Tuesday, March 29, 2011


really IS a mental disease.

One of the main tenets of liberalism is doing the same stupid thing, over and over, expecting a different outcome (success vs failure), yet getting the same piss poor result. A prime example would be how the Liberals LOVE to throw OUR money at failing public schools so that teachers (and unions) get richer and students (8th graders in Wisconsin) get dumber.

So what do liberals do now? Why CASH FOR CLUNKER 2!

Yes, the first one worked SO WELL that it cost the US taxpayers 24,000 clams PER CAR!

EXCERPT: "The Cash for Clunkers program gave car buyers rebates of up to $4,500 if they traded in less fuel-efficient vehicles for new vehicles that met certain fuel economy requirements. A total of $3 billion was allotted for those rebates. The average rebate was $4,000. But the overwhelming majority of sales would have taken place anyway at some time in the last half of 2009, according to Edmunds.com. That means the government ended up spending about $24,000 each for those 125,000 additional vehicle sales."

Then the Feds had to give overtime to their bureauweenies to process the claims, costing we the people even more money than was reported and then, what did the idiots do with the perfectly good cars, that MIGHT have been sold on the cheap to low-income families who could use them and maybe recoup a little of our tax money? The cars were destroyed. Total loss to us. Of course, the car dealers friendly to the Kenyan made out well.

EXCERPT: "Ready for another cash for clunkers program? It looks like General Motors is attempting to replace it's own consumer incentives with tax payer money. The car company, bailed out of bankruptcy in 2009 by the American tax payer, appears to be turning the government into an automatic rebate provider. The Obama administration and their friends on Capitol Hill are floating around a proposal to change the $7500 tax credit for green vehicles. This change can be found not only in President Barack Obama's budget but also a bill proposed by Senator Debbie Stabenow, Michigan Democrat."

So the AMERICAN TAXPAYER is gonna get the shaft fot these rebates so that Government Motors, GE (they make the chargers) and Jeffrey Immelt (Obama's butt-buddy) can make some serious dough on a piece of shit car, the Chevy Volt.

How the car sucks:

1.  It can only travel 40 miles with the battery (in cold weather, about 23 miles).
2.  The back-up gasoline powered generator will power it for just over 300 miles.
3.  The car costs $41,000.
4.  It is an under-powered POS.
5.  It is being subsidized by taxpayers.

Liberalism at work. The Chevy Volt sucks worse than the Trabant and the government has to PAY people to buy them. The bottom line? If the car WORKED, the people would be flocking to buy them, proof that the free market WORKS but now, we have Sir Golfsalot using our money to pay off his union buddies and Immelt.

BOYCOTT Goverment Motors and Chrysler forever.

That Liberalism is a mental disease and that the Kenyan Usurper is rife with it, can no longer be denied. And ANYTHING that Stabenow, a far-left moron from Michigan, proposes is GUARANTEED to rape our wallets/purses. Of course, her performance for the state of Michigan has done SO WELL. (end sarcasm)



  1. You know what floors me, they never stopped doing the CRA sub-rime loans, in fact, they stepped up the number.
    Didn't the high price of gas cause the first round of foreclosures? Didn't we all hear gas is going up to $5.00 a gallon?

    I hear the Chevy Dolt is a great vehicle for the right type of liberal person. You know, unemployed, bad credit, welfare recipient, etc..
    And when the car gets repossessed we can bail out GMAC.

  2. Jim,

    The great thing all of this sh*t is that we are going to find out exactly WHO in the Congress is serious about reining in spending and WHO is against these liberal idiots. Just in time for 2012.

  3. I will not ever buy another GM product, or Chrysler!! Most especially a stupid Volt,or as Jim says Dolt. Just as I won't use ethenol. (in fact I don't know anywhere here that sells it)

  4. It figures Stabusnow would be in on this.Damned hack hasn't done shit for Michiruit except drive it deeper in the shithole.And,yet another reason to stay the eff away from Gov Motors.STILL waiting for the bastards to cough up about a mil they owe our company that we will NEVER see.

  5. Gunny,

    Absolutely true that Liberalism is a mental disease. The other part of the electric issue that is ignored is the batteries. They only last a few years before they need replacing for big bucks. Then of course what to do with all those batteries that are harzardous waste.


  6. "Doing the same thing over...."
    Just like we have been doing on the War on Poverty since the days of LBJ?

    People just can't realize that EVERY EFFING DIME the government spends comes out of OUR EFFING POCKETS.

    That includes cars that don't work, entitlement programs that don't work, "assistance" programs than don't work, foreign aid programs that don't work and self promoted raises for politicians that don't work.

  7. Better yet why not just bring back the Yugo. As a heavy-line auto tech, the program "cash for clunkers" seriously ticked me off. Besides wasting taxpayer money in bucketfulls they destroyed perfectly good cars in their zeal to shove another liberal social experiment down our throats.

    And of course, the American buyers (who weren't born yesterday) took advantage of the situation to get some real good deals at government (AKA taxpayer) expense.

  8. Don't forget that the Dolt is powered by electricity, which comes from COAL-FIRED POWER PLANTS!!!!

    Green vehicle my arse!