Sunday, March 6, 2011


Two words here: Stealth Jihad.

This is what happens when we as Americans allow Islam to dictate to us, as we bow to their whiny-ass complaints, such as no foot baths at an airport or dogs in taxis, or Americans speaking out about the creeping threat of Islam in America. This is what happens when we have to kow-tow to the Muslims for our oil because liberals REFUSE to allow us to drill or refine on our own soil!

Here is a gentle reminder for people who think Islam and Sharia Law is okay. Muslims flew the planes into the WTC. Muslims cut off Daniel Pearl's head. Muslims brought down the Pan-Am jet over Lockerbie (the bomber has since been freed by Obama's letter to the Brits). A Muslim just murdered two US Airman in Germany who were merely serving their nation overseas, two innocent kids. Muslims have murdered, kidnapped, raped, and enslaved their way across this globe, right up until, say, yesterday!

Islam is a religion AND a political system. Here in America, libs, we have a separation of Church and State (the Feds cannot endorse one religion over another nor enforce a "state" religion, although individual states could (and did during our Founder's days). Islam is oppression. Islam is murderous. Islam is as backward as Obama is corrupt and naive. Islam refuses to assimilate and indeed, seeks to separate itself from the host, like a virus, as it infects surrounding areas. Islam is violence. Islam is a religion and a political system that if you DO NOT "join the caravan" (a worthwhile read on Islam BTW), then you can pay the jizya tax, be a dhimmi slave (liberals), or die.

Here is how Islam in the US works, as practiced by the scumbags at CAIR.

They seek to silence ANY opposition, through veiled threats of lawsuits, boycotts, etc, as recently happened once again at WMAL in DC. First it was the awesome Chris Plante who was let go because of Muslim complaints (he came back after people raised hell), and now it is Fred Grandy, who is a serious opponent of Islam and stealth jihad in the US. And now CAIR wants to go after Sean Hannity on WMAL. Then they undermine our political system, through stealth jihad, working to get Sharia Law implemented in small areas at first (witness Britain on this), and then expand it.

Whether you like Hannity or not, whether you like Grandy or not, this is NOT how Americans go about our business. The Gunny can't stand the sh*t that flows from Randi Rhodes' yap, or Michael Mooreon's oral sewer, or that one liberal asshat radio host who looks like he's been dead for 20 years (Mike Malloy) but doesn't know it yet, but they have the RIGHT to say what they believe, just like Grandy and Hannity do, as do we all. It is an INALIENABLE RIGHT bestowed by the Creator.

Islam has NO PLACE in America if they refuse to assimilate. Islam has NO PLACE in America if they seek to undermine the Constitution and try to replace it with Sharia Law. The Gunny will fight to the death ANY attempt to institute that bullsh*t here in America. If Muslims want to live under Sharia Law, then GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA and go live somewhere else where they live under it.                           


EXCERPT: "But CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper acted surprised by the news of Grandy’s resignation and responded, “What is their evidence for that claim?,” when informed that his group was being blamed for his departure."

What happens is that they get their minions to complain and complain and complain so much, that they [Muslims] make Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and Jesse Hijackson look like pikers in comparison, until a weak-willed management knuckles under. You can bet your bottom dollar that CAIR was in this up to their eyeballs and one wonders when Americans will have had a bellyful of CAIR's hogwash and kick them out of the country along with the ACLU.

Is this how it is in America now? We allow whiners and complainers to dictate to us? If Muslims don't like the facts, then STEP UP to the plate and stop your fellow Muslims from MURDERING people, especially Americans. Where exactly ARE all of those moderate Muslims that we keep hearing about? WMAL should be excoriated for dropping this program.ere

EXCERPT: "Protest on Monday, March 7, and Tuesday, March 8, during "Call Out WMAL Days." He wants the public to call WMAL at (202) 895-2350 and (202) 686-3100 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each of those days and tell the station, "you will not listen to their station until Fred and Mrs. Fred Grandy return."

The Gunny USED to listen to WMAL via streaming media on his computer at work but no longer. We as Americans should NEVER endorse any station, radio or TV, that allows Muslims, or ANY group for that matter, who whines, cries, complains, etc, until they get what they want. We are a nation of FREE SPEECH, which does NOT work well with Islam, as we have seen through the various Muslim nations in uproar today. We are a nation of FREE THINKERS, again, which is NOT compatible with Islam. We are lovers of freedom and truth, again, NOT compatible with Islam. Europe is finally awakening to the threat of Islam and the pure bullsh*t that is multiculturalism and forced diversity.

Here in America, we live under the Constitution (even though Imam Obammy thinks it is flawed) and NOT under Sharia Law. If you don't like it, feel free to leave and never come back. After all, America is a FREE COUNTRY! If you stay, you ASSIMILATE, like the rest of us have done throughout our history. (Muslim Terror Acts since 1970)


  1. No need for me to reiterate my bit about the Army of Islam here.

    But they are using the ol' Salamai Theory presented many years ago by the Birchers about creeping communism. Now it's creeping islamism. Hint: It only works in countries with decent, pleasant folks who try to get along.
    Imagine what would happen to the country that 18 or 19 of its citizens crashed an airliner into Red China's forbidden city...
    Without a doubt they would be eradicated overnight and the country rendered a glass parking lot.

  2. CAIR is in on this up their frigging eyeballs. Bet the farm on it. Fred's wife already stated they were,if I remember correctly.

  3. Gunny,

    Good post. Today Muslims are akin to the civil rights issue whereas they demand that they are more equal than than the rest of us because they claim victimhood and demand extra protection under the law.

    The leaders of Europe have now finally admitted that multiculturalism is a failure but it already too late for them. Our new president in 2013 will need to do the same while there is still time.

    The bottom line is there is no such thing as more equal and any law professing so is clearly unconstitutional.

  4. Okay, Hardnox, how do we do it?
    I'd like to ship all muslims back to muslamistan or whatever shithole they crawled out of but it ain't gonna happen.
    How do you administer an oath of allegiance to a person whose religion teaches them that if you are not of their religion then it is okay to lie to you. Or to cheat on you. Or to kill you?
    So how do you tell if they are sincere about the oath???
    I'm afraid our feel good multiculturism liberal limp wristed heterophobic one worlder politicians might have delivered one doddamn big problem.

  5. Buck,

    Points taken. We can't varify their allegiance unless we see them eat pork. So the only other solution if they don't leave or assimilate is Cowboys & Muslims. Not my first choice but theirs.

    According to their head iman (whats-his-name-I'm-a- nutjob) it's supposed to start next year.

  6. Hardnox: Let it start.
    or As some American officer stated in the past,
    "If there is to be a war, let it start right here."

    How willing would these 7th century minds be to dying if they knew that us country boys lubricate our ammunition with pure hog lard?
    It's better than the gunstore stuff.

    HISTORY - Time line [some] Important dates in radical 'ISLAM VS WORLD