Monday, March 7, 2011


Y'all ever see a Horned Toad? No, not the horny toad named BJ Bubba Clinton, a real horned toad, with little horns and is flat, and tannish colored, that scampers around? Well, when you mess with them enough, and the Gunny learned this lesson as a kid, they squirt blood from their eyes, and damned accurate too. Here is something that will make blood squirt from our eyes.

EXCERPT: WASHINGTON – "The U.S. military is too white and too male at the top and needs to change recruiting and promotion policies and lift its ban on women in combat, an independent report for Congress said Monday. Seventy-seven percent of senior officers in the active-duty military are white, while only 8 percent are black, 5 percent are Hispanic and 16 percent are women, the report by an independent panel said, quoting data from September 2008. The report ordered by Congress in 2009 calls for greater diversity in the military's leadership so it will better reflect the racial, ethnic and gender mix in the armed forces and in American society. One barrier that keeps women from the highest ranks is their inability to serve in combat units. Promotion and job opportunities have favored those with battlefield leadership credentials."

You see, the US Military is NO LONGER merit based, oh no. We MUST promote via a quota system, even if it gets people killed. This is what the Air Force and the Army (minus SF bubbas) have de-evolved into, a PC class of p*ssified clowns, following trend after trend, i.e., handing out black berets to "legs" (that made the Gunny projectile vomit), and now, putting women into combat. Jessica Lynch aside, the Gunny has seen females get tossed around like ragdolls in Marine Corps hand-to-hand and it won't change on the battlefield. And the fat females in the AF he saw in Iraq? Yikes! But here is the crux of the issue.

"If you look at today's battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's not like it was in the Cold War, when we had a defined battlefield. Women serve — and they lead — military security, military police units, air defense units, intelligence units, all of which have to be right there with combat veterans in order to do the job appropriately. Because they are technically attached to, but not assigned to, combat units, they don't get credit for being in combat arms, something important for promotion to the most senior ranks." Gen. Lester L. Lyles, USAF ret, the commission's chairman.

Politically correct bullsh*t. It's ALL about women officers crying that they can't get promoted because they've never had combat experience. Boo-frigging-hoo.

Now excuse the Gunny for a second, General (probably a Perfumed Prince) but the Air Force's SP's AIN'T a combat unit, they're slightly higher than rent-a-cops. Air Defense? Intel? MP's writing traffic tickets? Please. Being a ground troop is WAY different than being a zoomie. Ya gotta do things like crap in a hole, not shower for weeks on end, sleep on that yucky ground, eat MREs, hump heavy stuff over long distances without whining, have bugs and other icky things on you, and there ain't no base to have your cocktails after a mission, and when ya run outta sh*t paper, sin loi!

What this moron doesn't know or WON'T acknowledge, is that today's battlefield is WORSE for women BECAUSE it IS ill-defined. Jessica Lynch's outfit was ambushed and overrun by irregulars, people were killed, and somehow, the training records of that unit were, misplaced. Oddly enough, the Army punished no one, it just kinda fell under the radar. Kinda makes ya go hmmm. Maybe the General forgets that about 80% of the females NEVER make their first term! If we can't count on them making it through their first term, how the HELL can they be expected to perform in combat?

When the Gunny was in, he weighed 192 at 5' 11" and bench-pressed over 300. He and his fellow SNCOs were PT freaks in order to stay mission ready. How many females bench press 300? He was able to carry HIS weight, his gear, and often the gear of females who fell out on humps (and a few males who were castigated FOREVER after. Apologies to Marines like Sgt Crystal D who simply kicked ass and took names, but she was the EXCEPTION to the rule). The Gunny knew that a capable Marine had his back, cut and dried. Sorry ladies, blame Mother Nature for giving men upper body strength, not the Gunny.

In summation, what happens when people are killed or maimed because of a politically correct decision to put women into combat? Who gets held responsible? General Lyles? SecDef Gates? This bullshit commission? Obama? Or will they be like McNamara and make stupid decisions, get Americans killed, and walk away scot-free and write a book about it all? The Gunny says that IF you want women in combat, PUT YOUR ASS on the line that if it goes south, your ass goes to prison. Simple as that. Better still, those who want women in combat, YOU JOIN EM in a fighting hole (foxhole to the Army). Or better yet, let YOUR SONS join em on the battlefield. THEN we'll see who's REALLY behind this. Who gets held responsible if (God forbid) a sub sinks because a female crewmember lacked the strength to dog a hatch in an emergency? Who pays besides a dead crew? The politicians who instituted it? Can we try and execute the Generals who stood by and ALLOWED this to happen and/or endorsed it? Can we arrest them and hang them for the murders they're responsible for?

Too many whites in charge. Too many men in charge. Wow. WTF ever happened to promoting people on MERIT? On what they have ACCOMPLISHED and have PROVED themselves to be? Not on their skin color or lack of male plumbing. Why not just make the US Military ONE BIG social experiment, toss in trannies, flaming homos (oops, already did that), take away the ban on felons, druggies, alcoholics, maniacs, idiots, multi-earring freak shows, etc, drop that stupid discipline thingy, and just do whatever the HELL we want to. Boot camp? Nah, that's old fashioned. Just HAND them a uniform and a gun thingy and say go for it. Why bother with all of that tried and true stuff that stupid old white men like Lafayette, Washington, Patton, Marshall, Puller, Yeager, and LEGIONS of stupid white men instilled in the services. Screw training. Yeah, proud traditions? Who needs em?

Hell, screw the uniforms too, just wear whatever ya want. Right libs? My friends, this nation is in deep kimchee.

BTW, on a hunch...

LYLES, LESTER VIENNA,VA 22182 NOT EMPLOYED/RETIRED 9/18/08 $1,000 Obama, Barack (D)
Go figure, an Obama asskissing Perfumed Prince just like the Gunny figured.



  1. Gunny,

    Are you really surprised after the repeal of DADT? The writing was on the wall since women are the swing vote in 2012. Women have been defecting to the right in droves and Zero wants them back. That's my take on this crap.

    BTW, great find on Lyles. Figures.

  2. Hardnox,

    You may be right on the women but I think that it is simply senior female officers bitching and whining. I heard them on active duty and I heard them when I was in Iraq. It is ALL about getting promoted, nothing more.

    My son wanted to do a career in the Corps but no WAY! Four and OUT! And that will be the end of four generations of warriors going back to WW1.

    I had a gut feeling one Lyles and the FIRST TRY, BAM!, hit the jackpot. Figures that he was an Obama asskisser and if I had his service record, I WOULD BET that he was a PC punk his whole career.

  3. Gunny,

    Brother, thank you for your family's service.

    Are we still on for the steak dinner that I promised you? When are you coming east?

    Semper fi

  4. Hardnox,

    I'm thinking early June. Hell yes we're on. I'll bring the beer/vino.

  5. Gunny,

    We are so scr*wed. I am not sure that we can last as a country until the 2012 elections. The Middle East in full revolt, oil prices sky-rocketing, the corruption of this administration becoming more and more apparent, and now "Revenge of the Desk Jocks".

    The word coming from my uncle (USAF, retired col., F86's in Korea, and F100's in Vietnam) through my family's connections is for everyone who can to start considering getting out.

    And the thing that I cannot figure out is why the Liberals are still listening to this administration. Every country in the world is laughing their b*tts off at O'Vomit. Even the Muslims are laughing at him. My dog could do a better job.

  6. Gray Ghost,

    I heard a retired AF Colonel saying the same thing a few weeks back. Shameful what the Left has done to the military. Revenge of the Desk Jocks, or as we say, Office Pogues, perfect. Warriors getting the shaft from the REMFs.

    This regime is simply low-down and common.

    Best to your uncle, you, and yours from me. Took balls to fly combat back then.

  7. Gunny and Gray Ghost,

    All my contacts say the same thing. The younger guys are only doing four then out.

  8. Merit has been fading ever since I was on active duty back in the '60's. I saw men promoted strickly because of their race. I was told by an OJT instructor that he was instructed to pass this guy...or else.
    As far as women in the Navy. Shit! There are enought distractions without split tails running up and down the ladder. So if you HAVE to have long hair messcooks in the Navy how about crewing a ship entirely? Skipper to seaman deuce. Oh. That would be segregation. And the left HATES segregation.
    Never mind you are 195lbs and in combat and have been hit in the leg (to make it simple). How the hell is that 125lb female going to get you out of the firing lanes?????

  9. Hardnox,

    I know of an Army guy here in AK getting out after 12 years IN! He's had enough of the PC bullsh*t. Another squared away Army officer resigned his commission after he did his obligation. THAT ain't good. Again, tired of the PC bullsh*t from on high.

  10. Buck,

    She couldn't but that is besides the point to the Left. It is gonna take us a generation, maybe TWO, to rebuild America, if we ever can, after we get rid of the Liberal scum in America.

  11. Just further proof these Ivy League assholes can't think their way out of wet shit paper. The LAST place for WEAKNESS is a combat unit. Just WHAT,pray tell,do these pogues THINK this crap will do to create MORE unit cohesion? Damn shame it is.

  12. It's all George Bush's fault!


    It's all John Wayne's fault!

  13. Racial quotas are such bulloney. And dangerous in situations like this.
    By the way, the statistics you show of whites, blacks and hispanics is pretty much along what the statistics are for races in the country as a whole. So, what's the problem? Oh ya.....Sir Golfsalot is half black and believes in Black Liberation Theology and social justice and reparations.
    And I agree with some who've connected the women in combat issue with the end of dadt.
    It was only a matter of time. Next the little two daddy families will be lobbying for "maternity" leave when they adopt some poor unsuspecting kid.

  14. clyde,

    This is the Left's OPEN ATTACK on the last bastion of solid Conservatives! If they can control the military that is full of leftists and wimps, they win.

  15. beachmom,

    Good post. It is ALL about women officers bitching about not being able to lead men in combat in order to get their ticket punched for a promotion, nothing more.

  16. Combat personnel get captured from time to time. It happens. Maybe someone can help me remember the last war/conflict/police action we were involved in where our POW's were treated remotely humanly. Somehow with my twisted mind wholesale rape of our female POW's comes to mind. Oh I know, libs believe that would never happen. I guess that is possible when your head is all the way up your ass, ie liberals.

  17. Here is the real lowdown on Army promotions...ready?
    They're geared and set up to give minorities an advantage from the day they enlist!

    The Army's promotions work on a point system
    PT score
    Marksmanship score
    Medals awarded
    Army Schools attended
    And points recieved for appearing before the promotion board.

    Here is where the bias comes in favor of minorities...
    97% of white enlistees score a general technical score (GT score) of over 100 points on the ASVAB.
    Most minorities do not.
    So that majority of minorities are given the opportunity (not availble for those who score over 100)to attend BSEP which is an Army school for idiots who need help in reading and math...
    They get points for attending.
    After attending BSEP, they are given a shot at retaking the ASVAB...if they get 1 point higher than their original score...
    more promotion points!

    Education, if you graduated high school, you get nothing.
    If you didn't, you can get points for attending GED school...and then MORE points if you actually get your GED!

    EVERY minority that I knew in the Army (with less than a 100 GT score) used every one of those programs if not to get the free points but to get out of work to attend these programs.

    As for me, I had to hit the army correspondence courses hard to make the points for promotion and score well on the regular stuff as well.
    No freebie points for me...
    I had to EARN them!

    So, it makes me wonder how...with all the advantages given to minorities from the start, how in the hell can they NOT hold the upper ranks?
    Possibly because after all the freebie points are gone, they just have to compete for those promotions EQUALLY with everyone else.

    Leave it to the leftists to determine that all those freebie points still aren't enough to make things "fair".
    If we're ALL equal under the constitution, then who other than an idiot would need special rights to make them equal?

  18. Minimum time served and out for me. As a young pilot flying EA-6B's, I experienced political correct results from NFO's/ECMO's who said they needed to be commanding officers for equal promotion opportunity. The results from 18 months of one non pilot CO was the loss of three friends and 2 aircraft. (There were more accidents under his command, but I only directly attibute two to him) He personally tried to inflict aircraft accidents on me three times. Political Correctness degrades the military and conitnues to creep up the chain of command. I still cringe when I think about Adm Mike Mullen defending Obama's timeline to withdraw from Afghanistan. Not that I support the war there, but that the admiral would support polital correct war strategy. Adm Mullen puts our soldiers lives at greater risk to advance his own career. I still fear the governemnt and post this as Anonymous.

  19. I did 12 years in the Navy. I loved the Navy but I hated that the only people getting promoted were the ass kissers and the people who didn't do anything. I was a DS that got converted to an ET. I was in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm on board the USS John F Kennedy. I got out and was on the most Politically correct ship I can imagine, The USS Tarawa. Hated it. Hated the libtard idiots I had to work for. I got out because I was either going to go to the brig for chocking the living shit out of the O's and some of my chiefs or get out. I got out.