Monday, March 14, 2011


You know, many times on the Anti Liberal Zone, we wonder the minds of liberals can be so screwed up. We wonder how in the hell they can think things so wrongly; how they can continue to back bloated government programs that fail, time and time again; how they can be useful idiots and act like little more than lemmings. Well, an old friend returned to drop the Gunny a line, our old buddy R Berger, a stanch libbie. Clyde, play nice! (The typos are all R Berger's.)
Hello my primitive friend ! Your comments on welfare show how pathetically ignorant and misinformed you are about this subject and the poor in America.

You think it's easy for people on welfare to find good jobs so they won't have to be on it? Are you kidding? if it were,we wouldn't have so many people on it.

Yes,it's really bad to have so many people stuck on welfare indefinitely,but contrary to what conservatives like you believe,there aren't millions of lazy bums in America who want the government to support them in style for life. It's just plain too tough for people in America to succeed and earn a decent or better living, to be secure throughout life,to have decent benefits and to be able to retire without sinking helplessly into poverty.

Most people on welfare would definitely like to be off it and to support themselves,but this is more easily said than done.It's tough enough to find a good job even if you do work hard,don't drop out of high school,get hooked on drugs etc. It's tough even for people who go to college and beyond.

But the goverment can't just say,get off your asses,you lazy bums and find a job ! We're cutting off all support !

That won't work,because getting a job is more easily said than done. We can't leave people helpless. Unless America does something to make it possible for people on welfare to make it, we'll have too many people stuck there. Please stop blaming the victims,namely the poor. It isn't Democrats and liberals who are entirely responsible for this mess.There's plenty of blame to go around. The conservative Republicans are at least a smuch to blame.And if a hard right President is elected next year, his or her administration is only going to make things much worse,not better.

Sure,Repugnican demagogues like Palin the empty head,the loathsome Michele Bachmann,that ignorant,inbred Hillbilly Bible thumper Jim DeMint and their ilk hoodwink gullible conservatives like you with their glittering but empty talk about "taking America back", lowering taxes, "making government smaller","Limited government" and all that crap, but if they get their way, they will mae current social and economic conditions look like a picnic.

Take America back? To what,the dark ages?

Conseuckatives claim to want "limited" government, but many really want unlimited power for the government to pry into our bedrooms,private lives and to police women's uteruses. That's not limited government. And I'm sick and tired of they way self-righteous consuckatives always use the Constitution as an excuse to justify your own prejudices and make laws which would take our freedom away and criminalize things which the government has absolutely no busines interfering with.

Screw DOMA ! Marriage doesn't need to be defended ! It's the rights of gay people which need to be defended. Homophobia is rampant in America, and if we're not careful, gay people will be the next Jews in 1930s Germany. By the way, I'm straight.I just loathe homophobia and any kiond of bigotry. I'm also a Jew,though non-observant aand secular.

Homophobia is no better than anti-semitism or racism.

I still support Obama. He's hardly perfect, but he's not such a bad guy and no socialist,Marxist or commnist. He's a highly intelligent,decent,honorable,reasonable and level-headed guy.

The notion that he's a Muslim,born in Kenya, unpatriotic,hates Israel, a usurper, and is out to turn America into another totalitarian communist dictatorship is beyond idiotic. In fact,he's a much more legitimate President than that moronic buffoon Dubya,who while not evil,has done America and the world incaculable harm with his incompetence and stupidity,and was really controlled by that sinister bastard Dick Cheney,who ran the whole show for his ownbenefit.

I don't hate Bush,but I hate what his administration has done to America. The way the supremem court declared him winner over Gore in 2000 was abslutely criminal,and catastrophic. We desperately need Obama as a bulwark against the awful Repugnican party and the abominable religious right,which is a worse threat to America than radical Islam,just much more subtle.They're the American Taliban !

All the best, R Berger. I'm sure you're a nice guy in person, but your right-wing views are unfortunate.
Now HOW in the name of Crom can you argue with such a twisted psyche? The blathering of yammering points? The mewling bleeding heart liberal whaa-whaas? Oh those poor welfare parasites who suck down billions in tax dollars, while providing NOTHING in return? (35% of America, Mr. Berger, live on OPM (Other People's Money) so apparently, there is either A LOT of Democrat voters running around who think WORK is an evil four letter word.

The Gunny KNOWS that there are people who need help and they MUST be helped by 35%? That is almost FOUR out of every TEN Americans doing NOTHING but living on the sweat of other people's brow. Like illegal aliens in California costing BILLIONS in welfare, BILLIONS in Medicare, BILLIONS in crime costs, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Dear Mr. Berger, MONEY is a finite object, it is NOT manna from Heaven and Karl Marx doesn't crap gold nuggets. Conservatives want to use the game play that WORKED, not the failure of liberalism that ENSLAVES people, it doesn't FREE THEM.

"Make people UNCOMFORTABLE in their poverty and they will find a way out." Franklin

In other words, a hand UP, not a hand OUT. The old proverb of "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for LIFE," still rings true.

Mr. Berger, maybe YOU should take the time OUT to read books like, "The Conservative Mind," by Burke, or the speeches of Ronaldus Magnus, before you toss out worn out and false liberal bullshit concerning CONSERVATISM.

Socialism FAILED when practiced by the settlers in Virginia and it fails today, miserably, wherever it has been tried.

In closing, remember that many of us are skilled in restoring the minds of liberals when we rescue you from that cult, all you need do is ask.

Oh, and Mr. Berger, if Bush 43 was so screwed up, then WHY is Lord Zero STILL following his policies? With the exception of DRILLING for domestic oil that is.

ANOTHER OBAMA LIE EXPOSED: (LITTLE transparency in this admin.)


  1. I don't remember this guy,Gunny. Sounds like there is ONLY one cure for him,however. That nice enough?mwahahahahahahaha

  2. Clyde,

    HAHA! Yeah, there is little hope for such a libnut.

  3. Yes, it is soooooooo hard to find a job. Since I got out of the Navy, I've had 3 job interviews, and gotten hired twice.

    He also spews the usual liberal lie of "homophobia". A phobia is an unnatural fear of something. I'm not afraid of them. I just oppose their agenda. I believe what the Bible says about homosexuality, just like I believe in the actual words of the Constitution. Liberals just hate anything that puts rules and limitations on human behavior....unless they wrote the rules. All Judeo-Christian morality is to be stamped out.

    I can't believe that he actually brought up the SCOTUS case of Gore v. Bush again. Liberals just can't seem to understand that it is illegal to change the rules of an election after the ballots have been counted. They also can't fathom that every single recount, even the ones done by the liberal news organizations, found that W won Florida.


  4. Funny. I have always been able to find a job. Might not be what I wanted to do the rest of my life but it paid the rent and maybe a six pack or two. Even after I retired. Twice. I still can find a job. And I see kids sponging off mom every day whining about no job. No, jackass, you ain't gonna start as CEO. You just might have to run the garddamn forklift a few years first. But JOBS ARE OUT THERE! Right now.

  5. Gunny,

    It's good to see the inside of a lemming's mind now and then. It just reaffirms our mission.

  6. Maybe he should read Adam Smith's "The Wealth of Nations", F. Hayek's "Road to Serfdom", or Frederic Bastiat's "The Law" as well.

  7. It's awful damned strange he didn't mention the four or five million illegals here in Kalifornia who show up literally in the night and are working the next day. I hate what the illegals do to our economy and the fact they are keeping the state broke along with a democrap Sacramento but it proves one thing - if a man or woman wants to work in America they can find a job damn near immediately.

    Never underestimate the power of a progressive to rationalize. They have it perfected. And as long as any far-left jerk can spell Nixon, Chaney, and Florida Hanging chads they will NEVER let that one go. It goes along with their insanity.