Friday, March 11, 2011



EXCERPT: SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois State Police stood their ground Tuesday after the state's attorney general determined the agency must disclose the names of people authorized to own guns in Illinois to comply with public records law. Attorney General Lisa Madigan's public access counselor issued a letter Monday night rejecting state police arguments that releasing the information is an unwarranted invasion of privacy prohibited by the state public records law or that its disclosure would automatically endanger the lives of gun owners or those who don't have firearms.

Even better is when the Lapdog Media jumps into the fray, working the leftist agenda...

"Through the Freedom of Information Act, The Associated Press requested in September the names of each FOID cardholder in the state and the expiration date of each card. State police denied the request, prompting the public access counselor's intervention. The General Assembly has clearly determined that it is in the public interest to provide a system for identifying those who are qualified to acquire or possess firearms through the issuance of FOID cards," assistant public access counselor Matthew Rogina wrote. "The public, therefore, has a legitimate interest in ISP's enforcement of the FOID card act."

What this boils down to, is the Left seeking to identify PRIVATE CITIZENS as targets for criminals or a criminal government bent on gun confiscation. Kudos to the Ill State Police for standing their ground on this issue but it appears that patriots have A LOT of work to do in ridding Illinois of lib-nazis bent on violating the Second Amendment RIGHT of Illinois residents. Only a liberal moron like Rogina would think that the PUBLIC at large has the need-to-know who owns weapons. Maybe WE need to start publishing ad in newspapers on who DOESN'T own weapons and target THEM for criminals! Payback's a BITCH Libs.

The Gunny's advice to squared away citizens there, who can LEAVE the state and take up resident in free states? "Get the hell out NOW, before the lib-nazis take over!",0,5686959.story


  1. I thought the libs were big on some Constitutional right to "privacy"

    Oh, my bad....that's just an excuse to murder babies.

  2. Gunny Good post.

    From the Chicago Tribune: "In Chicago, police routinely say there are tens of thousands of illegal guns on the street at any one time. Just last year, police seized 8,000 guns -- about four times the number of people who registered guns in the city since the ban was lifted."

    So publishing a list would make the public safer? Always and without exception the Left is stuck on stupid.

  3. Okay. As we have seen in every country that has instituted a gun registration.
    Gun registration is a prelude to gun confiscation.
    CCW "permit" is the government's back door to gun registration.
    Once the CCW was passed in your state, everybody ran out and took the mandatory class for their permission to carry their weapon.
    Everyone who played this game helped undermine the second amendment.
    Now that honest...dumb but honest..citizens have registered, gone through the police checks and mandatory school so the satisfied state would say, "Okay, you can keep and bear your weapon now." They are also subject to hostile anti-gun legislation by an increassingly hostile anti-gun legislation.
    Once again.
    Does the Second Amendment say anything about getting permission from the government to keep and bear arms? Sorry but everyone who signed up has been chumped.

  4. These people are getting creepier and creepier.
    Maybe it's because Americans are beginning to catch on to them, and they are trying to get our guns so they can take over.(like an un armed Libya)
    I do hope the police continue to stand up to them.
    Thanks for staying on top of things friend.

  5. Madigan, oh yeah the one who was..."Prior to becoming an attorney, she was a teacher and community organizer" and then ;"During the Blagojevich Senate appointment scandal, Madigan was speculated to be "Senate Candidate #2"per Wikipedia

    Sounds like in addition to her gun grabbing tenedency, she has other things in common with our "fearless leader"

  6. How these dumbasses can keep electing dhimmis is beyond me. Wonder just HOW does this information do ANY-FUCKING-THING to make ANYONE safer? Idiots.

  7. Left you something interesting at your dead drop. Check it out when you get a chance.

  8. Craw,

    You got that right brother. I wonder what the Left would say if a list was published of prominent liberal women who had abortions.

  9. Hardnox,

    NO doubt. Liberals exhibit their stupidity on a daily basis.

    8000 guns? Sounds like BS to me. I wonder how many of them were cheap Sat Nite Specials, zip guns, broken, etc?

  10. Buck,

    Indeed. What needs to happen is a class action lawsuit against the lib-nazis, all of the way to the Supreme Court. The FOID card crap is definately unconstitutional.

  11. Pack Rat,

    Sounds like a typical liberal. Control and Power, it's all they know.

  12. clyde,

    Thanks, it raised my blood pressure! haha. I heard it on Rush and Rush thrashed Zero like a rag doll.