Monday, March 7, 2011


"Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples' money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other people's freedom and security." William F. Buckley, Jr.

The Gunny was reading some of William F. Buckley Jr's writings and realized [again] that WFB was a genius and moreover, he knew that liberals and liberalism were the enemy of America’s prosperity and freedom. Consider the above quote, how apropos it is to liberals aka ProgStats (Progressive Statists) since the days of Woodrow Wilson, America’s first "openly progressive" president.

The Community Organizer-in-Chief is much like the ivory-tower nitwit who was the president who surrendered sanity and reason in order to get his "14 points" and the League of Nations (the predecessor of the laughable Useless Nations of today) approved by the Western Powers. When France was putting the German nation on the rack, ensuring that Germany would have enough grievances to try it again in 1939, Wilson let them have their way, common sense and reason tossed to the four winds. The League of Nations was almost as useless as the one the libs created in 1948, thanks to Acheson and Truman, and a host of commie sympathizers within the Truman administration. Wilson let the world be divided up by the European powers, again in order for concessions for his "peace plan." Once more we see that letting liberals play on the world stage as leaders of America is akin to giving a loaded .45 to a toddler. The Middle East was divided up not on tribal lines that would help to bring peace but on whatever was easiest and property was given away in the Pacific, i.e., former German colonies, to the Japanese, as spoils of war, without a thought if the occupants might have wanted to be free and under self-rule. Odd that Marines would have to storm ashore on islands fortified by the Japanese since the early 30’s, thanks to Wilson and his liberal stupidity. More Americans dead because of liberalism run amok.

But Wilson was to be outdone by The Great Socialist, FDR. FDR, possibly bamboozled by the bullshit that the NY Times Soviet asskisser Walter Duranty put out about Stalin (but highly unlikely), gave away Eastern Europe to the commies. But going back to early 1945, who allowed the barbaric Russians to rape and murder their way through Berlin when Americans were poised to take the capital. Did the Germans fight harder knowing that the Russians were savages and would rape and murder tens of thousands of women and girls? How many civilians were killed, maimed, and left homeless because of a high-level decision to allow the commies to fight the battle of Berlin? One has to wonder who gave that order, FDR? Marshall? Ike? In any event, it created another problem with a divided Berlin after the war.

But it was at Yalta that FDR gave away the freedom of tens of millions of Eastern Europeans, even though he was warned by Churchill not to trust the commies. Imagine that. You’re, say, a Hungarian who survived the war and Nazi occupation, only to find yourself under the oppressive rule of commies, something that you or your citizens were never asked about, never voted on, and likely never wanted. Or a Catholic Pole who now found himself or herself under the Godless rule of commie scum. Human freedom sacrificed on the altar of liberalism. Could you imagine that happening in the United States? Say Obama, GOD FORBID IT, gets reelected and gets us so in debt to the Chinese that they say, sell us Hawaii and we’ll call it even steven. Or, allow us a free hand [Chinese] in Taiwan, look the other way, and after we retake that "rogue" province, we’ll be square debt wise. Oh, speaking of the Chinese, they’ve ramped up their military spending by 12%. Hmm, wonder why. Liberals sell out freedom faster than Senator Feinstein routing military contracts to her husband’s companies, something she was never punished for under a liberal majority Senate, by the way.

We all know that JFK was a drug-addled and corrupt womanizer (the press covered all of that up for years) but that was not the biggest woe in his administration, nope, the Bay of Pigs was his crowning glory, forget the Cuban Missile Crisis (where he almost started WW III). We trained Cuban exiles to attack and seize Cuba for freedom and Democracy, from the murderous regime of Castro and Che. They land in the Bay of Pigs and JFK, gets a dose of the liberal cut and run disease, and leaves them stranded on the beach with no air cover. Classic liberal at work. Note to America, NEVER let a liberal watch your six o’clock. That would be like letting Barney Frank watch a male intern’s six, with the predictable results! Imagine the difference in the world IF JFK had backed the freedom fighters and Castro’s commie regime fell. Che would have hung (instead of being shot in Bolivia while he whined and cried for his life), Castro would have joined him, and liberals like Oliver Stone(d) and Michael Mooreon would not have a dictator’s ass to kiss. But Cuba would have been free and that would have made all of the difference but no, millions get to enjoy communism and the shared misery it ensures.

Woe to the Far East when LBJ decided to expand his stock portfolio in Sea/Land by growing the Vietnam War that JFK expanded in October 1963. LBJ and his cabal of idiots strung along South Vietnam like a whore on crack until the libs finally abandoned them in 1973, cutting off all funding to SVN and turned the sacrifice of 58,000+ Americans into nothing. South Vietnam was surrendered to the commies, as was Laos and Cambodia. Enter Pol Pot and the killing fields but by then, the libs were on to the next event somewhere else, the dead already forgotten. Oh, wait, maybe by then, they were figuring out how to betray the American POW/MIAs left behind by a Congress (and Hanoi John Fonda Kerry) who refused to care. THOSE details will come out after the last son-of-a-bitch responsible dies but rest assured lib(s), if the Gunny is still kicking when the truth comes out, he is gonna dump a truckload of cowshit on your grave, just thought you should know.

Sacrificing other people’s freedom and spending other people’s money, two things the libs excel at!

Just take a look at how easily the liberal vermin in Congress were ready to sacrifice the Contras to the commie scumbags in Nicaragua, led by the Left’s hero Daniel Ortega (Carter recently when down to kiss his ass a year or two ago for old times sake.) You ever notice how the libs are always ready to start a major war, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, but are rarely in the mood to finish them? As pointed out above, the libs left us with another war to fight (WW1-WW2-Korea-Cold War), as noted by Patton.

Look how the Left had a cow about Bush 43 liberating Iraq and Afghanistan from Saddam and al-Qaeda. It was easier for the Left to overlook the Iraqis dying by the multitude of useless resolutions imposed by UN, which did nothing to Saddam and his spawn from Hell, than to find their spines and free them. Hell, the Left did everything they could to sabotage the War in Iraq, while we had troops on the ground, for POLITICAL POINTS! Thank you ABSCAM Murtha, Chappaquiddick Ted, Reid, Turban Durban, Waxman, Code Pink, etc, for aiding and comforting the enemy in a time of war. May you all burn in Hell for an eternity.

In closing, the Community Organizer-in-Chief is carrying on the fine tradition of liberal sabotage of freedom, by failing to back the Iranian students not once but twice, while endorsing the 12th century mentality of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as well as sticking it to the Hondurans by backing a commie scumbag usurper named Zelaya! Liberals, sacrificing other people’s freedom comes almost as easy to them as taxing the hell out of other people’s money, while avoiding paying them themselves, i.e., Kerry, Solis, Rangel, Ghietner, etc.

"Truth is a demure lady, much too ladylike to knock you on your head and drag you to her cave. She is there, but people must want her, and seek her out." WFB, Jr. Obama STILL AGAINST DRILLING


  1. How the HELL did WFB spawn such an idiot as Christopher? Damn the bad luck anyway. As to the Russians,turns out ol'Patton was right on the money,wasn't he? He wanted to kick the shit out of them while the getting was good,and all the ingredients were over there,but nooooo,can't have that. Good post.

  2. And don't forget, Harry, "The war is lost," Reid.

  3. Just proof positive that libidiots love commies.
    And that ideology gets put far, far above any concern for American lives or freedom.
    One thing you've got to give 'em, they are persistent ba*$erds.

  4. Clyde,
    the only problem would have been that our Army would have gotten mauled by the Red Army. The T-34 was more numerous and much better than the Sherman, and they had lots more men in the field than we did. On top of that, the Brits were at the breaking point, so they would not have been able to help.

  5. Crawfish,

    You're forgetting "fat-boy" and "little-man" II.

  6. Gunny,

    Spot on as usual. The only thing that we can count on is that the left is 180* opposite of common sense and decency while loudly professing the same.

  7. Crawfish:
    I have to disagree with you.
    America was at its strongest and Russia was at its weakest.
    We had supremecy of the skies, the seas and equipment on the battlefield.
    Numbers don't mean much with those advantages. Remember Korea?
    Chinese attacked in human waves.
    Besides, the Red Army of 1945 was in pretty rough shape. They had suffered over half a million desertions on the march to Berlin. Patton was right. We could've took 'em.