Sunday, March 20, 2011


So the Nobel Peace Prize winner (awarded before he'd even done one thing) just got us into yet another war. To remind the Libtards, Bush 43 went before Congress and got permission for both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as marshaling our forces for the attack and even tax-dodging morons like Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry voted for the war before they voted against it. Yet the joke sitting in the White House commits America to a third war while on vacation in Brazil! One has to wonder not only where the HELL are the protesters like Code Pink, Dick "Turban" Durban, Michael Mooreon, Dingy Reid, and the other imbeciles calling Zero a nazi, a warmonger, etc., and calling not only for his impeachment but his assassination as well! What makes this whole affair a joke is that the Left whined about "No War for Oil" yet Little Boy Barry is committing us to fighting for EUROPE'S OIL!

Dear Libs, let it be noted that EVERY Demerrhoid president has either committed us to a war or sets us up for one (Carter/Iran), and yet, turns it around and blames it on the GOP (who rolls over for them again, and again).

But what is worse is that Barry bypassed Congress once again and the gutless bastards in the Capitol don't have the guts to start impeachment proceedings against the bum. Despicable is the word that springs to the Gunny's mind. How many times will this illegal president bypass the Congress and the Senate and nothing will be done about it? Why? Because the Kenyan Usurper is 1/8th black and the GOP doesn't want to have to deal with a Jesse Hijackson/Al Sharpton rent-a-riot? Or is it something deeper? Is it a lack of guts on the "go along to get along" GOP bums?

How many unconstitutional acts will we have to witness before Congress acts? Back in 2009, Obama pulled strings in Honduras for a marxist shitbird named Zelaya and nothing was done about it. Obama has nominated scumbags for commieczar positions over and over and nothing was done about it. Obama has violated a federal judge's ruling on his illegal no drilling ban and nothing has been done about it. And now he has gotten America involved in a war for EUROPE's OIL, while on vacation. And the Left is as silent as church mice on it. They are as cowardly as the yellow bastards in the Congress who refuse to act. NO ONE in Congress voted for this war, as the Constitution demands, and so we have yet ANOTHER violation of the Constitution to add to the growing list. This wannabe emperor, this illegal president from Kenya needs to be impeached, removed from power, and imprisoned. Or maybe just deported back to Kenya where he belongs would be good enough, for starters.

The longer Congress fails to act, the more irrelevant they become. 


  1. In our system we have two parties:
    The Evil Party (Demmerhoids)
    The Stupid Party (GOP)

    Regarding the anti-war protests I fully expect to hear nothing but crickets from the left.

    The GOP needs to cast caution to the wind and uphold their sworn duty. Zero doesn't care one wit about the separation of powers or the constitution. It's high time EVERYONE was reminded.

    Paging Speaker Boehner!!!

  2. I support the enforcement of a no-fly zone, but he definitely should have gone to Congress first and the actions should have started a week ago.

  3. What this guy needs is a cruise enema.

  4. Maybe there's a reason why Modern Democrats have to get us embroiled in a war. Maybe.
    Wilson = WWI;
    FDR = WWII;
    Truman = Korea;
    JFK/LBJ = Viet Nam...
    Well, yeah. Ike sent "Advisors" back in '58.
    But neither Korea nor Viet Nam nor as far as I can see any fight we have been in since were fought to win.
    I thought Congress had the war making powers.
    We started losing sight of it when (again the dems) changed the War Department to Department of Defense. Uh..When has defense ever won a effing thing???

  5. I just posted a Special Edition of The Weekly Claw, and this action is the lead in it. Come on by!

  6. Good post.You think the idiots on the NPP committee will come asking for their worthless f@cking prize back? Actually,Mooreon and Calypso Louie have blasted him for it. Saw that at AT. Gunny,we said it 3 YEARS ago,this guy was a frigging disaster.Sometimes one just hates being right.

  7. While I agree in principle with your call for action I think that a Reagan-style (49 of 50 states in 1984) landslide in 2012 would hurt BHO more deeply.

    Speaker Boehner could ram through an impeachment but the conviction in the Senate requires a 2/3rds majority vote. While impeachment by the House would be a moral victory, turning back a conviction in the Senate would sting.

    It is interesting to note however that only two Presidents have ever been impeached since 1789 and both were Democrats.

    Let's just kick his ass in 2012.

  8. Hardnox,

    I couldn't agree more. They at LEAST need to protest if not work to curtail his bullsh*t.

  9. Craw,

    I am afraid that this will just be an excuse to put GI's on the ground, because we all know that flying around dropping bombs doesn't do squat until you've got boots on the ground. No American blood for European oil.

  10. dong_ha68,

    Careful, the FBI/SS/DOJ IGNORED threats against Bush43 but with Little Boy Barry, they're investigating every little utterance against the crybaby.

  11. Buck,

    Good one! If they ain't starting wars, they're losing our allies, Iran/Carter, UK, Egypt, etc with Oboingo.

  12. clyde,

    Yep, we called it and it was not hard to see. The clown had NOTHING to bring to the table other than a resume with nothing but rabble-rousing on it. He's been playing from the git-go. It'll takes YEARS to unscrew what this fool has screwed up.

  13. Common Snse,

    I see your point and could agree on it IF we could be sure that the entitlement crowd won't cheat their asses off for Zero. SEIU and the AFL-CIO cheated wholesale in Nevada for Dingy Reid, it'll be a thousandfold for Obongo. I simply do not trust him, his regime, Soros, etc, to allow a fair election.

    Impeachment or revolt, it may come to that.

  14. Gunny,

    I concur - never, ever trust a Democrat. As Ann Coulter opined "While there is such a thing as a bad Republican, there is no such thing as a good Democrat."

    The way we combat them is to turn out the vote. In the most important election in our lifetime (2008) 37% of American voters stayed home. That is disgusting. People who refuse to get involved in the political process and then complain about the result need to reassess their priorities.


  15. I just love the whitehouse spin on the Libya issue..."he's shooting civilians!"
    Well yes he is...shooting ARMED civilians who have seized military hardware and are trying to take over the government!

    So what would Obama do under the same circumstances? Armed civilians trying to get rid of HIM?
    Nothing? I doubt it.

    And, how would he react to the UN sending jets and cruise missiles to knock out the army he sent to stop them?

    Liberalism is so chocked full of hypocracy that they have no idea what they themselves believe in anymore.

  16. Kucinich wants to impeach Obama:

  17. You know what they call an armed "civilian" getting ready to shoot you?

    A target of opportunity.