Monday, March 21, 2011


Liberals, from top to bottom, view the Constitution as a mere scrap of paper, this can no longer be denied by them. In fact, those of us with a thinking brain remember that it was Obysmal himself referred to it as a "flawed document" that did not go far enough towards the redistribution of wealth in this nation! So let us start off with a primer on the subject: 

Article II of the Constitution begins: "The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature."

Quite clear cut isn't it? States get Congressional Representation but somehow, the translation is lost between all of that fatty tissue between the ears of the Liberal dimwits. Take, for example, back in February 2009 (DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS), when the Senate voted 61-37 to give the nation’s capital and Utah each a House seat. It was our old far left pukes and a RINO who introduced this mierda, Senators Joe Lieberman and Orrin Hatch and of course, far lefty and serial kook Eleanor Holmes Norton. They actually had the gall to introduce (HR 157/S160) respectively or as it is known, the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009. And not to be outdone, the Liar of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, well noted for rolling over for the Left for a belly scratching, instead proposed a constitutional amendment that would provide one representative to the District of Columbia.

So Instead of standing UP for the Constitution, instead of FOLLOWING their oath of office, they piss down their legs in order to compromise one of the sacred documents of our Republic and pander to the Left, who hates them for it, all in the attempt to be loved by a Leftist Lapdog Media who uses them like a condom and throws them out until the next screwing.

This is so simple that even a liberal could figure out that DC will reliably vote Demerrhoid, especially since 50% of the population there is functionally illiterate (Dept of Education stat). They will be as easily manipulated by the Demerrhoids like hot iron on the Gunny’s anvil, which is why the Left has been chasing this nightmare for decades. The problem is that the District of Columbia is NOT a state, it is a federal district, designed so that NO state could "own" the capital and thus, lord it over the other states. Again, the genius of our Founders comes through. So, in not being a state, they should not have a voting member in the Congress but with this regime, but the Liberal Usurpers of the Constitution don’t give a damn. Why could they not use the process within the Constitution itself, like when the Progressives banned alcohol for the good of everyone (a familiar theme with these bastards), and then later had to repeal it because like all things liberal, it [Prohibition] was a failure and only made people like Joe Kennedy rich? Indeed, all of the Senators who voted for this fraud are guilty of violating their oath of office.

Even worse, is that the corrupt defender of terrorists and the negotiator of laws for "his people", Eric Holder IGNORED the report of the Office of Legal Counsel, that the proposed legislation was unconstitutional, and like his master Obama, backdoored an opinion from the United States Solicitor Generals office that this bullsh*t could be defended in the SCOTUS, on our dime of course, AFTER it was passed. This then, is the M.O. of this regime and the Left in general and that is, pass unconstitutional crap and then force it into the courts where activist judges can screw the American people willy-nilly. That way, scum like Holder and Obama can point to the court and say, "hey, they did it, not us." Naturally, these activist judges have been appointed by Demerrhoids in the past, corruption lending itself to more corruption, aided and abetted by RINO scum like McShamenesty, Murkowski (thanks again Alaska Native Corporation), Hatch, Grahamnesty, etc.

Our leaders have all broken their oath of office. They have all clearly violated the Constitution and yet remain uncharged, untried, and free to screw us at will. They have pissed on the Constitution with the TARP, ObamaKare, backdoor attempts to strangle the Second Amendment, ignoring the DOMA, ignoring our southern border, and allowing a foreign born and illegal president, who declares an illegal war in Libya while on vacation, and who shows with his every action that he is Soros’ anti-American puppet. That the American people have not risen up in righteous armed revolt speaks well of them but it is still a long way until 2012 and Obama and his minions like Holder still have time use the Constitution as toilet paper. The only question is, is how much will the American people put up with. The hubris of this regime and the squirming maggots within the Beltway knows no bounds as they continues to usurp Constitutional authority and it is puke producing to REAL Americans. They pass unconstitutional laws and piss on the laws that they are bound to enforce because they don't "agree" with them. When Obysmal ordered his toady Holder to refuse to defend or uphold DOMA is a willful dereliction of constitutional duty and yet another violation of his oath of office.

John Hancock CLEARLY stated our duty: "Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual… continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us."

What say you America? How much longer are we going to stand for this? Will we take action in 2012 to remove these vermin? Will we rise up and demand that Obama, Holder, and this fetid and corrupt regime be investigated, charged, tried, and imprisoned as they deserve? Will we remember that is was David Axelroid and Daiv Plouffe that pushed "He Who Voted Present 130 times" on America? Or will we timidly allow them to profit, like Franklin Raines profited from Fannie Mae to the tune of 90 MILLION dollars in a bonus? This entire regime has repeatedly ignored and disregarded federal law, God's Law, traditional American mores and values, and the Courts, in their quest to inflict the Hopey/Changey that Soros' puppet mouthed back in 2008. Obama's grasping for imperial and unlimited power violates the Constitution's Separation of Powers, Oath of Office, Duties of the President, and the Checks and Balances laid out therein and he is no doubt egged on by Soros. He also pisses on the fundamental American ideal that no one person is above the law and that justice is blind by allowing Eric "rat face" Holder to subvert justice by permitting voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party as well as ignoring hate crimes performed by blacks on whites because, as Holder put it, those are "my people."

Why has Obama, Holder, and a few other leftist scumbags not been impeached, tried for treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, and put in jail where they belong? If THEY are NOT bound by the law, WHY ARE WE?

THIS JUST IN! Obama sends Nowruz greetings to Iran from Rio!


  1. Good essay. The reason these bastards have NOT been brought up on charges was answered in the essay. Those who COULD bring charges are GUILTY of a lot of the same shit. My thinking is the two-party system has turned out to be the downfall of the nation. People who are elected to represent US,are MORE interested in themselves and these outdated parties than anything else.While we all would like to see new blood,it does give one pause to ask WHY do these people WANT to run? In all but scant few instances,I believe a lot of them are simply looking for THEIR piece of the cheese. Time for a new way of doing things,I believe.Are more parties the answer? Got to think on that one.

  2. Well obviously its flawed Gunny! Do oyu see the passage where it declares Obama the messiah, god, and ruler of the world? Well then! The document written by a bunch of white guys has to be fixed! They should pick a genius to write the new legislation. How about Biden?

  3. Something I heard...or read...a long time ago,

    "When justice breaks down, violence will ensue."

  4. clyde,

    The Tea Party for one and TERM LIMITS for another. That and NO LOBBYISTS within 1000 miles of DC.

  5. Jim,

    Good one! Made me laugh. Yeah, they can email it to the Kenyan in Rio and he can edit it while on vacation.

  6. Buck,

    Indeed. Even better is Aeschylus' quote: "A people's voice is dangerous when charged with wrath."

  7. clyde,

    Meant to add, WE, as a people, are partly to blame for not WATCHING these bums more closely and DEMANDING justice be done.

  8. True story,Guns. Past time we held their damned feet to the fire.

  9. clyde,

    Exactly right. Why do WE have to follow the law if THEY DO NOT!?

  10. Gunny, Good post.

    Good comments too!

    America may very well be due for a third party. There are many disenfranchised democrats, many pissed-off republicans and independants that might be up for a conservative party.

    The 2010 elections proved that America is still right of center. So far the republicans have been a disappointment. The TEA party republicans are bucking the system. What happened to Boehner's pledge of defunding everything?

    The downside of a 3rd party run is that it gave us BJ Clinton. The reality is that GHW Bush wasn't a conservative. Had people actually voted their conscience we may have had Ross Perot instead of Bubba. I'm not saying that would have been good...just saying.

    Anyone paying attention knows that our two party system is broken. Do we fix it within or start a new party?

  11. Hardnox,

    I would love to see the rise of the American Conservative Party. One dedicated and BOUND to the Constitution and the principles of Conservatism ala Burke, Reagan, etc.

  12. Well, the one thing I will say for Murkowski: at least she tried to move it forward properly, by proposing a constitutional amendment.

    She may be a douchebag, but that would be the correct process.

  13. Brian,

    True enough but I am firmly against DC getting ANY vote in Congress. It flies in the face of the intent of that federal district. Unless, of course, all of the land except the federal offices are located on, goes back to their respective states!

  14. Great article. But, it sounds like you are talking about AIPAC and our butt kissing to a little non-muslim country in the middle east! A country that has no oil or offers nothing of value to the USA and attacked us several times (Gaza flotilla, USS Liberty, Lavon affair). But, but, but we still kiss their but and give them 3 billion a year with a smile.

    My prayers to the American high school kid ruthlessly killed giving aid on the Gaza flotilla to the world's largest concentration camp including many innocent Christians!

  15. EXCELLENT post Guns. To many our Constitution is just that--as far as our security is conserned we have the Nelvell chamberlains as well as the Winston Churchills--who will we listeen to?? I choose the latter---come on by new post up

  16. Anon,

    I am a supporter of Israel and openly so. Everyone who has opposed this nation has met with disaster or downfall. To back them up is the right thing to do and 3 billion is a small price to pay, considering the other ways the pols waste our money, i.e., TARP, GM Bailout, etc.

  17. Blackwater79,

    Churchill has been a personal hero of mine since I was a kid. He "been there and done that."

  18. Anonymous
    Sounds like you enjoy kissing muslums' asses.
    I don't blame you for your ignorance. I blame an education system that didn't teach you anything.

  19. Looks like another one has risen from the dung heap at the OONEXP.

  20. Anonymous,

    FYI, Israel is our ONLY ally in the ME and is the ONLY democracy in the region. The sand-nazis are not. OK.

    Also, many American Jews live there.