Sunday, March 27, 2011


ty•rant noun \ˈtī-rənt\

1: an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution
2: a usurper of sovereignty
3: a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally
4: one resembling an oppressive ruler in the harsh use of authority or power

Who can deny that Obama falls under numbers 1 and 2 in the definition above? Who can deny that Obama is the CEO of the United States and to use HIS definition for those CEO’s he attacked so vociferously in 2009, he is solely responsible for the condition of this nation, not his myrmidons. He himself. The Messiah. He Who Descended From The Clouds at Invesco Field.

So, February, Janet Incompetano’s goose-stepping fascists in the TSA actually set up a check point in Savannah, where they stopped people getting off a train, and SEARCHED THEM! Is this not a violation of their 4th Amendment rights? Where was the ACLU on this one? There was a picture of an 8 year old boy with his SHIRT UP! The Gunny wonders where in the hell was the kid’s father to tell the fascist to go and get stuffed? A group of fireman not only complained, they refused to cooperate and guess what, they were given a pass. Why? Because the DHS fascists KNEW that this was an illegal search. Where was their probable cause? Where were the search warrants? Nowhere to be found. People, READ the Constitution and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and DO NOT let the DHS/TSA brownshirts prevail. Word has it that the DHS is setting up check points on US highways to search vehicles. If they REALLY want to help, secure the southern border instead of selling guns to the Mexican cartels.

So using the Left’s score card (as they did on Bush 43) it is time to declare Obama a tyrant and ask ourselves, do WE need a regime change like Libya is getting at the hands of Obama and his emotional female triad, Hitlery, Rice, and Powers?

Consider these offenses:

1. Illegally seized control of Government Motors and Chrysler.
2. Performed a violation of contracts and bond issues that left investors empty-handed.
3. Supports a violent union, SEIU, and their thuggery upon the American people.
4. Allows his fellow leftists like Steven Lerner to spew seditious speech.
5. Allows his SEIU thugs to call for violent revolution and an overthrow of the US Gov’t.
6. Subsidized the Chevy Volt using taxpayer funds.
7. Allows a conflict of interest between himself, Immelt, GE, and other Obama donors.
8. Allows massive deficit spending during the Pelosi/Reid Congress that puts this nation at grave risk.
9. Allowed ObamaKare to be rammed down the throats of the American people.
10. Allowed the Pelosi/Reid Congress to wage war on businesses like those who produce the incandescent light.
11. Allowed a Constitutionally illegal ban on onshore/offshore drilling to remain in place.
12. Denies our allies while supporting our enemies, i.e., Hamas, Hezbollah, and now al-Qaeda rebels in Libya.
13. Wrote: "If things get ugly, I will side with Islam". ("Dreams from my Father')
14. Cloaks his regime in darkness while lying about its transparency.
15. Allows the destruction of the dollar through QE1, QE2, QE3, etc, etc.
16. Attempted to keep the names of visitors to the White House secret and thus trying to keep the American people from knowing who is visiting THEIR HOUSE and who may be influencing Obama’s policy decisions.
17. Seeks to rule American through Executive Orders, an illegal practice.
18. Uses the Office of the Presidency to attack American citizens, i.e., Rush, Hannity.
19. Attempts to stifle the 1st Amendment with the appointment of Kagan to the SCOTUS ("Some speech can be disappeared.") and other examples:

     a. American Issues Project political ads called attention to Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist. Obama pressured the Justice Department to launch an absurd criminal investigation of AIP.
     b. Obama indicated that he would use the Injustice Department to prosecute its political opponents as we are seeing with the silencing of the ATF whistleblowers.
     c. Obama did not to force the DOJ to prosecute the NBPP for voter intimidation.
     d. Obama seeks to obtain an "on/off" switch for the Internet.
     e. Obama seeks to stifle radio and television through the revival of the Fairness Doctrine and his minions in the FCC.
     f. Obama instituted Operation Rat that urged citizens to report on other citizens, who oppose Obama’s plans, directly to an email at the White House!

20. Attempts to overthrow the Second Amendment through the use of E.O.’s.
21. Has sided with Marxist tyrants like Zelaya and Chavez against the US.
22. Has bypassed Congress and the Senate on many occasions, the latest of which is the Libyan War.
23. Has aligned himself with a criminal named Soros, who advocates a subjugate USA.

This then, is the short list, of a tyrant who has proven time and again that he cares only about his interests and could care less about the American people. This does not relieve Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, and other Democrats who are guilty not only in the violation of their oath of offices but in an extreme contempt of the American people, who they use as peons to pay for their redistribution programs. Obama and the Left show their hatred of Americans every time they speak and they cannot hide the bitterness of their words as they condemn America and Americans, as Obama goes on apology tours thinly disguised as vacations, encouraging our enemies just by looking at him. Indeed, the negative liberties of the US Constitution mean nothing to this tyrant as he considers it a "flawed" document and has stated so in public! They are all guilty, whether charged or not.

Therefore, should Americans consider a regime change as, say, the Libyans are currently doing? Maybe we patriots should consider asking a nation to support OUR attempt to remove a tyrant from power! If Khaddafi should be removed, why not Obama? Our Founders stated in the Constitution that the government must specifically protect that liberty and the rights of every citizen in our Nation yet this regime under Obama has been derelict in this mission. We now have a tyrant who has forced an overbearing government, and himself, into the daily lives of each citizen. He [Obama] has sent jobs overseas, reduced our military’s abilities through a slashed budget and social experiments (DADT), and serious reduced our financial standing by his assault on our Treasury and the dollar. This is a tyrant who seeks to tax, regulate and legislate every aspect of our daily life, from everything we own, everything we eat, and everything we do. "I Won," no longer cuts it. He and his minions threaten the very foundation of our nation, our God-given rights, our freedoms, and everything we hold dead. Obama thinks that he can rule the America people through a thinly layered but oppressive tyranny, as some sort of legitimate government. On a daily basis, Obama flies in the face of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and our Founder’s intent for this nation and we must ask ourselves, it is time for a regime change?

If put to a poll question, the Gunny would surmise that the Yeas would heavily outweigh the Nays.


  1. Frredom of the press under Biden

    Can't have those pesky reporters mingling with the elites.

  2. There is a revolution in this country every 4 years.
    We throw out the bums and install the (hopefully) statesmen.

    Our chance for revolution comes in 665 days, 2 hours, 40 minutes and 15, no 14, no 13...ah....
    in 2012. Let's don't blow it!

  3. Gunny,

    Great post. Oh yes, it is way past time.

    What you have listed here is what I point out regularly. Most people are dumbfounded at the news and reply "this is America, how can this happen?". The real problem is that most folks aren't paying attention, albeit more than there ever was.

    The same thing can be said for Germany in 1933. Incrementalism, one step at a time, and then the people are corraled and can't get out. Then shouts of WTF? Then it's too late.

    The protests by the left all over the world, including here, are a bellweather of things to come. Time is running out for the left. As the next election cycle draws near their efforts will become more desperate and I suspect more violent.

    Zero is waiting for his Reichstag moment. Cool heads must prevail and a solid voice from the Right exposing this crap will win in the end. In the meantime we can only wait and keep our elected officials informed. November 2012 can't come fast enough.

  4. What a shit list.Have to agree with Hardnox on keeping cool until after ol'King MoFo is sent packing. Good stuff.

  5. But can we get anybody worthy of the Constitution through the GOP primaries?

  6. Watch for Obama's runup for 2012. The FIRST thing he'll do is begin pushing more govt freebies to his freeloading base to kick off his reelection.
    The GOP will be screwed trying to use the "government is broke" and "financial rsponsibility" angle to win voters since anyone who understands those things didn't vote for the "hope and change" knucklehead the first time.

    Besides that, the GOP has nobody of note showing interest in running.
    Haley Barbour? No chance.

    Newt Gingrich? The guy who was screwing an Aid while calling Clinton out over Monica? Nope.

    Palin? The media has spent too much time making her look as moonbatish as possible.

    Bachmann? Same media boat as Palin.

    Huckabee? Too Milque Toast and comes off as wimpy as Carter.

    Ron Paul? Too old for the average voter.

    Allen West? Smart, has leadership experience, but, too new to the scene and, "offends" people when he tells the truth.

    Mitt Romney? He invented Romneycare which tells me that he would keep Obamacare, rino.

    In all, the GOP has nobody...other than West...who is worth 2 shits and isn't toting baggage.

    Keeping in mind that anyone who is nomimated will have to appeal to the voters and beat Obama at his own game and, fight the Obamaphile media on a daily basis, all the Soros frontgroups, the lazy American voter who is looking for promises of handouts and the idiots who vote democrat no matter how bad Obama is.

  7. Pack Rat,

    I saw that. Locked him in a closet. I wonder if the reporter was an Obama voter! haha. If so, sweets to the sweet.

  8. Buck,

    Hopefully we'll finish what we started in Nov 2010 and flush the sh*theads out from top to bottom!

  9. Hardnox,

    I agree, cool heads must prevail but I wish I was as optimistic as you that what the Left has screwed up can be righted again. I concur that the Left, from the welfare grubs to the union thugs, will be rioting everywhere and Holder will of course, do nothing.

  10. clyde,

    He could be indicted on that list! haha.

  11. Craw,

    Now THAT is a good question and I doubt it. I'm betting the GOP shoves Romney out there. The country club RINOs never got our message in November. Too much fatty tissue between their ears.

  12. Sepp,

    Good post. I'm hoping that West can appeal to the red-blooded Americans out here, like us, who WANT the straight talk, not sugar-coated BS.

  13. Indicted indeed.Quit teasing,dammit.Sepp,welcome aboard the SCDS.You know whomever the RNC can come up with,the asinine media will pillory. We must make DAMN SURE the RNC gets the message EARLY on in the primaries we will simply NOT accept ANY goddamn RINO to come down the pike the facking media likes.
    We had this problem in '08. The damned RNC is about as inept as this administration. Got to be someone off the charts. Myself,I like Bolton,though I'm not too sure where he stands on a lot of the domestic issues. As to foreign policy,the man is spot-on.

  14. Micky Mouse/Donald Duck 2012!111

    (this is a test)