mouth, some indepen dent leans right. Go Debbie.

  3. West is a national treasure. Too bad he's not running. Maybe a Perry/West ticket is in order.

  4. Congressman West says he sent a letter to Sheila Jackson-Lee asking her, "What were you thinking when you said that?"
    Gee, maybe Congressman West isn't so smart after all.
    She was thinking about her constituents who will pick up on it and say, "Right on!" and vote for her again if she keeps saying that stuff and promising more for less and free cheese. Some politicians are secure in their office for life. Sheila is one of them.

  5. West is a Redleg! The king of battle!

  6. god i wish we could get col west elected .that would have to end the(all republicans are racist arguement)if were sooo racist why did we elect a black man for pres...

  7. Send them to Mexico with no protection. Or better yet take all of gun runners guns and give them to LAW ABIDING citizens

  8. The libs are destroying our way of life every day.
    Its time to push back kick their ass in 2012