Tuesday, July 19, 2011


EXCERPT: "The political left is pressing the White House and Congress to inflict a wave of Pentagon budget cuts not seen since the post-Cold War 1990s. Liberals are citing the debt crisis and troop drawdowns from Iraq and Afghanistan to argue that now is the time for the Defense Department to shed people, missions and weapons after a decade of doubling arms spending after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The proposals, including one from the Center for America Progress, go well beyond President Obama’s call in April for $400 billion in defense cuts over 12 years. The center — run by John Podesta, who served as chief of staff to President Clinton — wants that much in reductions over the next three years and $1 trillion from what had been projected increases over the next decade. Some House Democrats, led by Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, also have called for $1 trillion in cuts."

American Progress’ Lawrence Korb, a longtime defense analyst in Washington bleated:

"I think this is the time because of a combination of the deficit and the changing way in which we’re going to deal with threats from groups like al Qaeda."

"Gates said we don’t have to go back to Cold War levels. Well, we’re above Cold War levels. And that’s part of the problem."

"Mr. Korb said the Obama administration has dumped President George W. Bush’s overall war strategy of preemptive attacks against terrorist states."

How stupid can liberals get? It appears that there is no limit to how far the stupidity of these history-challenged morons can go.

We disarmed after World War One, thanks to the Great Progressive Woodrow "League of Nations" Wilson, down to the level were troops trained with wooden rifles and used rocks as hand grenades in training prior to World War Two.

We disarmed after World War Two, thanks to Truman and the legion of Soviet spies and sympathizers in his Administration, from people like Ickes (see Coulter’s book "Treason" for more info) and clowns like Dean "UN buttboy" Acheson, who, incidentally, egged on the Korean War with his liberal bilge water, that we were wholly unprepared for.

We disarmed after Vietnam, thanks to a Congress and Senate filled with liberal doves and pantywaists like Ted Kennedy and Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, who cut the military back, decimated the HUMINT branch of the CIA (Carter) to the point where it is ineffective today, and who voted against EVERY military project since they put their fat asses in the Congress/Senate.

We disarmed so bad under BJ Bubba Klintoon (remember, the Gunny was there the entire reign of Hell so this is first source knowledge), that we often did not have the spare parts to repair items of need, we often had to "simulate" training or not do it at all, there was a mass exodus of Officers and SNCOs to retirement and troops to separation (Navy Times, June 1999), and when we deployed, our gear was often cross-decked and received no preventative maintenance. The peace dividend came from the military’s heart and soul and was paid out to the Parasite Class, and BJ Bubba turned us into an international "Meals-on-Wheels." BTW Libscum, we’re STILL in Bosnia, a deployment that was only supposed to last six months and that costs us billions a year.

Now, our intelligence agencies STILL suffer from a serious lack of HUMINT and we are losing in Afghanistan, thanks to this regime, taking over 65% of the entire casualties since Ol King Putt took over. We have Iran fixing to get their hands on nukes and missiles, that in five years, are estimated to be able to hit the US with and we all know that President of Iran, the Mad Dwarf, wants to start another Holocaust with Israel, using nukes, which will end badly for the world. China is buying subs and aircraft carriers from Russia and using plane and missile technology that BJ Bubba and Owl Gore sold them to upgrade their attack factor, and of course, radical Islam, CONUS and OCONUS, is a threat and will be until we finally decide to deal with them like we should, through asskicking dealt out as needed.

Let us also remember that the Center for American Progress is run by a douche bag named John Podesta, who is a BJ Bubba Klintoon and Soros hack and the CAP has taken a helluva lot of Soros money. Let us also remember that it was Soros who said that it was America that was the only thing standing in the way of a one world government...along with 80 million or so armed Americans who believe in the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Yes, Soros, Obongo, and the rest of the libtard crowd DEFINATELY hve America's best interests at heart in everything they do. (NOT!)

Libstains like gay pimp daddy Barney "banking queen" Frank, one of the major architects of the housing crisis (along with Chris Dodd, Carter, the CRA, BJ Bubba Klintoon, and a host of other liberal scumbags) are dying to slice and dice the military’s budget, in order to "redistribute" the money to the Parasite Class who keep voting them back into office. Frank is a Marxist scumbag like most of the other vermi in his party. These dirtbags now want the V-22 Osprey stopped at 150, even as Vietnam-vintage CH-53s and CH-56s are still flying, as are F-14s/F-15s/F-16s/B-52s, etc, etc. It is easy to f*ck over the military when YOUR kids will NEVER serve in the military, as 99.9% of the liberal’s larva will never do, forcing others to use equipment that their fathers and older brothers used, and who see nothing wrong with that, as long as the lowest inner city dirtbag has a cell phone, a PC, free WiFi, XBox, etc. It is easy to f*ck over the military when it is the children of honest hardworking red-blooded Americans who serve, stepping up to the plate since 1775, never shirking their duty.

Yes fellow patriots, the Parasite Class needs MORE MONEY so that they can live in homes with A/C, plasma TVs, cell phones, computers, Xboxs, two cars, etc. (Bureau of Labor report) while the Federal Government dodges one of their core responsibilities, i.e., protecting the nation and securing the borders! Yes, slice and dice the military’s budget so that the Entitlement Crowd can have MORE money in their EBT cards to buy lobster, steaks, chops, etc, while the rest of us eat hamburger, rice, beans, etc. God forbid that the Parasite Class, who specialize in gaming the system, never finding a job, etc, should have to sacrifice, on no. The liberals might lose their votes (liberal motto, "Vote Early and Often,") so they penalize the military, who votes heavily Conservative, who love their nation, and who don't try to sell it out like the Left does. Or attack the troops, as the left does, i.e., Bezerkley vs the US Marine Corps recruiters.

Liberals are Fifth Columnists and traitors who would better serve America as fertilizer. Obunghole gives the Russians codes to the Trident missiles we sold to Britain, the Obunghole regime plays social worker with the US military, putting homos in the service serving, “openly” after lying about how the military felt about it in a report, Obongo allows Iran to get Nukes while betraying Israel, Obongo threatens to withhold military pay in a debt crisis HE CREATED (14.3 TRILLION in debt), and on and on and on. Liberals have been selling out America since their days as Loyalists/Tories during the Revolution and did a real job during the Civil War, earning the name, "Copperheads." Anyone else see a trend here or is it just the same old same old Dummycrat vermin against the best interests of America?


  1. Dang STRAIGHT, Bro'!

  2. Incredible. The ONE area of CONSTITUIONALLY AUTHORIZED spending,these assholes want to cut it.Dumb fucking prog/stats.

  3. Oh my gosh Gunny, I have been having withdrawls!! We, if you remember, are on satellite for our internet. Well, over a week ago, we had one whale of a storm, and small tornado. (tiny bit of damage to our shed) Our neighbors had some barns and Chicken houses torn up, and large trees up rooted. But oh my, lightening knocked our satellite out, and we had to send for a new modem, and then hook it up. Anyway, we just got it done this afternoon.
    But now I see all is well, and you are still telling it like it is!!
    I watched Bill O'Reilly last night, and couldn't believe the way he was putting down the tea party, and what they are trying to do. And saying they were going to lose the election for the Republicans by not giving more in the way of compromise. They are just trying to do what you are talking about. Keep this country great, and return to the constitution. He is a know it all any more.
    Compromise is what has gotten us to this place, and to continue will mean no military, no private guns, no anything that resembles freedom, and no way to get it back.
    Sorry if this is too long. But you seem to bring it out in me. (ha)

  4. Thanks for the comment. Liberals have been betraying this nation since 1776.

  5. Nanna,

    O'Reilly is a pos elitist. The country club RINOs HATE the Tea Party because we hold them accountable. Bet on them pushing Romney in 2012.

    Glad all are safe in your house.

    Our motto for 2012:


  6. clyde,

    That is how the libidiots work amigo. Ignore their jobs for glitter and make work crap. Like flies to crap!

  7. O'Reilly's ego is huge for a guy who really never did anything. He thinks watching from the sidelines made him an expert on everything. That said, he beats Chrissy Mathews.

  8. How about we get a little competition in the national defense marketplace. Why are we so happy to jump on one nationalized industry while yelling about all the others. Yes, I know it is constitutionally authorized, but that doesn't make it mandatory to do so with a state run military. There is no reason we couldn't take that budget and use it on an open marketplace instead of having a bureaucratically run national military. We would definitely get a lot more per taxpayer dollar.

  9. Just saw that Ron Paul has received twice as much money from active duty troops as all other GOP candidates COMBINED.

  10. Let me tell you about my favorite liberal.

    Dwight Eisenhower.

    When pinheaded intellectuals with no real-world experience wanted us to get involved in all sorts of half-assed wars, he just aid no.

    When misanthropic rentiers wanted to steal social security funds and give them to wealthy bankers, he just said no.

    When defense contractors wanted relief from oversight and to just charge whatever they wanted for defective equipment, he just said no.

    When cheap-labor businessmen wanted to import Mexicans to drive down wages, Ike sided with labor leaders like Samuel Gompers and Cesar Chavez and just said no.

    When big companies wanted to ship their industries overseas to make a quick buck, Ike said no way, you are going to spend that money at home building roads and factories and stuff.

    Today Eisenhower would be regarded as way too far the left of corporate-shill Obama to get elected. Perhaps. But I think the nation did pretty good under that old liberal Ike.

    If you disagree with me, fine. But then you disagree with Ike. And you somehow thing that things were getting progressively worse in the 1950's, and progressively better now that we have reversed Ike's 'liberal' policies. What?