Tuesday, March 29, 2011


America should take a lesson from Scotland, the land of William Wallace.

Two eco-nazis tried to enter a coal mine in Scotland in order to disrupt the evil miners from unearthing the evil coal, that pollutes Gaia. After climbing over some heavy equipment...

EXCERPT: "As two activists managed to reach and scale a huge 260 tonne "prime mover" in the bottom of the pit, one of the two biggest machines on the site, other activists there to support them were brutally attacked by Scottish Coal employees and Trustcare Security.

Fiona Reed (eco-nazis) who was at Mainshill said: "We were attacked from the minute we entered the site. At no point were we confrontational or threatening, we just wanted to do the action safely so that no one got hurt. First of all huge dump trucks were deliberately driven at us and tried to box us in, then the excavator driver swung the machine's bucket at us, blatantly disregarding all health and safety rules. Most deaths and accidents that occur on opencasts are because of how dangerous these dump trucks are. A lot of people's lives were put at risk. We were then pounced on by workers and site security who punched us in the head repeatedly, threw us to the ground and kicked us in the back. They also stole our video camera."

Now THAT is the way to handle eco-idiots who seek to impose their warped views on the rest of us. They entered private property, in order to disrupt a business, and got their asses kicked for their efforts. Too bad there wasn't an active volcano present then the moonbat libs could have thrown themselves into it as a sacrifice to Gaia for their failure!

Well Done Scotties! Well Done Indeed!



  1. Ah HA HA HA HA HA

    Sorry, it was the only thing that came out!

  2. Jim,

    I agree 100%! I wish I'd been there to HELP! If we started doing this in America, these smelly-ass hippies would crawl back under the rocks they slimed out from under!

  3. A prime mover wouldn't have felt the squish. About like running over a ripe tomato. These assholes are LUCKY they made it out to tell the tale. Stupid shits anyway,how the hell they ever made it in there. Moonbats. FHHEEEHHH.

  4. clyde,

    I LIVE for the day when the moonbats here act up thusly. I predict that the grizzly population will increase as a direct result! haha

  5. Were these idiots also charged with transpassing and unsauthorized tampering with company equipment?

    Saw one of the movers in NM at the open pit coal mine on the Navajo rez. It is BIG!!!!!

  6. Gunny,

    Great story. They should make a movie about it.

    The eco-nazis are indeed nuts. I love the one story in Germany a year or so ago about the eco-nuts that let a bunch of pigs go. As it turned out the pigs trampled and killed a few of the nuts and ate one if I recall the story correctly.

  7. Pack Rat,

    Maybe the Scots figured the asskicking was enough!! haha

  8. Hardnox,

    I missed that one. Bon appetit to the pigs! Like the bears up here, the pigs must think that libs taste like chicken.

  9. Also reminds me of a story about libs that tried to disrupt a prairie dog hunt in Texas. Seems like they thought banging on pots would scare the prarie dogs away. Instead it may them curious and the climbed out of their burrows, stood up and looked for the noisemaker.


  10. "We just wanted to do the action safely." Haha, well how did you make out Missy?
    Nest maybe they can turn up at the Hells Angels Convention to complain about motorcycle exhaust! Way to go Scots!

  11. Those coal miners should all be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

  12. "..When they got his Irish up, Clancy lowered the boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.."

    But those Micks don't have a thing on the other Celts, a land full of irate Yosemite Sams, when you get their "Scotch" up. Make a damn fine whiskey, too.

  13. Have you read 'State of Fear' by Michael Crichton? It's a book about Eco-Terrorism where global warming enthusiasts mass murder to gain support for their movement. In fact, the eco-nazi's went nuts after it's publication, claiming bent "facts" and other nonsense. It's funny that these econuts have been bending the facts for years. These people remind me of those in the book, but less intelligent and sneaky.


  14. These halfwits were lucky someone didn't pull a Rachel Corrie on them. Stay out of the mines - they're for employees only.

  15. And some people wonder why I refer to these types of Wacko's as "The Stupids"? Point made once again, thank you.