Thursday, July 7, 2011


And the Left would have us believe that this gibbering idiot is the smartest president ever?

Obongo the Clown: "And I think that when it comes to our men and women in uniform who might be carrying out these missions, the instructions are not going to be based on whether or not the lawyers can sort out how we detain them or how we prosecute them. Their mission is to make sure that they apprehend the individual; they do so safely with minimum risk to American lives. And that’s always going to be the priority, is just carrying out the mission. And that message is sent consistently to our men and women in uniform anytime they start carrying out one of these missions.

But I think it’s important to understand, and the American people need to be assured that anytime we initiate a mission like this, our top priorities are making sure this person is not able to carry out attacks against the United States and that we’re able to obtain actionable intelligence from those individuals. And so that mitigates against this danger that you’re suggesting that our main goal is going to be to kill these individuals as opposed to potentially capturing them. Okay?"
If anyone can decipher that last sentence, starting with "and so that," then you're a better wordsmith than the Gunny.

Even on the teleprompter, this moron is clueless. By the by libs, the word mitigate means to alleviate or moderate something in intensity or force. Maybe Obongo the Gibbering Idiot meant to use the word militate, which means to use force or influence against something.

Here is a better word to describe Obama...

Dunce, n. 1.  a person who is stupid or slow to learn.

Maybe someone needs to have a talk with TOTUS about his screwing up and making King Putt look bad or maybe, King Putt went off TOTUS and we all know how THAT ends up.

er, um, ah, um, er, er, um, ah....

And evidently, the lawyer for ACORN is still anally obsessed with "apprehending" terrorists. How about we just kill them, since they wish to kill us, and those that manage to surrender, go to GITMO for a free waterboarding vacation followed by a military tribunal and a firing squad.


  1. Yessirree Bob,go to Hahvahd,become a blathering idiot. HERE is what is WRONG with the country. Led by fools like this,simply on the premise of where his "higher education" came from.We have had FAR too many of these "scholars" fucking things up for far too long. Christ,give me an administration composed of high-school dropouts with common effing sense.

  2. Clyde,

    Indeed. Book smarts can never outdo experience and common sense.

  3. I've got some words for him, but I don't know if I can get away with saying them here.

  4. Amen. Self-made men have always been better than mass produced stamped out carbon copies of idiots.

  5. The old adage of "dazzle them with footwork or baffle them with bullshit" doesn't work anymore. The shine has worn off this turd.

  6. Where's General Pershing when you need him?

    I still say we all should demand the stores restock "Mrs. Tucker's Lard" which is pure hog lard.
    They should restock so every mother, father, brother, sister or just plain ol' buddy of someone in Iraq/Afghns'tn can send them a box of good ol' Mrs. Tucker's to "lubricate" their rounds in. After all. Back in the day hog lard, bear grease or whatever was handy was used to preserve the rifle as well as lubrication....

  7. Hardnox,

    As my father used to say, "you can spray paint a turd gold but underneath, it is still a turd."

    Obama is that turd.

  8. I do believe I addressed this issue years ago with my "One Twelve Cent Bullet" essay at my blog.

    Of course, what with inflation and all, if I were to write it today, I'd have to change the title to "One Twenty Cent Bullet".

    Almost exactly five years ago. How time flies!